Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Dear Professor Kaufman,

I have read that aspirin has many good effects
But bleeding stomach ulcers a common side effect.
Probably too dangerous.
Any bad effects I would avoid it.

Then the problem is how to deal with arthritis.
Prevention and cure is better than dealing with the pain.
Some pain killers may be tolerable - can use trial and error until find a good solution.

I worry that most aspirin and pain killers are made in Communist China.
Most are contaminated, poor quality control, maybe on purpose.
So I avoid pills and medicines.
I try diet and exercise strategies.

A cure would be better.
I am studying arthritis prevention.
I did get hand arthritis painful 5 years ago from mosquito bites that caused a red meat allergy.
I stopped red meat for 2 years and the arthritis went away as my immune system killed off the virus bacteria or what was causing arthritis.
Now I can eat anything.
Then I got a tick bite.
I thought I was getting hip arthritis this fall but 2 days ago completely went away.
I quit milk and went to more fruit juice and vitamins.

Arthritis is a complicated many cause disease.
But often attributable to diet, sugar, flour, infections, insect bites, etc.
And lack of exercise.
All joints need frequent motion to distribute fluids, nutrients, and flush out germs, debris, etc thru circulation and the lymph system.

It is a trial and error process of changing things until the cause gets removed.
Doctors are not much help as they lack training in cooking and exercise, usually.

Hi Joe:
Sorry that I have not gotten back to you sooner but have had family
involvements. I have been on an aspirin kick for many years and not without
some consequences. Several years ago I had a bleeding ulcer from it and had
to relenquish that habit. None the less, my arthritus pain meant to take
something and since then have limited my intake to 1000 units per day max.
It seems that I can take that much without consequences, usually backed by
no more than 3000 units of Tylenol. I am convinced there is some kind of
magic fto aspirin and my son, a doctor, agrees, but doesn't know what it
is.that seems to help the body. I always feel much better taking it.

New subject: Have you been watching the Fed lately? I am somewhat lost in
what the hell they are doing. Noticed that they are not following Bernanke's
model nor do they seem to agree on anything. This is damned dangerous with
the amount of cash floating around out there from previous stimulous events.
I have not checked the Fed Reserver Report recently, but from its history,
II recall a huge influx of money supply several years ago. It does not seem
to have taken effect yet, and wondering when the other shoe is going to
drop. The Fed has done nothing to mop up the overage. Where is Milton
Friedman when we need him? Anyway, what do you think?
Rich Kaufman

Found info on Telomeres.
The popular book is in most libraries and bookstores.

Most disease is diet, exercise, lifestyles that damage genes, chromosomes.
The ends of the chromosome are sealed by telomeres that are
like the end of shoestrings are sealed by plastic, glue,….

bad diet,
lack of exercise,
lack of sleep
will shrink your telomeres so damage your genes, chromosomes,… health.
Parents pass on broken genes to their offspring.

Downloaded the podcast

Exercise more - try dozens of different sports, several per day.

Why do some people appear to age more rapidly than others?
Not only might they look older, they actually feel older as well.

A check of their telomeres indicates that they are aging more rapidly at the
cellular levels.

Their telomeres are shrinking.

Small telomeres foretell a shortened health span.

So what is a telomere?

This is the term for the noncoding DNA that appears at the end of each
gene-bearing chromosome like the plastic tip at the end of a shoelace.

And, like that shoelace tip, the telomere protects the chromosome as it does
its work.

Telomeres are tiny to start with, and they get shorter with each cell

Telomeres have an important impact on health, but conversely, lifestyle
makes a big difference for telomeres.

Some of the ways we live shorten them more quickly, while others can
actually help them grow longer.


How do telomeres respond to stress?
(They don't like it.)
Inflammation can make them shrink, as well.

Exercise helps them grow longer even as it strengthens your muscles.
Find out how
meditation and a

Mediterranean diet can affect your telomeres and your healthspan

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