Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Live to vote. Drugs in Your Meat

There is a lot of filth in meats.

A 2 year vegan proper diet would cure most ills.
Big benefits within 1 month.
The more meat you ate in the past takes longer to clear the toxins and repair damage.

Measure daily or hourly:
Run speed.
Blood pressure.
Energy level.

I am looking at stationary bikes to gain 10 pounds on legs.
Better balance.
Lower center of gravity.
Burst speed if SHTF.
Strengthen joints.
Hate indoors but filtered air and water convenient.
No dogs guns lunatics in gym.
People serious on body building.

My 72 year old neighbor fell broke kneecap.
In bed with stitches over 1 month.
Needs knee replacement why so tipsy with pain.
Too tall. 6 foot 3 inches.

Owned 20 cadillacs 10 mercuries over the years.
Sat in front of computer 30 years.
Sits in front of TV with fat wife autoimmune disease.
Hence diabetes obesity joint degeneration.
Both can barely walk.

They were planning to start walking at my hospital gym in Sept.
now too damaged.

From NW Arkansas
South is red states but whites get sick and die young so rapidly turning blue.

Texas may flip soon and follow California into socialism.
Texas is very multicultural with different colors in different regions.

If you are dead you cannot vote.
So prioritize health over politics.
You can be healthy and live to 111.
But unlikely to be elected or talking head on TV.

So go to library and read books.
Go to college and study biology.


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