Monday, July 30, 2018

Lungs, Immunity, Organic

I am still looking for good sources of oysters and Brazil Nuts Niger Toes hard to find.
Best sources of Zinc and Selenium needed for strong immune system and detoxification of heavy metals.
I get some in multi vitamin pills but may be fake and ill absorbed.

At noon go out in the sun and lie flat to allow sun to kill off germs on face, nose, lungs, skin, guts,….
Sun penetrates your skull and is needed to fire up brain mitochondria energy clear thinking.
Some rays go right thru you but most will be absorbed as energy and help kill off germs and make Vitamin D.

Sacramento Fresno Central Valleys are a mixing bowl for harmful agricultural chemicals.
Plus fires, smoke, auto air pollution,…
Plus aerosolized cow feces from dairies full of super bugs antibiotics.
Plus human feces from gay San Francisco full of more super bugs.
Every day fog comes in and pushes the bad air up I-80 to Sacramento where the superbugs get plastered on everything and grow, mutate, get worse.
Mixed with all the pesticides, herbicides, and other agribusiness poisons all over the Fresno Central Valley.
Mountains too tall most places to let those poisons out so they kill off the valley people.

Some smog gets pushed over Donner Pass and falls into Reno that also sits in a bowl of dirt.
Large areas in Nevada are forested, high altitude, cleaner air.
But no roads, remote, hard to escape if SHTF except by horse back.
Probably Carson City best air a little higher altitude than Reno with fast escape down I-50 to Sacramento if SHTF.

Las Vegas is Organic with no Pesticides or agricultural chemicals except on lawns.
but lots of cars and heat makes ozone Nitric Oxide, kick up dirt into air, etc.
Bad For Lungs.
Gambling addicts bring in diseases from Los Angeles smoggy germ mixing bowl tobacco e-cigarettes.
Sit in Casinos and spread germs.

Laramie University of Wyoming is downwind of little to no pollution, little population, close to Denver #1 lung Pulmonary hospital.
Most of the USA is a toxic ag chemical dump with California Valleys and marijuana farms the worst.
Wind is your friend.
Organic sunny beach Hawaii the longest life state.

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