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Bombshell Report: Broward Schools And Police Colluded To Shield Criminal Students - Tea Party News


I'm seeing what's really going on here after reading this and hearing about CNN reporting there was at least 4 deputies outside at the school building while the shooting went on inside.

Was this a setup for a reason to get our guns???\

To many failures to stop the perp that don't add up.


Bombshell Report: Broward Schools And Police Colluded To Shield Criminal Students

Clues about how Nikolas Cruz slipped through cracks are emerging

(Infowars) – Bombshell claims alleging collusion between Broward County law enforcement and the Broward school district to protect criminal students from arrests and disciplinary action have been leveled by a journalist familiar with the protocols in practice.

According to information currently available, Parkland mass shooter Nikolas Cruz was visited by local law enforcement 39 times over the course of seven years and was also reported to the FBI at least twice, leaving many to wonder how he slipped through the cracks, evaded arrest, continued attending school, and legally purchased firearms that he would later use to kill 17 of his former classmates and teachers.

Some clues may have emerged from a report chronicled by the editors of the Conservative Treehouse (CTH), an independent blog, who have provided corroborating documentation that paint a very convincing picture for the circumstances that may have enabled Cruz to slip through the cracks.

Fight against slavery - Florida-Amoklauf: Lehrer starten Kampagne #ArmMeWith - SPIEGEL ONLINE

Knowing someone loving [a teacher] is armed, strong, capable to protect all, should give everyone a great feeling of relaxation, SECURITY ! 

Like there is a policeman close by, to protect them, just in case. NEVER ANY WORRIES !

But the brainwashed lefties do not want to see [that matrix] a GUN [a tool] as the best protection against evildoers, a LIFE SAVER, but somehow make it a mysterious, dangerous, scary object, with a mind of its own ? 

Kids should be taught to respect Authority,  police & teachers ! 


Teachers would carry concealed, so kids would not even know who actually carries a weapon.....only the warm feeling that [the school] THEY are in good hands/SAFE !


"A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude

To make them love it is the task assigned, in present-day totalitarian states, to ministries of propaganda, newspaper editors and schoolteachers…. 

The greatest triumphs of propaganda have been accomplished, not by doing something, but by refraining from doing. 

Great is truth, but still greater, from a practical point of view, is silence about truth.

"a slavery so complete that people dont even know they are in it"--Don't ALL organisms have the tendency to accept ease at the price of slavery? 

This enslavement comes in the guise of convenience. "We have given our hearts away" (Wordsworth) for convenience. 

Fight convenience at every turn. 

To make them love it is the task assigned,...and we call them Liberals today. 

Maleable, weak minded, easily programmed, "liberals". Sadly though, there are too many that follow the Neo-Con agenda as though it were gospel as well. 

We need to re-introduce morality, self reliance and nobility into American culture...

Brilliant!! They never got me to love my servitude, though, but it wasn't from a lack of trying. 

This quote fits Waffler to a tee. Domesticated animals do not know they are domesticated, and those that love their masters have a better chance of being kept on the farm instead of being sent to the "glue factory".

Amazing how far the totalitarian agenda has advanced in just 70 years under the guise of progressivism

This quote should be printed on the back of our dollar bill--and on every food stamp that Big Brother issues.

David Clarke says Florida teens are being manipulated | Daily Mail Online

'It has his fingerprints all over it': Ex-sheriff David Clarke suggests push for gun control by surviving Florida high school students is being 'organized' by Democratic billionaire George Soros

  • Ex-Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke suggested on Wednesday that Florida teen shooting survivors lobbying for gun control are being influenced by Democrats

  • Clarke, a prominent President Trump supporter, tweeted that recent rallies for gun reform may have been organized by liberal billionare George Soros

  • His tweet comes after student survivors from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High went to the state Capitol to urge lawmakers to prevent another massacre

  • Those students have also been accused by some as being liberal pawns

  • A district secretary was fired after saying two survivors were paid crisis actors 

Former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke has suggested the teenager survivors of the Florida high shooting massacre are being influenced by Democratic billionaire George Soros as they push for gun control.

Clarke, a prominent supporter of President Trump, took to Twitter on Wednesday to insinuate that the recent rallies for gun reform are actually a political effort driven by Democrats.

'The well ORGANIZED effort by Florida school students demanding gun control has GEORGE SOROS' FINGERPRINTS all over it,' Clarke tweeted.

'It is similar to how he hijacked and exploited black people's emotion regarding police use of force incidents into the COP HATING Black Lives Matter movement.'

A FedEx Employee Found the Largest Prime Number So Far. It’s Over 23 Million Digits

Get rich off computers at home
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Iroquois map


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bitcoin crypto currency shut down

The Fed does not outlaw bitcoin because
IRS FBI NSA CIA DOD cyber war agencies maybe invented bitcoin to flush out terrorists, drug dealers, money launderers, etc.
After Ponzi crashes, criminals will be jailed.
They may also have backdoors that allows them to fund their operations by stealing bitcoins.
80% of bitcoins are mined in communist China.
Uses vast amounts of electricity coal fossil fuels.
Government allows bitcoin because it benefits deep state.

