Wednesday, August 8, 2018

fire escape California taxes liberalism

While walking in the gym I looked downstairs and saw TV news
even here much display of California Fires
worsening air quality that is already the worst.
Warning to sell house,
get rich capital gains,
and get out of California ASAP.

San Francisco gay feces germs blow into Sacramento Fresno
powerful winds 8pm I use tail-wind to push me all the way up I-80 to Lake Tahoe.

I quit taking the bus in San Francisco
after so many reports of incurable tuberculosis
on top of all the other germs in buses.
Seniors and K-12 students get real cheap monthly fast pass but at what cost to health?
I walked 7 miles downtown to meetings
then walked 7 miles home NW corner of SF China Beach.
I Needed the exercise anyway 14 miles about right for daily walk.

I sat in Berkeley 1981 reading about terrible fires 1920s? that nearly burned down the university and whole city.
They had to dynamite blocks of houses north of campus to stop the fires from spreading.
The invasive Australian eucalyptus trees planted by mayor Adolph Sutro
are thick fragrant oil that explodes in fires like napalm burns furiously.
I saw 3+ new big rig red trucks full of hundreds of goats herded by sheepdogs that understood Welsh language.
Goats all over the Berkeley hills eating everything in their path including flowers.
Goats prevented fire for a while.

I sat in San Francisco 1991 reading morning newspaper in sunny east room and noticed the sun getting browner and darker.
Looked out east over San Francisco to the East Bay and saw huge clouds of Smoke obscuring most of Berkeley / Oakland.
I called my boss in France offering to rush to his fancy house in the hills to gather up documents and computers we were working on.
He said it was ok, that he had backups in Chicago.
Fire did stop a few houses down from his after heroic efforts by fire departments.
They saved the huge wooden Piedmont Inn Hotel? that if it blew up the whole east bay would have gone up in flames.
Burned thousands of nice houses and many died could not get out fast enough, including Berkeley Students.
Hillside looked lie a burned out war zone for years.
Rich people like bare wood houses, shingle roofs with trees and shrubs growing all around them.
Tinder box every Fall just waiting to explode.

Fires are not the worst problem but just symptomatic of poor city planning and bad government.
You pay higher taxes and insurance and prices on everything if you are surrounded by idiots who waste and create inflation.
Your health is worse as you breathe dirty air and drink dirty water and everything you buy is coated with germs and dangerous chemicals.

Clean, Green, organic is the way to go.
Lots of rain washes away dirt and helps plants grow.
The eastern third of USA is a rain forest.
Beaches and facilities all along the Gulf Coast Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and all the way up the East Coast.
Maine and New Hampshire have beaches and mountain snow skiing.

Retirees prefer Florida that has excellent medical and other services needed by the elderly.
Warmer, no snow or ice, and Zero income taxes.
Warm moist humid air dissolves and kills cold and flu viruses,
helps prevent dehydration of nasal and lung tissues,
which are the entry way for respiratory diseases.
Gums up smog dirt particles so the fall from air or stick to walls.
Plus natural good probiotic microbiota in the great outdoors can get into the lungs to eat the bad germs if you come into contact with bad germs.

Older people often are comfortable in their large old house near all the services to which they have become accustomed.
However large size is a lot of work on cleaning, mowing, maintenance.
And huge expense.
And stairs to fall down.
Almost everybody stays in the big house too long.
Could save lots of money in a small apartment on the beach.
And enjoy life more.
And have a lot more time for rest and relaxation.
And be closer to medical and other services.

Most cities are set up for the large population driving miles to often low pay jobs causing traffic jams and air pollution.
Smaller beach towns you may be able to walk most places without any crowds.
Pacific Beach, La Jolla California used to be that way but now far too crowded as is the rest of California.

Most beach areas are somewhat crowded in the summer but mostly empty most of the year making it easy to live, shop, move around.
Ski resorts are the reverse of beaches.
Empty in the summer
but very busy in winter when there is snow to ski on.

Colleges are the reverse of beaches.
Empty in the summer,
but very noisy and crowded during the 9 month school term.
You could easily retire on the beach 9 months of the year.
Then fly to Colorado Wyoming university area 3 months in the summer
to escape the summer heat and beach crowds.
5000-7000 foot altitude.

Many older people have 2 condos or houses.
Live in 1 while renting out the other.
Live in Florida for 9 months in the winter which is the best time there.
Live in Colorado for 3 months in the summer which is the best time there.
Rent out Florida for 3 months in the summer when the rents are high.
Rent out Colorado for 9 months to students and ski bums when rents are high.

People pay outrageous rents for ski, beach, and college.
Small time investors can easily take advantage of that and the tax deductions.
And get the best weather to live in the off seasons.

Older people with lung problems from smog may need both environments.
Beaches in the winter flu season to avoid flu colds and pneumonia.
High altitude in the summer for very clean air without dirt, smog, and crowds.
Let lungs dry out in the summer, then humidify the lungs in the winter.

I may need something like that as I think lungs are my weak link.
I got a busted valve cover gasket on my Ford Explorer this summer.
Leaked oil onto exhaust system that smoked and got into the vehicle interior.
I thought I got allergies or a cold or something until I traced it back to vehicle.
Fixed gasket but still there seems to be a little smoke.
I am highly sensitive to smoke, tobacco, lawn mowers, chemicals,…
May be protective mechanism or maybe a symptom of weakening old age.
I like clean air.
I will do what it takes to get clean air and less germs.
Fairly good air around here even though large population and no smog check smoky vehicles.
I think I can find better air.
Everybody needs fresh air, sun,
clean water, food,
no slip and fall on ice, stairs,

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