Friday, September 28, 2018

communist china pig feces poison USA

Dear Professor Kaufman,

Carolina hurricanes spilled huge lagoons of crap all over the state.
Catastrophic damage,
germs kill people, 
toxins left in the environment for decades.

Chinese like pork.
Communist dictator gives them pork 
but the pigs are not fed right 
and are injected with hormones antibiotics 
and toxins herbicides pesticides in the grains fed to pigs..
Breeding super germs antibiotic resistant.
Swine flu. etc.
Why don't we let them grow their own pigs and protect our environment and people?

Hams in USA are often injected with sugar and salt to cause addiction, diabetes, high blood pressure.
Plus whatever antibiotics, hormones herbicides, pesticides, are in the meat from improper farming.

Looks like a communist plot to destroy America.
And communists getting rich off our demise
I like some pork
but I don't want to put $ in hands of communists and contribute to this mess.

One could eat organic wild pigs in texas where they are rampant and destroying the environment due to wolf shortage.

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