Cryptocurrency offers no advantage over dollars to law abiding persons.
I use cash and cards all the time.
I can buy stuff in any store with paper bills and coins with no fees.
Debit cards with no fees.
Credit cards with no fees
(actually they give me a bonus for using the card).
I can buy stuff online at no cost to me.
It all works fast and the price does not drop or fluctuate - a dollar is always worth a dollar.
In contrast 10% of all bitcoins have been stolen with impunity.
And bitcoin often drops in value in short periods of time and
when the Ponzi scheme collapses it may be worth zero forever.

Western Union has allowed movement of money around the world
since before 1888 and
I used to walk by the grave of founder Sibley in New York every day.

A sucker is born every minute.
A fool is soon separated from his money.
Greater fool theory of investment:
buy into a Ponzi scheme and
hope to sell to a greater fool before the market crashes

It would be interesting to see a sociological analysis of who is buying bitcoins.
Have they taken a single college class in investments?
My hunch is that real paper books and homework and college classes are too much work
for impatient idiots distracted by phones, TV, Radio, movies, tablets, computers, games, Hollywood, social media, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Gullible easy to vote Obama Russian puppets. Hijack elections, money, identity theft,…


Hi Joe:....I agree that it is joke.
It goes to show you that anybody can sell anything as long as he has a vulnerable and stupid public.
I'm looking to see if the Fed doesn't come out with some bank restrictions, but so far, nothing.
Maybe it will run its course.

While bitcoin and ICOs command the headlines, innovations are emerging that take the best of distributed, permissioned, secure and private ledger technology and digitize assets issued by regulated financial services companies and governments to enable transactions in near real time.

This concept decentralizes the ability of anyone who's a part of this network to digitize such assets — including stocks, loyalty points and contracts — and to move and settle them in near real time, globally, at scale.

And it does it within existing secure and compliant environments using the fiat currencies of the endpoints in between those transactions.

If it sounds a lot like how global card networks operate, it should. In an interview that Visa's Founder, Dee Hock, did with The New York Times
in 1981, he said,
"Visa is a device for the exchange of value.
In short, it's the next thing to money."
As global networks,
Visa and Mastercard both coordinate the operation of decentralized, distributed, secure and compliant private networks of issuers, cardholders, merchants, acquirers and processors to enable the settlement of card transactions between anyone on a global scale.

They used technology and computing power to create the framework for the payments ecosystem that now powers global commerc

The Harmful Effects of Electromagnetic Fields Explained


Mast Sanity - The Cell Phone and the Cell - the Role of Calcium


How Might Cell Phone Signals Cause Cancer? - Scientific American

Reading on cell phone while walking 10 miles

Colorado Springs research.


Bitcoin price could hit $50,000 this year, experts say

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The Big Short (film) - Wikipedia

I watched this on my iMac
While car frozen shut.

Pseudo history helps me understand some of the people and numbers in the crash of 2008.
Credit default swaps


vhf nts bbs - Google Search


raspberry packet radio - Google Search


Skinny Colorado Rocky Mountain High on Evangelical Medical Marijuana

I remember college exactly 50 years ago doing laundry with hot LA Jew girl who lived upstairs.
I told her to not worry about the news as she could not do much about it.
She was more interested in me than the news anyway.

1960s students demonstrated against Vietnam war quagmire so now we are stuck in Iraq Aghan Korea and other quagmires.
Much longer wars. Wars without end?
There will always be wars or rumors of war.

2010s students now demonstrate against guns in schools 
so in 50 years we will have many more shootings, bombings, mines, tanks?
School bombings without end?

First do no harm.
If you outlaw guns then only criminals will have guns.
The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun 
is a good guy with a gun.

Schools are gun free zones with open borders.
Soft target by design?
Students high on drugs, ADHD, Autism, Aphasia, Alzheimers…. and other junk food diseases
Teachers unarmed, cant shoot straight, cant pass IQ test, cant pass drug test, advanced cases of junk food diseases.
What can go wrong?
Why not fences with metal detectors at entrances like airports, courthouses, government offices, etc.

Run up 14,000 feet altitude Pikes Peak to get closer to God.
Great outdoors running why so many Evangelicals move to Colorado Springs to live long and healthy.
The Protestant Vatican great outdoors proven good for mental health.
Exercise proven to grow brain and improve health overall.
Sore feet smoke pot pain killer safer than opioid overdose early death.
Colorado is the second longest lived state after Hawaii.
Skiing is healthy as are other winter sports and no sharks or Tsunamis.  

My car today covered by ice could not get door open so skipped class.
Always live walking distance to gym, university, libraries so at least you can exercise, learn, and think without driving.
Sell cars, trucks, anything that burns fossil fuels.
Driving is the new smoking.
Sitting is the new smoking.
Electronics is the new smoking.
Get on your feet and run uphill daily Rocky Mountain High to get skinny, healthy, and smart.

Skinniness is next to Godliness.
It is easier to squeeze a camel thru the eye of a needle 
than to squeeze a fat man thru the gates of Heaven.  

