Sunday, August 12, 2018

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Basic facts by a business student in Fayetteville Arkansas
a good place to study business, small, quaint town,
with national supercomputer center.
Organic, scenic, clean ecosystem with rugged mountains cannot be built on.
Why the call the college campus "the hill"
No agriculture pesticides herbicides,… except for a few cows and old orchards no longer producing.
Headwaters of the White River Basin very clean water.
Mild weather in the center of the continent.
Top rated VA hospital
Lots of white people with ethnic restaurants and colored servants from India, China, Mexico….
Mild weather, somewhat clean and organic, the natural state.
Upscale housing similar to San Francisco Peninsula in many areas.
Called "San Francisco East" really resembles it, and very fast growth, too fast.

A few miles south of the headquarters of the
worlds largest retailer Walmart ,
worlds largest meat company Tysons,
worlds largest truck company JB Hunt,
worlds largest personal identity trafficking company Axciom that has all your personal data,

Most corrupt politicians Bill Hilary Clinton.
USA government HQ in case of SHTF underground near Clinton Whitewater, secret location.

The future of cryptocurrency.

emblematic of the somewhat antiestablishment spirit that many crypto founders still hold today.

lessons for those future founders of other currencies, revealing existing flaws in cryptocurrency theory
and other potential pitfalls of an electronic payment system

pivotal for their role in proposing concepts like proof of work functions
and decentralized networks,
which are foundational concepts underlying many of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the current market.

"Bitcoin" was first mentioned in a white paper that was published to a cryptography mailing list in the fall of 2008.

The paper was a general proposal not a detailed description,
with little to no actual code included.

identity was also vague, and it is generally accepted that the name is a pseudonym for an individual or a group such as
Goldman Sachs

Whoever it is,
with over a million bitcoins linked to their known accounts,
they would be worth several billion dollars today

History 1980s:
scrutiny and condemnation,
mostly focused on the NSA's involvement and the potential of a backdoor
Over the coming decades, growing distrust of the government and a deeper understanding
of cryptography led to the Cypherpunk Movement that originated in the late 1980s.

This was an "activist movement whose participants seek to engineer social and political change and subvert
the status-quo by enhancing security and privacy through cryptographic techniques".

One of the cypherpunks was cryptologist David Chaum, who had researched anonymous financial
transactions as a doctoral student at the University of California Berkeley in the early 1980s.
By 1990, he had created the company
Digicash and was working on an electronically encrypted currency called

Soon after, similar projects like Peppercoin, NetBill, and B-money were underway.

emblematic of the somewhat antiestablishment spirit that many crypto founders still hold today.

2017 As Bitcoin slowly became more mainstream and
more Average Joes started to net a profit on its appreciation,
the word-of-mouth on this new source of "easy wealth" snowballed through urban areas,
college campuses,
and suburbs alike.

Stories like one I heard from a wife whose husband had told her out of the blue one day,
"just so you know, if I die, most of our money is now in bitcoin" became if not common,
then at least not abnormal in 2017.

The combination of extreme hype and a widespread lack of understanding of the actual
technology can be a sometimes dangerous combination for a currency as I will examine later,
but it is impossible to ignore the growth affect that word-of-mouth in a social media age had for Bitcoin in 2017

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