Monday, August 13, 2018

walk fire sales tax smoke lungs Wyoming Colorado

I walked 30 miles over the weekend.
My weight 144.
Blood pressure 93/60
Heart rate 62
First check this year, about the same my whole life so I stopped checking.
I may skip my doctor appointment this year.
No problems.

A quality German gas mask may be a good investment.
California is lucky so much smoke blew up north into Oregon marijuana grower smoker areas.
It could be much worse depending on wind direction.
Plan an escape route.
I-80 up to Tahoe is a fast path out, crowded with other survivors.
Keep on going through Nevada and Utah.
Wyoming gains elevation
Laramie a nice small college town 7000 foot elevation and
Cheyenne the capitol on I-80.
Cheap apartments in college towns,
especially during summer when students go home to their big state WY.

Secret divided road connects University of Wyoming, University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado State University Fort Collins.
That is also a back path into Denver Aurora Medical College avoid the busy freeways and shorter by distance.
The best lung hospital in the USA.
You may need that after inhaling much smoke and years of pollution in California.
A small indoor evaporative type air cooler in addition to household air conditioner may help control indoor smoke and other pollution.
And add humidity needed to dissolve and kill flu viruses and keep membranes hydrated.

1989 October I saw I customer wearing a gas mask in the Health Food Store 30th and Geary Boulevard San Francisco.
Another customer turned to me and said "is it really that bad?"
I moved to that neighborhood in part because of the constant cool clean air blowing in from the Pacific Ocean.
Probably the best air in California.
San Francisco VA hospital has excellent air and great views of the ocean, Golden Gate Bridge, etc.
My fathers ship was almost sunk there WWII Japanese submarine shot 2 torpedoes at him ship outlined against the city lights of San Francisco.
My great grand father's ship sailed around South America and crashed into Farallone islands,
he was 12 years old floating around on a door in the cold Pacific,
saved a lady pulled her onto the door paddled to shore became a hero.

Wyoming has one of the lowest tax burdens in the USA.
No income tax at all.
No inheritance taxes or estate taxes.
Low sales taxes and property taxes.

Sales taxes are unfair, very hard to avoid, and impacts lower income people the most because they spend a big percent of their income for survival.
Rich people with investments often pay little sales tax and even less income tax.

High taxes and corruption cause the prices on everything to be higher - rent, food, car licenses, etc.
Corrupt don't mind high taxes because they don't pay them - they use it as a way of getting money out of you!
Some states have much worse taxes and inflation than others.
Wyoming is one of the lowest ax states
and also has clean air, high altitude, bright sun.
Colorado the 2nd longest life after Hawaii #1.
Wyoming along the border is the same as Colorado and a higher altitude than Denver Colorado Springs.
And Cleaner Air, more wind, more dry, less forests to burn upwind to the NW.
I-80 looks rather barren - could get grass fires but not forest fires.

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