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immoral technology companies. Sold Out. Michelle Malkin.

I read every page of this paper book highly recommended to understand current politics.
Many criminal acts not prosecuted.
The rest immoral.
I have been aware of the problem for decades but needed the review and footnotes, great detail, names, etc.
Most crooks are Democrats, but some Republicans too - drain the swamp.
Technology has become a tool for tracking, privacy invading, sickening. exterminating…
Why I am not in Silicon Valley areas.
Do not support immorality.
Avoid immoral electronics and immoral technology

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Shtf Flee

Shtf survival bunkers


Sunday, March 26, 2017

UCLA MIT Conservative Lubbock Texas, 2nd most conservative city in USA.

I was born near there.
May account for my values and culture.  
I enjoyed growing up there until moved to California heat smog fog slums Mexicans Okies etc.  
High altitude 3333 feet lots of sunshine and not too much rain.
Far south so no cold winters.
No cities nearby so no smog.
Healthy amount of sun as I recall.
If people take advantage of it.

Huge university with medical and law colleges Texas Tech.  
Very beautiful campus, one of the most beautiful in the USA looks like Stanford. 
Academically not as good as UT or TA&M.  
Sort of remote from everything I prefer the middle.  
33% Mexican
Huge oil fields directly south in Midland area big discovery recently biggest ever.  
President Bush family wealth. 
Zero income tax, very aggressive on helping business move to Texas.  

Lubbock was known as the second-most conservative city in the nation since it made the spot in a 2005 ranking.

But a recently released study by different researchers puts Oklahoma City in that spot.

Lubbock didn't make the Top 10, nor could it because population not quite big enough.  

A city population of 250,000 or more was the cutoff for the new ranking published in the American Political Science Review and reported by AlterNet.

Lubbock's population is about 239,000, according to a 2013 U.S. Census estimate.

Researchers at UCLA and MIT analyzed large-scale surveys that questioned residents of over 1,600 towns and cities about a range of policy areas, from education to healthcare, according to AlterNet.

Lubbock's conservative credentials stand out when the population threshold is lowered, or at least that was the case in 2005.

The 2005 ranking is a thing of legend in Lubbock.

It's a regular talking point among Lubbockites and others wanting either to brag about or condemn the city and its culture.

Some conservatives see the ranking as a badge of honor for their home town while liberals bring up the ranking to out-of-town friends, seeking sympathy about what they have to deal with.

The 2005 study released by the nonpartisan Bay Area Center for Voting Research ranked the political leanings of 237 United States cities with populations greater than 100,000.

It found Detroit, Michigan is the most liberal and Provo, Utah is the most conservative.

As a comparison, the newly released study places Detroit at No. 7.

Provo isn't big enough, but another western city, Mesa, Arizona, took the top spot in the new ranking.

Lubbock came in second in the 2005 ranking, with Abilene following at third.

Here are the complete rankings for both studies:

Americas 25 most conservative cities in 2005

1 Provo Utah

2 Lubbock Texas

3 Abilene Texas

4 Hialeah Florida

5 Plano Texas

6 Colorado Springs Colorado

7 Gilbert Arizona

8 Bakersfield California

9 Lafayette Louisiana

10 Orange California

Most liberal cities for 2005

1 Detroit Michigan

2 Gary Indiana

3 Berkeley California

4 Washington, D.C. Dist. of Columbia

5 Oakland California

6 Inglewood California

7 Newark New Jersey

8 Cambridge Massachusetts

9 San Francisco California

10 Flint Michigan

11 Cleveland Ohio

12 Hartford Connecticut

13 Paterson New Jersey

14 Baltimore Maryland

15 New Haven Connecticut

16 Seattle Washington

17 Chicago Illinois

18 Philadelphia Pennsylvania

19 Birmingham Alabama

20 St. Louis Missouri

21 New York New York

22 Providence Rhode Island

23 Minneapolis Minnesota

24 Boston Massachusetts

25 Buffalo New York

Most conservative cities for 2014

1. Mesa, Arizona
2. Oklahoma City, OK
3. Virginia Beach, VA
4. Colorado Springs, CO
5. Jacksonville, FL
6. Arlington, TX
7. Anaheim, CA
8. Omaha, NE
9. Tulsa, OK
10. Aurora, CO

Most Liberal cities for 2014

1. San Francisco, CA
2. Washington, DC
3. Seattle, WA
4. Oakland, CA
5. Boston, MA
6. Minneapolis, MN
7. Detroit, MI
8. New York, NY
9. Buffalo, NY
10. Baltimore, MD


Exercise to Live longer, healthier. Telomere Nobel Prize Elizabeth Blackburn

Free on the radio this weekend.
Download the podcast free on Monday.
Listen to it several times.
Exercise more - try dozens of different sports, several per day.
I was aware of this research almost since day 1.
I probably saw the Nobel Prize Winner in Berkeley or San Francisco but don't remember her.

