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ancestor stories from my great-aunt

Old email:

Date: September 10, 2003

I read my great-aunt died at 100,
Marie Frances Green of Palo Alto.
Lived in a Green house 
on Green Court Palo Alto.

Stanford Graduate, Class of 1924.
Oldest living Alumna of Stanford at one time.

Uncle AJ Kelly,
his daughter Jennifer Kelly, 
and I visited her in 1989.
They spell their name Kelly instead of Kelley because the military fouled up when he joined before WWII.

Meant to revisit.  
She was full of info,
lively and active in her old age.

Smallish, blondish, slender but not too skinny.  

Her only son killed in auto accident at Mclellan AFB in Sacramento,
 where he was an engineer.

Her husband set up the Geology Department
at San Francisco City U, 
was an oil explorer.
She met him in Yucatan Peninsula Mexico?
or South America? 
when she was a missionary.

Her father was from the Dallas area.
Back in the 1800s. 
 If Dallas was invented way back then.

Her house was stuffed with antiques and momentos.
They traveled all over the world, often.

Importance of staying active when older.

Her servant was a Stanford Student, blonde 27? year old female, 
who got hit by a car on Stanford Campus.
Thrown thru the air 50 yards?
Destroyed her brain, the thinking parts.
She looks ok but can't think well any more.

Marie Francis Green, Graduate 1954, 
of Palo Alto, December 26, at 100. 

Teacher, botanist and community volunteer, 
she began her teaching career at a missionary school in South America,
 then taught in the Palo Alto Unified School District for three decades. 

Her husband, George, predeceased her in 1979. 

Survivor: her granddaughter, Shelly Green.


1989 Interview with Marie Francis Green (MFG), age 90.  

Lives In a Green House,
on Green Court, 
580 Oregon Street, 
Palo Alto CA 94301

She has been named citizen of the year 
and has won many awards from the Garden Club of Palo Alto.  

She was a teacher in Palo Alto for decades.

her husband, George Green, was in geology and helped set up San Francisco City College.  

Her great-grandfather was Patrick Sims, age 13.  

He came from Ireland around 1840 with his uncle, a cabinet maker.  

They came around the horn to San Francisco. 

 They ran aground near the Farallone Islands outside the Golden Gate Bridge.

the ship broke up.  

He grabbed a door floating in the water to stay afloat. 
A woman also grabbed the door.  
She got tired and fainted on the door. 
 Patrick got on the other end and paddled toward the shore. 
 After some time they were picked up.  

He was eventually reunited with his uncle
 who said that the woman had survived 
and was looking to thank him for saving her life.  

Uncle and Patrick got on a train for Virginia where uncle is to practice cabinet making. 

 During the civil war Patrick was not in the army 
because he was an alien.  

He was put in charge of a camp of women and children in Siloam Springs Arkansas.  
Very close to Gentry where Loramae Johnson and Little Robert Johnson was born the rest In South Dakota.
Close to Rogers where Harry Kelley and  numerous Kelleys was born near where their Grandmother was born under Beaver Lake now.

After the war he and his wife was nearly killed by a group of 5 bushwhackers.  
They came up asking for food and water.  
His wife prepared it and they served them and went on.  
One of the bushwhackers put something under the saddle to make it limp.  
After getting down the road, he told the other 4 bushwhackers that he had to go back and get another horse. 
 He came back and told Patrick that they had just killed his neighbors and was surprised that they did not kill him too.

Patrick was catholic and married a presbyterian. 
 In Virginia mostly baptists. 
 He lived in a small town near Washington DC.

Marie Francis Green's (MFG) father and mother were born in Rogers Arkansas.  
Her father's father died when her father was 9.  
They moved to Oklahoma (OK).  
Methodists were the only religion there, circuit preachers.  

Grandma Sims told lots of stories until she died at 95 or 96 in Quaker or Quitman Texas.  
MFG visited her (Bessie?) there.  
She died near Chandler Texas in a small town Colony? to the south.  

Settled by the trail of tears, Cherokees.  
MFG lived there.  
James Segar was her first teacher.  
His father (somewhat famous) brought the Indians. 