Radiofax - Wikipedia


Boosting Brain Ketone Metabolism: A New Approach to Alzheimer's


brain use glucose ketone - Google Search


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brain useglucose - Google Search


China's latest export boom: Fake gold coins - CBS News


Understanding the California Mind

Why I avoid California Oregon Nevada

Understanding the California Mind

By Victor Davis Hanson| February 19, 2018

Nancy Pelosi gave a marathon speech on illegal immigration the other day. But how would she know much about the realities of open borders, given her palatial retreat in Northern California and multi-millionaire lifestyle that allows wealthy progressives like herself to be exempt from the consequences of her own hectoring? In the end, the House minority leader was reduced to some adolescent racialist patter about her grandson wishing to look more like his Mexican-American friend.

I was thinking of the San Francisco Democrat's speech last week, during a brief drive into our local town, in a region that is ground zero of California's illegal immigration experience.

Illegal immigrants are neither collective saints nor sinners, but simply individuals who arrive from one of the poorest regions in the Americas, without legality or much in the way of English, or high school education.

They encounter an American host that has lost confidence in its once formidable powers of assimilation and integration as well as its ability to mint Americans from diverse races, religions, and ethnicities. Instead, American culture has adopted an arrogant sense that it can ensure near instant parity as redemption for supposed past –isms and –ologies. That may explain the immigrant's romance for Mexico to which he fights any return, and the ambiguity about America in which he fights to stay.

We dare not mention illegal immigration in California as a factor in the state's implosion. But privately, residents assume it has something to do with the 20 percent of the state's population that lives below the poverty level. Illegal immigration plays a role in the fact that one-third of the nation's welfare recipients lives in California and that one of four state residents was not born in the United States—or that one-half of all immigrant households receives some sort of government assistance, and that one in four homeless people lives in California.

Note a final statistic. A record of nearly $30 billion a year is forecast to be sent this year as remittances home to Mexico. If the sum is assumed to be wired largely by the reported 11 million illegal aliens, then illegal immigrants are sending per capita around $2,700 home per year. Again, in per capita terms, a household of five would average about $1,100 sent home per month to Mexico—a generosity impossible without the subsidies of the American taxpayer. (Some might wonder whether the U.S. could tax that sum to build the wall or at least declare that proof of remittances disqualifies one for public support.)

Much Ruin in a State
On the way to town, I passed three neighbors' parcels. All have something in common: several families are living on lots zoned for single-family residences in an array of illegal sheds, shacks, and stationary trailers. The premises are characterized by illegal dumping, zoning and building code violations, illegal electrical hook-ups, and petty misdemeanors of unlicensed dogs and strays. I remember similar such rural settlements from my early youth in the 1950s, over a decade after the final end of the Great Depression. Now, in our back-to-the-future state, we see some concrete reminders of what my parents used to relate about life in the 1930s.

In this strange "day in the life" melodrama, at the dry cleaner in town, a car collided with mine in the parking lot. We both got out to inspect the fender-bender damage (he had more damage—maybe in the range of $500-800—than I did—probably around $400). I showed him my license, registration, and insurance authentication and asked him to do the same to complete the exchange of information.

But he seemed either to have no license, registration or insurance authentication or was reluctant to show me what he had. I suggested then that we call the police to verify our likely insurance claims, and let them determine whether either one of us was at fault. He said no and suggested instead cash, as if perceived comparative damage outweighed assigning culpability. He spoke limited English. I gave him $50 in cash (all I had in my wallet) and he sped out. I figured that my damage would not have exceeded the insurance deductible and his was likely greater. I suppose he felt a possible insurance claim was not worth even theoretical exposure to deportation. Our negotiation was calm and respectful.

On the way home, I went a different route. The roadside of an adjoining farm parcel has become a veritable dump: I stopped and counted the following sorts of trash piled by the almond orchard: two infant car seats; one entertainment center, three bags of wet garbage, one mattress, one stroller, five tires, and a stack of broken cement, paint cans, and drywall.

Pulling into my driveway, I noticed that a pit bull mix had been dumped at my house during my brief absence (I have already five rescue dogs). We called the animal control officer and are waiting for a reply. I think the result will be predictable, as in the case of my recent misadventure in purchasing expensive solar panels: though they were installed over three months ago, I am still waiting for Pacific Gas and Electric Co., the local utility, to hook the idled system to the grid.

Some time ago I was bitten by two dogs while biking down a rural avenue nearby. The animals' owners did not speak English, refused to tie up the unlicensed and unvaccinated biters, and in fact let their other dogs out, one of which also bit me. It took four calls to various legal authorities and a local congressional rep to have the dogs quarantined in an effort to avoid rabies shots. The owners were never cited.

The California solution is always the same: the law-abiding must adjust to the non-law-abiding. So I quit riding out here and they kept their unvaccinated, unlicensed, and untied dogs.

All that is a pretty typical day, in a way that would have been atypical some 40 years ago.

Traveling Halfway in Reverse
In California, civilization is speeding in reverse—well aside from the decrepit infrastructure, dismal public schools, and sky-high home prices. Or rather, the state travels halfway in reverse: anything involving the private sector (smartphones, Internet, new cars, TV, or getting solar panels installed) is 21st-century. Anything involving the overwhelmed government or public utilities (enforcing dumping laws, licensing dogs, hooking up solar panel meters to the grid, observing common traffic courtesies) is early 20th-century.

