Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Math. Rain. License plates 1 year

I am obsessed by a famous math problem 3 weeks seems solvable.
Cannot sleep
wake up thinking about math.

Need to move next month but too busy on math so renewed license plate sticker for 1 year $48
and concrete parking structure $120 for year.

May move 2 miles closer to university so I can quit driving.

My rent is less than 40 years ago for a better apartment. Anybody says inflation is an idiot cannot shop right. I am less than 3% inflation on everything over 40 years. If it costs too much don't buy it.
Most items are toxic anyway made in poor Muslim communist dictator drug dealer grower countries.

We are in a drought
but big black clouds blew in dumped rain unannounced while I was in gym.
Ignore weather media electronic disinformation noise makers.

Rain again today.
Had 2 days high 96 felt good after a Week in 70s or low 80s. Now high 86 and dropping. Can get cold in 3 months. Below zero in 4 months. Need to move south but that takes time.

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