Monday, September 3, 2018

Bare Feet Health Risks: Larva Migrans, MRSA, Fungal Infection, Tungiasis​

Get pet = fake news media propaganda.
Get sick!
Deep State Big Government wants you dead to save $$$$ medicare social security….
Replace you with cheap Mexicans, Muslims, Mormons...

Dog poo diseases
Cat poo diseases
Rat poo diseases
Worms, parasites,...
Cockroaches, scorpions,…
Zoonoses is the study of Zoonotic disease transmitted from animals to humans.

Vacuum cleaners move poo and germs off floor onto your sinuses and throat where they can penetrate the brain and body.

Lawn mowers move poo and germs off the lawn into your sinuses and throat where they can penetrate the brain and body.

Leaf blowers do the same for parking lots etc.  
Lots of bad chemicals from car drippings, lawnmower drippings, etc.

Feet contact muck and germs.
Related is molds, fungus,...
Athletes foot,…

Protect your feet with shoes, sandals,…
I wear flip flops at home, everywhere, taking showers, etc.
Starting as a child there were goat head stickers everywhere outdoors.
Often lived in hot climates where it gets too hot to walk many places.
No bare feet learn by pain.
Problems everywhere with hot pavement, diseases, germs, parasites, hypodermic needles, broken glass.
Even beach is dangerous!
Are special porous shoes for beaches, rocky banks, etc.
I actually got athletes foot in dirty gym shower Berkeley.
Never go unprotected, even briefly for a shower.

Now I discover I can wear sandals, no sox in summer to school, library, etc.
Cooler and more comfortable than closed hot shoes with never enough room for toes.
Saw Swedish girl at gym running indoors in sandals, a fairly good distance.
I long preferred marathon running type shoes whenever possible in case SHTF.
Now moving toward sandals.

From: John 

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