Why is this so, and how do Californians adjust?

They accept a few unspoken rules of state behavior and then use their resources to navigate around them.

1) Law enforcement in California hinges on ignoring felonies to focus on misdemeanors and infractions. Or rather, if a Californian is deemed to be law-abiding, a legal resident, and with some means, the regulatory state will audit, inspect, and likely fine his property and behavior in hopes of raising revenue. That is a safe means of compensating for the reality that millions, some potentially dangerous, are not following the law, and can only be forced to comply at great cost and in a fashion that will seem politically incorrect.

The practical result of a schizophrenic postmodern regulatory and premodern frontier state? Throw out onto the road three sacks of garbage with your incriminating power bill in them, or dump the cooking oil of your easily identifiable mobile canteen on the side of the road, and there are no green consequences. Install a leach line that ends up one foot too close to a water well, and expect thousands of dollars of fines or compliance costs.

2) Elite progressive virtue-signaling is in direct proportion to elite apartheid: the more one champions green statutes, the plight of illegal aliens, the need for sanctuary cities, or the evils of charter schools, so all the more the megaphone is relieved that housing prices are high and thus exclusionary to "them."

The more likely one associates with the privileged, so too the more one avoids those who seem to be impoverished or residing illegally, and the more one is likely to put his children in expensive and prestigious private academies. One's loud ideology serves as a psychosocial means of squaring the circle of living in direct antithesis to one's professions. (I do not know how the new federal tax law will affect California's liberal pieties, given the elite will see their now non-deductible state taxes effectively double.)

3) California is no longer really a single state. Few in the Bay Area have ever been to the southern Sierra Nevada foothill communities, or the west side of the Central Valley, or the upper quarter of the state. Coastal California is simply far more left-wing than other blue states; interior California is far more right-wing than most red states; increasingly, the former dictate to and rule the latter.

The sharp divide between Massachusetts and Mississippi requires 1,500 miles; in California, the similar cultural distance is about 130 miles from Menlo Park to Mendota. Add California's neo-Confederate ideas into the equation—such as nullification and sanctuary cities—and we seem on the verge of some sort of secession. (Would the Central Valley follow the path of West Virginia, split off, and remain in the Union?)

4) The postmodern 21st-century state media in its various manifestations is committed to social justice, not necessarily to disinterested reporting. Few read about environmental lawsuits over the planned pathway of a disruptive high-speed rail project; not so in the case of planned state nullification of offshore drilling.

In many news accounts, the race and ethnicity of a violent criminal are deduced in the cynical (and often quite illiberal) reader comments that follow. Is the newspaper deliberately suppressing news information to incite readership, who, in turn, through their commentaries flesh out the news that is not reported and simultaneously spike online viewership by their lurid outrage?

Folk wisdom in California translates into something along the following lines: an unidentified "suspect" in a drunk driving accident that leaves two dead on the side of the road can for some time remains unidentified; a local accountant of the wrong profile who is indicted by the IRS has his name and picture blared.

Progressive Winners and Losers
There are progressive exceptions: universities—in email blast warnings to students and faculty about mere suspects seen on campus in connection with reported burglaries or sexual assaults—are not shy in providing physical characteristics, dress, and perceived racial identities. The media, in other words, feels by massaging its coverage of California realities, it can serve an invaluable role in guiding us to our fated progressive futures—with exceptions for income and class.

Californians, both the losers and beneficiaries of these unspoken rules, have lost confidence in the equal application of the law and indeed the idea of transparent and meritocratic government.

Cynicism is rampant. Law-abiding Californians do whatever is necessary not to come to the attention of any authorities, whose desperate need for both revenue and perceived social justice (150,000 households in a state of 40 million residents pay about 50 percent of California income tax revenue) is carnivorous.

A cynical neighbor once summed up the counter-intuitive rules to me: if you are in a car collision, hope that you are hit by, rather than hit an illegal alien. If someone breaks into your home and you are forced to use a firearm, hope that you are wounded nonlethally in the exchange, at least more severely than is the intruder. And if you are cited by an agency, hope it is for growing an acre of marijuana rather than having a two-foot puddle on your farm classified as an inland waterway.

I could add a fourth: it is always legally safer to allow your dog to be devoured by a stray pit-bull than to shoot the pit-bull to save your dog.

In the former case, neither the owner nor the state ever appears; in the latter both sometimes do.

In a state where millions cannot be held accountable, those who can will be—both to justify a regulatory octopus, and as social justice for their innate unwarranted privilege.

Content created by the Center for American Greatness, Inc. is available without charge to any eligible news publisher that can provide a significant audience. For licensing opportunities for our original content, please contact [email protected].

About the Author: Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson is an American military historian, columnist, former classics professor, and scholar of ancient warfare. He was a professor of classics at California State University, Fresno, and is currently the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution. He has been a visiting professor at Hillsdale College since 2004. Hanson was awarded the National Humanities Medal in 2007 by President George W. Bush. Hanson is also a farmer (growing raisin grapes on a family farm in Selma, California) and a critic of social trends related to farming and agrarianism. He is the author most recently of The Second World Wars – How the First Global Conflict was Fought and Won (Basic Books).


