Thursday, July 19, 2018

new Apple macbook?

I may have to buy a new macbook.
I need a portable computer for emails, book writing, and computer programming.
I am rarely home where I use iMac.
TexShop and Xcode are good tools and they run on iMac and Apple only.

I am trying to phase out of my google mail and tools.
However the Google Chromebook is the best for secure banking and online logins that I try to minimize.

Google makes money off tracking and advertising.
Apple makes money off outrageously expensive hardware that tries to be more secure.

I have used Apples full time since 2007 and they do have advantages.
They do give you better hardware.
The user interface is good.
They are becoming more popular and rich $
so they can hire people to fix bugs.

All computers have problems.
The industry has become game, entertainment oriented.
Hard to do real work but easy to waste time.
Nobody is working but many gaming so that is what gets done to make $
Huge security problems.
Takes time to learn and avoid troublesome bugs.

Have to go with the flow, stay in the mainstream to use the best of what is available
although most of what the mainstream is doing is a waste of time and money.

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