Saturday, July 21, 2018

Immune system boosters

Israelis invented vibrator for ears that help drain the ears to prevent infection.

Body has lymph ducts, interstitial spaces, and drainage systems everywhere including the brain.
Needs constant motion to keep draining.
Running the best drainer.
Avoid sitting during the day - stay in motion.
Think better while walking and working with more blood in brain.

Aging reduces quality sleep due to reduced sleep hormone production.
Brain drainage needs more quality sleep - brain cells shrink during deep sleep to help drainage.
If amyloid toxic proteins build up in the brain that is called Alzheimers dementia.
Sleep in a cool dark room.
Turn off all TV phones screens several hours before trying to sleep.
Quality of sleep depends on wavelength of light.
Sunlight the proper wavelength.
When sun sets then go to sleep.

I run the fan all night all summer to bring in natural viruses and bacteria.
Build up natural biota in lungs to fight the unnatural colds and flu picked up around people.
Viruses eat bacteria, good germs eat bad germs.
All of life is a battlefield for germs.
Hospital germs are the worst and becoming increasingly antibiotic resistant, incurable.

Eat vegetables for phytochemicals, polyphenols, antioxidants.
These go thru your entire body.
Sunlight goes deep into your body to light up those phyto chemicals where they make Coq10 and other important chemicals in your body.

Sunlight activates your mitochondria to produce energy without burning food.
Sunlight makes natural Vitamin D, Nitric Oxide, and many other good chemicals.
Your skin is the solar panel for your body.
Why people live longer in Hawaii.

I sit in sun at noon for 30 minutes and feel a lot better and am getting a tan.
Still thinking about moving to High Altitude this month to get more bright sun and high altitude running.
License plates expires at the end of the month.

Avoid big city fossil fuel pollution, industrial agriculture pollution….
Las Vegas is an organic desert hell hole but has lots of traffic and air pollution bowl.
Laramie Wyoming 7000 feet has lots of wind to blow away what little pollution there might be.
The highest altitude university in the USA but weak in math, computers, etc.

All the Desert southwest and Rocky mountains, high sierra, and heavily forested areas do not allow agricultural pollution.
But many areas too hot or cold to allow frequent sun exposure.
Excessive snow keeps people indoor cabin fever eating junk food.
Gamblers TV computer addicts cluster indoors smoking tobacco and eating junk food.
And no good doctors for hundreds or thousands of miles.

Oral intercourse artists are not the best doctors, but entertainers.
Doctors must have the right training and the best cluster in certain areas.
If you are going to be sick then move to where the best doctors are.
Denver the best for lung problems.

Why Hawaii lives longer - sun, asian diet, beach culture, beauty attracts in the best doctors and the healthiest types of people.
Sales taxes lower than most states.
Good bus system so you don't need a car at all and can walk most places.
No agriculture on Oahu and clean water.
Not much traffic because nowhere to go - people move near work so they can walk.
Go to the beach every day of the year.
Enjoy life and don't waste time on easily avoidable health problems.

You can also pay less for most items and pay low taxes and fees in some healthy areas.
Outrageously expensive San Francisco has human feces all over the sidewalks and drug addiction, sex disease epidemic, etc.
Cold, foggy, depressed people huddled indoors staring at computer screens disinformation devices destroying their eyes and brain even in the "summer."
Why Facebook moved there.

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