Colu Mixes VC and ICO for $14.5 Million Fundraise - CoinDesk


Colu: Reinventing: Community Currency


Educated: A Memoir by Tara Westover


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Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon Age-Group and Course Records


Control sheeple, stock market Value, bitcoin, FAANG QE quantitative easing bailout

I was trying to reply to your mail on VIX volatility.
I clicked on something and the mail disappeared.
I cannot find it in the junk folder or trash can that Apple is good on saving stuff.
Lost forever?

Computers are getting much worse than 20 years ago.
That would have never happened 20 years ago.
I use 4 or more computers per day but less on each than in the past.
Each is quirky and dangerous.
I am increasingly disengaged from computers that silicon valley destroyed.
Nearly giving up on computers.
All I need is 1 good typewriter now to write some books.

I am also increasingly disengaged from the economy.
Financial system is a mess destroyed by big banks and Wall Street Crooks.

I wrote up a summary:

QE Quantitative Easing bailed out and pumped trillions $ into big banks New York City etc.
Those banks can "loan" dollar$ to anybody they want and give themselves fat bonuse$ for that "work"
and buy politicians for legislation and rules to do what they want.

FAANG (aka Hollywood, San Francisco, Silicon Valley California)

sheeple surveillance tracking disinformation companies get $ IPO and other funding $
to force addict sheeple fantasy social control junk food electronic bread and circuses
Deflate health and wealth, fleece sheeple.
FAANG do not need to make money to achieve these worthy goals
although it would be good if they do make $ to help keep Ponzi going longer and help rich get richer.
Hence outrageous CAPE cyclically adjusted price earnings ratios on FAANG type stocks.

Ideally prices on stocks would be higher for stocks with higher earnings or at least expected earnings.
But as we learned in the dot com boom 1999 and subprime loans 2006
total idiots and crooks were funded for ideas that had 0 chance to make real profits.
Bankers made money big bonuses off liar loans and IPOs sold to idiots just like bitcoin blockchain cryptocurrencies today.
A fool is soon separated from his money.

Work for and invest in good solid ethical companies.
Always look for a long history of earnings and increasing dividends over time.
P/E around 15 is average? depending on risk and cycle
CAPE cyclically adjusted price earnings ratio.
If P/E is too inflated don't buy it.
Ancient financial literature on the "yield effect" is that cheap, deflated stocks with low P/E have greater returns over time.
(Low P/E is high yield E/P)
Irrational sheeple get fleeced as electronics herd them into the trap of high price news hyped inflated stocks high P/E.

More rational stock and bond prices rise and fall together in response to interest rates that is in the denominator of the discounted present value equation.

Stocks have somewhat more risk and lower dividend rates

Bonds have less risk and interest rates tend to be higher than dividend rates.

Professional investment education helps avoid greed, bubbles, short term data and focus on long term data.

Professionals study herd movements and make profits off herd movements to the extent that the herd can be forecast.
Called market timing.
Buy low, sell high.
Fleece the sheeple buy buying cheap stocks.
Later when the stocks boom sell out before the peak of the bubble.

Many bubbles are caused by the Federal Reserve and related macro policies.

Well publicized but not understood by uneducated sheeple in the herd

Sheeple can't do simple math but follow deranged narratives by oral intercourse artists on TV, radio, electronics.



would I be wrong to note that the FAANGs had Schiller CAPE's of 200 – 300?

To me, an amateur, that's stunning.

They don't make or produce anything, nor do they distribute earnings (if they have any).

Their continued rise seemed (to me) to be a sure sign of "greater fool" theory at work.

Will Tesla ever make (or even share) any earnings other than the huge carbon credits they get from us tax payers??

Correction (a huge one) long overdue but to cite a trigger, doubtful.

Janet Yellen was not reappointed by Trump and it was
J Powell's FIRST day on the job as Fed Chair —
he's not Jewish (first in my lifetime)
so maybe this is just a friendly Bankster way of saying "We're watching you."


The trend to private assets including the stock market, cryptos,precious metals,will continue after the weak hands are shaken out of the long market.

P/E ratios are exorbitant but the continued rise of the stock market will not be based on value.

The government bond market will begin to collapse with increasing interest rates.

1931 was the last time the bond and stock market briefly rose together.
Bonds crashed.
Dollar rose and stock market then rose.

With a dead bond market the wealthy have no where to park money.

stop MS Multiple sclerosis. Alzheimer’s

Mental activity helps maintain brain health.
Read a book, turn off TV radio noise distractions.

Physical exercise grows the brain if you get enough cholesterol.
Brain connections are made out of cholesterol.
Sun on skin makes Vitamin D out of cholesterol.
Sex hormones are made out of cholesterol.
Cholesterol is in all cells, especially concentrated brain and heart.

If you do not get enough cholesterol and sun
you may change gender, 
get MS, 
lose your mind Alzheimers Autism Aphasia ADHD,
shoot up a school or casino Cruz, Paddock.

