Thursday, August 9, 2018

China drugs endanger you if you take any pills or vitamins or surgeries

80% made in Communist China
the rest in India and poor Muslim countries who want to kill you.
And joint replacements, cataracts, etc.
Much substandard, hazardous.
Rarely inspected.

Vitamins and supplements are worse -
the law does not require they contain any of the listed ingredients.
No inspections.
Numerous scandals and death.
Why I try to stay healthy and avoid doctors.
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

USA should become self-sufficient in medicines, joints, vitamins, etc.
30 years ago USA could do it all.
Provided many high paying jobs all over USA.
Now low pay jobs and cheap junk everywhere.
Trump trade war is good.
Need a bigger trade war.

USA has a split medical system.
Rich 1% get the good stuff that works.
Poor 99% get the bad stuff that often does not work or makes it worse.
Insurance of all sorts forces you into the bad stuff to save money so the rich get richer.
The rich pay cash with genuine fiat money in a few select cities where the rich live.

I watched this happen, why I avoid doctors, pills,
I am skeptical of vitamins but recently started taking them again.
I first bought brewers yeast 50 years ago April 1968 health food store in San Diego corner of University and College street.
Old lady said it is really good for you which is true but not the most tasty source of protein that I was after.
I took vitamins for decades but noticed they got worse as China took over and good brands disappeared.
I am searching around for better brands.
Health food stores are the best place to shop, big box the worst.
Good source of information, literature, health nuts, little old ladies with wisdom accumulated over generations…

Best medicine is natural herbs and foods that you can inspect visually and smell.
And real foods.
Especially if you grow it organically at home.

The internet is mostly disinformation, lies, fake news,….
Dr. Google?
Companies, crooks, Russians pay fiat dollars to search engines to show up at the top of any search you do.
You will not learn much from studying what is deliberately trying to deceive you.
You will just hurt your eyes.
The best information is still in paper books and you can read more faster than any electronic screen.

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Does It Matter If Your Pills Were Made in China?

If Chinese companies suddenly stopped providing active pharmaceutical ingredients
or finished pharmaceutical products to the US,
the health care system would be in trouble within a short time.

So many of our medicines are made in China that critical drug shortages would endanger lives.

Our guest describes how the business of making drugs for the US market has changed and what the implications are.

What should we health care consumers do to protect ourselves?

Do you know where your medicines come from?

It can actually be something of a challenge to find out,
because unlike shirts or apples,
drugs do not have to be labeled with country of origin.

As it turns out, over the past two decades, the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry has followed the same route as many other industries.

Now, experts estimate that about 80% four-fifths of the medications we take were made in China or India.

A high proportion of these are generic drugs that the FDA has approved as equivalent to the brand name product.
But how good is the quality control?

FDA has limited ability and personnel to inspect manufacturing facilities in China.

A recent recall underscores the potential hazards.
On July 5, 2018, the European Medicines Agency recalled the blood pressure pill valsartan made in China.
Apparently the pills had been contaminated with a probable human carcinogen, NDMA.
A week later, the FDA followed suit and recalled valsartan alone or in combination with
hydrochlorothiazide from Major Pharmaceuticals, Solco Healthcare and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries.

This Week's Guest:
Rosemary Gibson
Most recently she co-authored China RX:
Exposing the Risks of America's Dependence on China for Medicine
Their book documents what has led to China's increasing dominance in the manufacturing of medicine and the
far-reaching consequences of this.

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