 JS told MFG about an Indian wedding. 
 A chief married a Cado.  
Silk Tepee.  
MFG was 12 or 13 and saw the brief ceremony.  

MFG was born in 1998 in Beaver Oklahoma, a no man's land in 1903.  
A lot of malaria there.  
She was the first white born in Shawnee county. 
 They got many gifts. 

 MFG's father got appendicitis in Clinton.  
Got worse.  
They took him to a larger city for surgery. 
 On the way the pain stopped.  
When they opened him it was ruptured, no way to save him. 
 They waited until he died.  
No antibiotics. 

 At the same time MFG had smallpox that covered here from head to toe.  
No place a needle could find uninflamed skin. 
 Her house was quarantined and her mother could not get out. 
 Her siblings had vaccinations already, but she did not. 
They fumigated the house.  

Grandma Sims is buried at Colony near grandfather Sims.  
Charlie the oldest brother married the daughter of a pentecostal preacher.  
She weighed 98 lbs and had tuberculosis. 
 Mother of MFG gave her lots of rest and sleep on the porch. 
 Eventually recovered and had 3 kids and lived to be 89; died in Lancaster.  

When grandma Sims died 
Arthur moved us to Clinton Oklahoma and ran a pool hall with no liquor.  

MFG went to school and moved to Yale Oklahoma.  
Boom town in oil.  
Mother moved to California.  
Her brother was 16 years but snuck into service for WWI.  

MFG began to teach school at Oklahoma City College. 
 Married in 1924. 
 Met husband at Kerrs 1921 department store in Oklahoma city in white clothes.  
They were married 56 years.  
MFG worked 7-4 and went to school at night. 
 College was 2 apt houses, now is 5000-6000 students.  

She talked president Lutz (a jew) to begin an out of town shopping service with courtesy cards.

Then MFG went to Yucatan as a presbyterian missionary with her mother's blessings (her mother said she would go in a minute.)  
She replaced missionary who went home sick.  
For 8 months she taught 89 Maya girls sewing, art, English, and science.  

Then MFG went to Columbia via Panama from NYC for 1 year then Medalline for 3 years.  
She could not go into medicine because bad eyes could not use microscope. 
 Her husband was in geology at this time doing government surveys.  

George Green (GG) got sick with amoebic dysentery and she got pregnant.  
They went to Philadelphia and she took down geological reports from her sick husband who dictated from his bed.  

She turned these into the office on Broad Street.  
She bought an Oldsmobile and drove west while GG laid in the back seat. 
 September, snow in Missouri.  

At Stanford 1923-24 he was treated with arsenic enemas, etc. 
still no antibiotics. 

 She enrolled at Stanford because California would not accept Oklahoma credentials.  
California made my high school latin teacher take a 5th year of college because they would not accept Oklahoma credentials.
She reminds me of my high school latin teacher, good verbally, strong work ethic, from Oklahoma.

She taught at Williams Street School.  
Students liked her so she stayed on and got a job from Mr. Barker to set up science dept in Jordan Jr. High.  
Child born 29 April. 
 She added counseling at Jordan before the Sr. High school got it.  

She eats vegetables, chicken & fish.  
Meat was bad in South America.  
GG lived to 89 after his dysentery was cured. 
 He was 8.5 years older than MFG.  
At age 59 in 1959 she retired and traveled the world 
and did volunteer work. 

 Her only son Douglas Green was killed at Mather air base in Sacramento. 
 His car was hit by a car leaving one day.  
He was a performance engineer at Douglas aircraft and had a pilot's license.  
He lived in Fair Oaks.  

His daughter Shelley was 2.5 years old at the time and liked deers.  

Now 1994 Shelley teaches at central high in Albuquerque.  

Grandma Sims lived to be 98 and taught from age 20.  

Mother lived to 54, had lots of trouble.  
Name was Sims.

William Francis came from Tennessee at age 9 to Virginia.  
Don't know much about him. 
 From deep south.

Puckett great grandpa was 1 of 3 from Tennessee.  

Had a twin brother but the daughter died. 

 Father remarried and had seven children.

July 1987 guidepost had article on MFG.

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