Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Lyme Disease in All US States

Lyme Disease Now Found in All US States
Numerous tick diseases. 
And other mosquito biting fly flea diseases. 
Avoid rural areas. 
Avoid animals. 
Mice deer required to spread Lyme disease.  
Rocky Mountain spotted fever.  

Center of large cities the safest. 
Best doctors too. 
Boston area #1 lots of experience with Lyme. 

Bring back wolf fox lynx lions tigers cats to eat the excessive numbers of mice deer people infesting rural areas and eating up needed trees bushes herbs mushrooms.  

Lyme Disease Now Found in All US States 

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) statistics released in 2013, 
an estimated 300,000 new cases of Lyme disease are diagnosed in the U.S. each year
  • Diseases such as Parkinson, 
  • multiple sclerosis and 
  • chronic fatigue are all expressions of 
  • chronic infections, 
  • and 

  • Lyme disease appears to be a major, 
  • yet oftentimes hidden, player

  • Lyme disease used to be confined to the area of New England. 

  • Now, a Quest Diagnostics health trend report warns the 

  • tick-borne disease has spread and is being diagnosed in every 

  • U.S. state, including 
  • Florida and 
  • California. 

  • Lyme disease typically starts with 
  • unrelenting fatigue, 
  • recurring fever, 
  • headaches and 
  • achy muscles or 
  • Achy joints, 
  • which may progress to muscle spasms, 
  • loss of motor coordination and/or 
  • intermittent paralysis, 
  • meningitis or 
  • heart problems

  • Lyme can thrive in biofilms in your body. 

  • The supplement lumbrokinase has been shown to help break down these infected biofilms,

  •  and are often helpful when 
  • other treatment strategies fail 
  • or improvement has stalled

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