Government conspiracy to get you to eat less cholesterol and avoid sunshine as well documented.
Elites want to cause trouble and frighten sheeple to watch the liberal news media ads and get sicker to support 
Obamacare medicare industrial establishment 
big pharma get richer and richer kill pill bill $$$$ 
wealth and health deflation your assassination

Bright sun in Las Vegas is good for health if you get outdoors enough around noon if not too much smog.

Mitochondria energy centers in all cells get energized by sun light in addition to food.
You are a big solar cell.
Sun penetrates deep, some rays go right thru you like an airport scanner.

May be what is keeping her going, your young lady friend.

Eggs are a great source of protein, vitamins, cholesterol,…
I boil my eggs to kill off all germs salmonella, etc.
Unfortunately I don't like eggs very much
I can take 1 egg a day on average.
Sometimes if hungry or sore I can eat 6 eggs
Usually I skip eggs most day although they are very cheap around here often $4.00 for big box of 60 but price swings wildly.
30 cents per dozen sometimes.

I occasionally take a Vitamin D pill 1000 but often forget.
I do try to take a multiple vitamin daily that has 1000 of D too
If sore or beat I take powdered Vitamin C but not too much as it interferes with sleep and winds me up too much.

I try to take Magnesium Citrate powder daily which is good for mood and all health.
Everybody is deficient in Magnesium why they go crazy and shoot guns.
Also everybody needs more Lithium also good for brain and mood why they go crazy bipolar shoot guns.
Soils are depleted of Lithium and Magnesium nowadays and other nutrients so mental illness rampant.

Cod Liver oil the most important supplement everybody needs to counter inflammation everybody's oils are screwed up these days high inflammation diet bread, sugar, flour vegetable oils.
High Power Oils Proven for professional athletes, olympic athletes, epilepsy, and brain diseases.
Requires special lab test to do right,
Often you need huge quantities of cod liver oil if you are really sick MS Alzheimers arthritis etc.
Many good books on the subject.
Study the history of snake oil in England the best source.

From: Ruthe 

I work with a girl with MS.
She is an amazingly hard worker.


On Sunday, February 18, 2018 4:18 PM, joe wrote:

Special cod liver oil
May boost immune system too
Malfunctioning immune system
I am reading appendix in other book.
Very hard to understand.
Bio chemistry.

Does work for MS Alzheimer's epilepsy adhd autism neurological.

Sesame oil helps too.

$ get rich Texas Rattlesnake Roundup Nets Largest Catch

Good food

rattlesnake steaks - Google Search


MAP: Retail Electricity Prices by State | Global Energy Institute


Colorado Springs runner recalls terrifying encounter with mountain lion – Pikes Peak Sports


Pikes Peak Elite Track Club diet win

Be a winner!
Take photos
Before and after your superfood diet works!
Female Olympian


pukes peak indoor running


Confucius works online


Student Voting Guide | FAQ | Brennan Center for Justice


Non Resident College Student | FLorida DHSMV Answers


Nonresident Student Drivers - Transportation - Boston College


snake oil omega - Google Search


Snake Oil Cure Arthritis


SHTF: How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease by Michael Greger

Rich people read books, not so much electronics as addicts who get poorer and sicker.

Books are cheaper and much more useful than TV, Radio, Cable, Computers, Games….  take junk to recycle center.
Go to library or bookstore daily to scan for new titles and magazine covers.
University library and/or public library.

Save your eyesight use a real tungsten filament light bulb, not LED.
Grow your brain, and read 1 genuine paper book per month to live healthier and longer.
It takes more than a month to understand a good book.

Books often disagree with each other so you have to sort it out.
 Raging controversies, big pharma, agribusiness, medical industrial complex fighting to get rich by making you sick write bad books.
Love of money is the root of all evil.
Look at all the fancy cars in doctors parking places at local medical complex.

Go to college to make sure you are doing the right thing.
You have to learn to understand books.
Learn basic science
Learn how to do your own lab tests too.

This book looks like a good one.
Bookstores crowded,
Libraries crowded,
I will get to this one 
as I slowly get thru the current difficult Barry Sears Zone Toxic Fat is 14th book? 
very hard to understand need phd in biochemistry but very important topics addressed.
Immune system.  
Autoimmune diseases.
Role of fat.
often takes 2 months or more to understand 1 good book.

I saw a shelf of diabetes cookbooks some of which appear to benefit big pharma perpetuate diabetes!
Fun to watch them dance with words to promote disinformation.
If you grow your brain you will be able to spot errors quickly.

Saw this one but no time to read it right now:

 How Not to Die: 
Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease by Michael Greger

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Calming Inflammation in MS Multiple sclerosis. Alzheimer’s.

Special cod liver oil
May boost immune system too
Malfunctioning immune system
I am reading appendix in other book.
Very hard to understand.
Bio chemistry.

Does work for MS Alzheimer's epilepsy adhd autism neurological.

Sesame oil helps too.