Why do some people appear to age more rapidly than others?
Not only might they look older, they actually feel older as well.
A check of their telomeres indicates that they are aging more rapidly at the cellular levels.
Their telomeres are shrinking.
Small telomeres foretell a shortened healthspan.


So what is a telomere?
This is the term for the noncoding DNA that appears at the end of each gene-bearing chromosome like the plastic tip at the end of a shoelace.
And, like that shoelace tip, the telomere protects the chromosome as it does its work.
Telomeres are tiny to start with, and they get shorter with each cell division.
Telomeres have an important impact on health, but conversely, lifestyle makes a big difference for telomeres.
Some of the ways we live shorten them more quickly, while others can actually help them grow longer.


How do telomeres respond to stress?
(They don't like it.)
Inflammation can make them shrink, as well.

Exercise helps them grow longer even as it strengthens your muscles.
Find out how
meditation and a
Mediterranean diet can affect your telomeres and your healthspan.


Elizabeth Blackburn, PhD, received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2009 alongside two colleagues for discovering telomerase.
They also investigated telomeres' role in the aging process.

She is currently president of the Salk Institute.

Blackburn was elected president of the American Association for Cancer Research

In 2007, she was named one of TIME magazine's 100 most influential people.

Elissa Epel, PhD, is a leading health psychologist who studies stress, aging, and obesity.
She is the director of the Aging, Metabolism, and Emotions Center at the

University of California, San Francisco.

Dr. Epel is associate director of the Center for Health and Community.
She is a member of the National Academy of Medicine and serves on scientific advisory committees for the
National Institutes of Health, and the
Mind and Life Institute.
She has received awards from Stanford University,
the Society of Behavioral Medicine, and the
American Psychological Association.

Drs. Blackburn and Epel are co-authors of
The Telomere Effect: A Revolutionary Approach to Living Younger, Healthier, Longer.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Is My Resting Heart Rate Too Low? | Runner's World

Age 25 in good shape my rate was 30 beats per minute sitting at work.

Now is 60

Never stop running.
I quit age at 35 to ski walk bike.
Bad move

My high salt diet has boosted my blood pressure 20 points to around 111/77 nearly normal. Past 6 months.

Will drop that below 99 this summer. Cut the salt. Add
Heat. Sun. Exercise. Running?

20 year old Chinese girl star of swim team dropped dead of heart attack. Must not over exert.


FBI — Former CEO of Humboldt Creamery Sentenced to 30 Months in Prison for Loan Fraud


Crooks everywhere in pot territory

White Extermination Nobel Prize Princeton University

Clinton will burn in hell for NAFTA and similar policies
Bush Obama will burn in hell for continuing these policies.
They should emigrate to Iraq to be beheaded.

Idiot professors finally figure out some problems decades after the fact.
Persons living near Mexican border knew problems of such policies decades before they were implemented.
Persons naive about race and culture should not go to college in the social sciences.
Colleges need to tighten admission standards to stop funneling idiots into jobs in high places. 

Governments should not fund institutions that are so slow in learning or hide facts.  
The love of money is the root of all evil.
Deflate disinformation.

Clawback all money wasted on research into already known facts and return that money to tax payers. 

Clawback all money wasted on educating students who lack the right qualifications for study.  

Old news disguised as new news functions as fake news disinformation.  

Rising morbidity and mortality in midlife among white non-Hispanic Americans in the 21st century

Anne Case
Sir Angus Deaton
in Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences of the United States of America 

This paper documents a marked increase in the all-cause mortality of middle-aged white non-Hispanic men and women in the United States between 1999 and 2013. 

This change reversed decades of progress in mortality and was unique to the United States; no other rich country saw a similar turnaround.
The midlife mortality reversal was confined to white non-Hispanics; black non-Hispanics and Hispanics at midlife, and those aged 65 and above in every racial and ethnic group, continued to see mortality rates fall.

 This increase for whites was largely accounted for by increasing death rates from drug and alcohol poisonings, suicide, and chronic liver diseases and cirrhosis. 

Although all education groups saw increases in mortality from suicide and poisonings, and an overall increase in external cause mortality, those with less education saw the most marked increases. 

Rising midlife mortality rates of white non-Hispanics were paralleled by increases in midlife morbidity. 

Self-reported declines in health, mental health, and ability to conduct activities of daily living, and increases in chronic pain and inability to work, as well as clinically measured deteriorations in liver function, all point to growing distress in this population. 

We comment on potential economic causes and consequences of this deterioration.

Quiet 'Epidemic' Has Killed Half a Million Middle-Aged White Americans

Despite advances in health care and quality of life, white middle-aged Americans have seen overall mortality rates increase over the past 15 years, representing an overlooked "epidemic" with deaths comparable to the number of Americans who have died of AIDS, according to new Princeton University research.

