Monday, August 27, 2018

brain sage dreams electronics communist dictatorship

brain sage dreams electronics communist dictatorship

Town is booming as 60,000 students suddenly arrived for fall semester this past week.
I signed up for 1 math class.
Brain is a like a muscle that needs hard exercise both mental and physical.
Mental exercises the brain burns up half of your dietary calories for thinking
if your brain has grown big enough and is used enough.
Physical exercise grows connections and increases blood flow to the brain to supply fuel and remove wastes
as it does all over the body.
People are designed for motion all day except when asleep.

Exercise grows the brain 3% per year so by age 100 your brain will be triple size exp(.03)
Sitting in front of a TV is not an exercise
but has gotten very popular in the last 70 years as prices have fallen.
2 reasons why the dementia Alzheimers epidemic.
Cars the 3rd reason - sitting in smoke.  
I quit watching TV at age 16.
Decided to quit driving at age 20 but that is harder to do.
One reason I moved to Boston.  
New York also a good walking city grow brain get rich$$$.

The local college started a program for mentally retarded students.
I saw them on campus summer initiation.
They were mostly fat, pale, blonder and louder than the average college student.
Acted like high school students but some were maybe 30?
Dementia begins at birth.
Many teens are incorrigible.
I can see patterns in diet, electronics use, exercise,…
leading to poor mental and physical health that gets passed on to the young via epi-genetics.  
Summer I see parents with students to see impact of 20-30 years of bad diet,…
Then at hospital see grandparents the disasterous impact of another 20-30 years of that same bad diet…
If they survive at all.

I notice the student athletes seem smarter and much healthier than average
as studies have shown.
The majority are female and frequently bandaged, on canes, limping,...

Body needs to be in constant motion all day to drain the germs and toxins
from brain and body.

I quit drinking coffee twice in the past year but started back because that is the only way I know to properly prepare spices in large quantity.
I dump up to 8 spices in the coffee pot prior to brewing.
Improves the taste of coffee and cuts the acid.
Black pepper helps absorb all nutrients, polyphenols, vitamins, etc.
Consume with nuts to protect stomach from acid and help absorb nutrients.

Sage seems to increase dreaming.
Dreams very important to health - the dream stage of sleep releases hormones.
I have been having fantastic dreams in huge quantity.
Maybe why they call wise people sages.
Wise advice is sage advice?

I rarely turn on computer while working on math problem - just pencil and paper.
I turned off and parked android phones and tablet.
I just carry my iphone in steel container for emergency.
I rarely turn it on.
Car radio off.
No news or music until I solve my new math problem.
May take the rest of the year or more.

When sun sets I turn off everything and go to sleep asap.
Unplug everything when not in use.
Turn off hot water heater except when in use.
Get up with the sun, turn on hot water,
and take a long shower to absorb electrons from the water.
While in shower hand wash laundry carefully to remove all dirt, germs, chemicals in clothes.
Fingernails into seams, pockets, amazing how many places for dirt to hide.
After sometimes 1 week or more of soaking and changing water every few hours.
Even after dozens of machine washes a huge amount of dye can come off.

Everything is made in Communist China or poor Muslim Countries
that want you dead.
So they can get your house, car, gold, guns, etc. FREE!
They don't have to fire a shot!
They use TV, radio, games, computers to psycho you
to waste your fiat money on junk that kills you.
Malls and stores are filled with fumes and junk you do not need.
Arranged by the transgender cancer victims who suffer the effects of those fumes and products.

Globalists have won.
Headed to a world communist dictatorship run by Obama and the Red Emperor of China
populated by black Muslims, Mexicans, and Mormons who reproduce like rabbits as poor 99% slave laborer for the elite rich 1%.
Patrolled by armed drones and robot warriors to destroy pockets of resistance.

Trump cannot make America great again without the culture, lifestyle, and institutions that developed since
1913 Federal Reserve Act and the
1971 Nixon shock end of gold convert.
Collapse of Bretton Woods near where I used to ski.
Get rid of the dead wood.
Radical change is needed to grow the economy.
An efficient financial system is needed.

Before 1913 you were dead by age 40 on average.
Rampant infectious diseases, drug addiction, murder,….
Feces everywhere.
Filthy water.
Rotten moldy food if you are lucky.  
Not much running water, toilets, plumbing,…
Few cars, owned only by the rich 1%.
Most junk that barely ran.
Not much electricity, lights.
No TV.
Not much radio.
No computers.
Small houses.
Most crammed into tenement houses sardine cans, filthy.
Poverty the norm, starvation, malnutrition….
Rural areas worse.
Death by war or murder not so bad in comparison to the daily grind.
Why Nazi and Communist governments were so popular in some of the worst countries
Nazis and Communists that gave people hope for change
instead of failed religions the opiate of the masses.
Faith in market equilibrium "in the long run" supply will equal demand.
Did not work under the gold standard.

Nobody wants to go back to failed systems of the past.  
You can find some of those problems in dark Africa why negroes prefer America over their homeland.
Swaziland has gold and diamonds but not an effective fiat money,
just pegged to South Africa currency.

People are getting the economy they want in the USA.
Can't go back.

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