Inflammation Research Foundation | Dr. Sears' Zone Labs

MS multiple sclerosis Alzheimer's dementia
= inflammation of brain

Arthritis = inflammation of joints

Diabetes obesity = inflammation of fat cells and pancreas

Prevent or cure by:

Eat lots of vegetables polyphenols to control your genes.

Cod liver oil some brands are ok
lots of it if you are sick
Less for young healthy people 1 tablespoon minimum.
Get lab tests to verify dose

No flour sugar grains potatoes.

Many books by Sears zone
hard to understand but good.


The World Is Not Ready for the Next Pandemic | TIME


The World Is Not Ready for the Next Pandemic | TIME


The Next Pandemic | The Forum at Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health


The Bush, The Barn, and One Health Approaches to Pandemic Preparedness | Harvard University Center for the Environment


quick harvard pandemic - Google Search


Bill Gates says his 'nightmare scenario' -- a global pandemic -- has a good chance of happening | OregonLive.com


Evangelical Marijuana Rocky Mountain High Colorado Springs

13 days over 90 much better than Las Vegas 111 summers
You can exercise harder in cooler weather, not die from heatstroke.

Colorado Springs a great summer place for getting in shape Mecca for athletics.
Run up Pikes Peak 14,000 feet every day on the trail.
Prepare for marathon in Late August on the same trail.
Healthy population, do as they do outdoors, not doctor death kill pill get rich system big pharma
Mountain bikes invented there?

Get as high as a big city you can
Get dry only 18 inches of rain snow per year
Fresh forest air rolling down Pikes Peak.

60 miles south of the Colorado State Capitol in Denver
high desert with the Southern Rocky Mountains to the west
high plains further east
high desert lands to the south

At 6,035 feet the city stands over 1 mile above sea level.

Colorado Springs is situated near the base of one of the most famous American mountains,
Pikes Peak, rising above 14,000 feet on the eastern edge of the Southern Rocky Mountains.

136 neighborhood parks,
8 community parks,
7 regional parks,
5 sports complexes totaling
9,000 acres managed by the city
500 acres of trails
160 miles of park trails
105 miles of urban trails
5,000 acres of open spaces in 48 open space areas

Garden of the Gods, considered by many to be the most beautiful park in the world.
300 foot sandstone rock formations often viewed against a backdrop of the snow-capped mountains of Pikes Peak

Palmer Park,
America the Beautiful Park
Memorial Park
Monument Valley Park
Austin Bluffs Park

Ponderosa pine, Gambel oak, narrow leaf yucca, prickly pear cactus are some of the more common flora endemic to the Front Range in Colorado Springs.

a semi-arid climate and its location just east of the Rocky Mountains affords it the rapid warming influence from chinook winds during winter
but also subjects it to drastic day-to-day variability in weather conditions.

abundant sunshine
243 sunny days per year
16.5 inches of annual precipitation.
5.2 nights with sub-0 lows and
23.6 days where the high does not rise above freezing
Snowfall is usually moderate and remains on the ground briefly because of direct sun,
city receiving 38 inches of snow per season,

Summers are warm
July, the warmest month, averaging 70.9
18 days of 90 highs annually.
Due to the high elevation and aridity,
nights are usually relatively cool and rarely does the low remain above 70 °F

Dry weather generally prevails, but brief afternoon thunderstorms are common, especially in July and August when the city receives the majority of its annual rainfall, due to the North American Monsoon

The first autumn freeze and the last freeze in the spring, on average, occur on
October 2 and May 6,
average window for measurable snowfall is October 21 through April 25.

78.8% White People
16.1% Hispanic or Latino
6.3% Black or African
3.0% Asian,
1.0% Native American,
0.3% Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander,
5.5% Some other race,
5.1% Two or more races.
14.6% Mexican

median age in the city was 35 years

home to 24 national governing bodies of sport, including the
United States Olympic Committee, the
United States Olympic Training Center, and
USA Hockey.
United States Anti-Doping Agency.
24 of the United States' national federations for individual Olympic sports have their headquarters in Colorado Springs, including: US
figure skating,
field hockey,
table tennis,
handball, and

Further, over 50 national sports organizations (non-Olympic) headquarter in Colorado Springs including
National Strength and Conditioning Association,
Sports Incubator various non-Olympic Sports (such as USA Ultimate)
1962 World Ice Hockey Championships

long association with the sport of figure skating, having hosted the U.S. Figure Skating Championships six times and the World Figure Skating Championships five times.
It is home to the World Figure Skating Museum and Hall of Fame and the
Broadmoor Skating Club, a notable training center for the sport.
the World Arena has hosted skating events such as Skate America and the Four Continents Figure Skating Championships

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC),
also known as The Race to the Clouds,
is an annual invitational automobile and motorcycle hill climb to the summit of Pikes Peak on the last Sunday of June.

The local colleges feature many sports teams.
Notable among them are the following nationally competitive NCAA Division Iteams:
United States Air Force Academy (Falcons) Football, Basketball and Hockey,
Colorado College (Tigers) Hockey, and Women's Soccer.

Colorado Springs also boasts three top-ranked Division III collegiate ultimate programs:
Air Force Afterburn (Open),
Colorado College Wasabi (Open), and
Colorado College Strata (Women's).

