Sunday, July 22, 2018

Porterville Bay Oysters, Alabama

1000000 pounds of oysters annually.
Learn to harvest wild.
Or garden oysters.
get rich$

Zinc so
no colds
or flu
or prostate cancer.

White sand beaches.
Red state.
Eat well.
No snow or ice.
Cooler than Texas in summer.
Warmer in winter.

Pollution damages lungs and immune system.
Gulf no big cities between New Orleans and Tampa pollution autos cities.

Cold causes colds and flu.
Dries lungs and nasal tissues making them vulnerable.
Sheeple herds. indoors bars casinos movies spread viruses.
Find warm moist climate.

Gulf coast:
Great outdoors beach sun healthy.
Gulf is conservative not gay diseases.
Most pro military:
MS AL LA NW Florida Pensacola
Bases VA military everywhere
No Latinos.
Low crime in white areas.

Amazingly cheap.
Low tax.
MS does not tax any retirement income!

Stay healthy.

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