Thursday, September 20, 2018

Communist China Rx: Exposing the Risks of America's Dependence on China for Medicine:

Dear Professor Kaufman,

You probably know the medical supply scandal of the past 30 years.

One reason I avoid doctors.

USA being destroyed by Communist China slowly but surely.
> Communists want you sick until you spend all your
> money then they want you dead.
> Communist China devalued their currency, cut prices, and drove American companies out of business.
> Especially during 1990s Bill Clinton Stiglitz NAFTA Arkansas Walmart Big Box era buildup got rich $$$ nearly Hillary Clinton Chelsea too but got beat.
> Destroyed millions of high pay jobs in USA, causing opioid overdose, suicide,…
> China now makes most medicines, vitamins, medical implants, artificial hips, cataracts etc.
> Few rules, regulations, quality control,
> Many scandals, deaths, evasion of inspections, patent violations, poisonings documented.
> China then increased prices 600% on Vitamin C and other pills, drugs, vitamins…
> China making enormous profits,
> USA running an enormous trade deficit.
> Trump tariffs a step in the right direction but much more is needed.
> If war, China can cut off our medicine supply.
> If peace China can poison us with junk, slow acting toxins so we die off and they win.
> In the long run Communists get your money and you get sick and die.
> Read this book in paper form.
> Every page important, no ads, no popups, no videos, no images,…
> Take it to your doctor and explain why you do not want any drugs.
> Every pill is a risk of death.
> Everything you touch may be contaminated.
> Why I prefer natural, foods, herbs, spices, fruits, nuts, vegetables, mushrooms,… made in USA!
> "A must read
> for everyone who takes, makes, regulates, or sells a prescription drug or an over the counter
> medicine. China†Rx†is a heroic and critical
> exploration into one of the greatest threats to both our national and health securities.
> China literally holds the health of much of the world in its business driven
> hands. This is scarier than a
> —Michael T. Osterholm, Regents Professor, University of Minnesota,
> "In this alarming exposé,
> Gibson and Singh explain why the fact that the U.S. no longer makes penicillin and
> China supplies most of the ingredients in today's
> prescription drugs is such a big problem and a threat to national security….
> Readers will want to do more due diligence on the provenance of the drugs in their
> home medicine cabinets."
> —Booklist
> "China†Rx†describes a major threat to the strategic position of the United States in the world, a matter affecting this country's health and its economic and social
> wel lbeing.
> This book reveals how the loss of the manufacturing capability and control of the supply of critical medicines,
> and their component ingredients,
> endangers the medical future of the American public while also posing a serious threat to our economy as well.
> The authors prescribe what must be done to remedy
> this major deficiency in our nation's public health infrastructure."
> —Edwin Meese III, 75th United States attorney general
> exposes the scary truth that a great number of prescription drugs and overthecounter
> medicines in the United States have ingredients from China.
> Rosemary Gibson has been credited with creating national movements for safer, more humane health care.
> Her first book, Wall†of†Silence, with coauthor
> Janardan Prasad Singh, put a human face on medical mistakes, launching a national campaign to improve the safety of America's health care.

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