The Mountain West Conference and the National Collegiate Hockey Conference is based in Colorado Springs.

Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame and the headquarters of the
Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association.
original headquarters of the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) from its founding in 1992
Built Ford Tough Series event at the World Arena

population of 465,101 in 2016
metro population of approximately 712,000,
ranking as the second most populous city in the state of Colorado, behind Denver,
Front Range Urban Corridor,
an oblong region of urban population along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and Wyoming,
path of Interstate 25
many features of a modern urban area, such as
bike trails, and
urban open-area spaces.
not exempt from problems that typically plague cities that experience tremendous growth, such as
overcrowded roads and highways,
sprawl, and
government budget issues.
Many of the problems are indirectly or directly caused by the city's difficulty in coping with the large population growth experienced in the last twenty years
Annexation to accommodate further population growth of 175,000 future residents

The Ute, Arapaho and Cheyenne peoples were the first to inhabit the area
1803 Louisiana Purchase
1854 Kansas Territory
1859 El Paso County
1859 Pike's Peak Gold Rush capital of the Colorado Territory
1862 the capital was moved to Denver

Colorado Springs has in particular attracted a large influx of Evangelical Christians and Christian organizations in recent years.

Colorado Springs was counted to be the national headquarters for 81 different religious organizations

"the Evangelical Vatican"

"The Christian Mecca."

Religious groups with headquarters in Colorado Springs include:

• Andrew Wommack Ministries
• Association of Christian Schools International
• Biblica
• Children's Hope Chest
• Christian and Missionary Alliance
• Community Bible Study
• Compassion International
• David C. Cook
• Development Associates International
• Engineering Ministries International
• Family Talk
• Focus on the Family
• Global Action
• Hope & Home
• The Navigators
• One Child Matters
• Roman Catholic Diocese of Colorado Springs
• VisionTrust
• WAY-FM Media Group
• Young Life


Colorado voters approved a constitutional amendment in 2013 legalizing retail sales of marijuana for recreational purposes,

Colorado Springs city council voted not to permit retail shops in the city, as was allowed in the amendment.

Medical marijuana outlets continue to operate in Colorado Springs.

As of 2015, there were 91 medical marijuana clinics in the city, which reported sales of $59.6 million in 2014

Colorado Springs' economy is driven primarily by the
high-tech industry

unemployment rate as of October 2015 was 3.9% compared to 5.0% for the nation

The defense industry plays a major role in the Colorado Springs economy

A large segment of this industry is dedicated to missile defense. offense

aerospace. defense offense corporations in the city include
General Dynamics,
Harris Corporation,
L-3 Communications,
Lockheed Martin,
Northrop Grumman

The Space Foundation is based in Colorado Springs.

High-tech industry

A large percentage of Colorado Springs' economy is
manufacturing high tech and complex electronic equipment.

high tech sector still remains second to the military in terms of total revenue generated and employment.

High tech corporations with connections to the city include:

Verizon Business, a telecommunications firm, had nearly 1300 employees in 2008.

Hewlett-Packard has a large sales, support

SAN storage engineering center for the computer industry.

Storage Networking Industry Association is the home of the SNIA Technology Center.

Agilent, spun off from HP in 1999 as an independent, publicly traded company.

Intel had 250 employees in 2009.

Broadcom (formerly LSI Corporation) designs semiconductors and software that accelerate storage and networking in data centers and mobile networks.

Microchip Technology (formerly Atmel), is a chip fabrication organization.

Cypress Semiconductor Colorado Design Center is a chip fabrication research and development site.

The Apple Inc. facility was sold to Sanmina-SCI in 1996


Almost immediately following the arrival of railroads beginning in 1871, the city's location at the base of Pikes Peak and the Rocky Mountains made it a popular tourism destination.

Tourism is the third largest employer in the Pikes Peak region, accounting for more than 16,000 jobs.

Nearly 5 million visitors come to the area annually, contributing $1.35 billion in revenue.

Colorado Springs has more than 55 attractions and activities in the area including

Garden of the Gods,

United States Air Force Academy, the

ANA Money Museum,

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo,

Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center,

Old Colorado City and the

U.S. Olympic Training Center

The downtown Colorado Springs Visitor Information Center offers free area information to leisure and business travelers.

The Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region (COPPeR), also located downtown, supports and advocates for the arts throughout the Pikes Peak Region.

It operates the Peak Radar website to communicate city events

Three trails, the

New Santa Fe Regional Trail,

Pikes Peak Greenway and

Fountain Creek Regional Trail,

form a continuous path from Palmer Lake, through Colorado Springs, to Fountain, Colorado.

The majority of the trail between Palmer Lake and Fountain is a soft surface breeze gravel trail. A major segment of the trail within the Colorado Springs city limits is paved.

The Urban Trail system within Colorado Springs consists of more than 110 miles of multi-use trail for biking, jogging, roller blading and walking.

The trails, except Monument Valley Park trails, may be used for equestrian traffic.

Motorized vehicles are not allowed on the trails.

Many of the trails are interconnected, having main "spine" trails, like the
Pikes Peak Greenway, that lead to secondary trails.