The results are published in a new paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences from 

Anne Case, the Alexander Stewart 1886 Professor of Economics and Public Affairs, and 

Angus Deaton, the 2015 Nobel laureate in economics and the Dwight D. Eisenhower Professor of International Affairs and professor of economics and international affairs.

With data from a variety of surveys and reports, the paper reports a sharp increase in the death rate for middle-aged whites after 1998, which the researchers tie to drugs and alcohol, suicide, chronic liver disease and cirrhosis. 

This turnaround in mortality reverses decades of progress, the researchers write, and the same pattern is not seen in other rich countries, 

nor is it seen among African Americans or Hispanics in the United States.

Although death rates related to drugs, alcohol and suicides have risen for middle-aged whites at all education levels, the largest increases are seen among those with the least education, the researchers found. 

For those with a high school degree or less, deaths caused by drug and alcohol poisoning rose fourfold; suicides rose by 81 percent; and deaths caused by liver disease and cirrhosis rose by 50 percent.

All-cause mortality rose by 22 percent for this least-educated group. 

Those with some college education saw little change in overall death rates, and those with a bachelor's degree or higher actually saw death rates decline.

In terms of lives lost, had the white mortality rate held at its 1998 value, 96,000 lives would have been saved between 1998 and 2013.

 If it had continued to fall at the rate of decline seen from 1978-1998, 488,500 deaths would have been avoided between 1999 and 2013. 

This figure is comparable to the number of deaths caused by the AIDS epidemic in America.

While this turnaround in mortality is only partly understood, the research team cites the increased availability of opioids in the late '90s as a potential cause, with some substitution toward heroin as opioid prescription became more carefully monitored and the quality and availability of heroin rose.

The authors note that financial stress may also play a role. 
Median household incomes of white non-Hispanics began falling in the late 1990s, and the wage stagnation that began with the economic slowdown of the 1970s continues to 

hit especially hard those with a high school or less education. 

Coupled with the changing nature of the financial risk Americans face when saving for retirement as well as the recent financial crisis, economic insecurity may weigh heavily on U.S. workers, and take a toll on their health and health-related behaviors.

The high death rates also coincide with self-reported declines in health, mental health and the ability to cope with daily living among middle-aged whites over this same period

 More middle-aged whites in 2013 reported chronic pain and displayed poorer liver function than those of the same age in 1999. 

The fraction in the same age group who reported being unable to work doubled over this period.

In the paper, the authors write that "a serious concern is that those currently in midlife will age into Medicare in worse health than the elderly of today," but that "this is not automatic;

 if the epidemic is brought under control, its survivors may have a healthy old age. Yet addictions are hard to treat and pain is hard to control, so those currently in midlife may be a

 'lost generation' whose future is less bright than those who preceded them."

Rising Mortality Rates

Between 1978 and 1998, the mortality rate for white, middle-aged (ages 45 to 54) Americans declined by 2 percent a year on average, which matched the mortality declines observed in other rich countries, including France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Sweden.

After 1998, things changed. 

Death rates among middle-aged white Americans began to rise at a steady clip of half a percent per year. 

This turnaround was specific to whites, the researchers found. For non-Hispanic African-Americans and Hispanics in the U.S., mortality rates declined at 2.6 and 1.8 percent per year respectively. 

Likewise, other rich countries maintained their yearly 2 percent decline.

When looking at the causes of death, the researchers found they were primarily 


 drug and alcohol poisoning (both accidental and intent undetermined), and 

chronic liver disease and cirrhosis, which all increased yearly between 1999 and 2013. 

Obesity also increased for middle-aged Americans

While the underlying causes are hypothetical at this point, the researchers point toward the increased availability of 

opioid prescriptions that began in the mid-1990s. Tighter restrictions on opioids brought some substitution to heroin, even in regions where heroin had been little seen. At the same time, there has been a substantial increase in reports of pain and suicides. 

Pain as well as drug and alcohol use are all established risk factors for suicide

"The epidemic of pain, which the opioids were designed to treat, is real
cannot establish which came first — pain or painkillers.

"Pain prevalence might have been even higher without the drugs, although
 long-term opioid use may exacerbate pain for some

effectiveness and risks of long-term opioid use has been hampered by a lack of research evidence

Regionally, the rise in mortality occurred in all regions of the U.S., though 

suicide rates were marginally higher in the South and West than the Midwest and Northeast. In each region, 

death by way of accidental drug and alcohol poisoning rose at twice the rate of suicide.

In all five-year age groups that the authors looked at between 30 to 34 and 60 to 64, there were marked increases in deaths related to 
drug and alcohol poisoning, 
suicide and 
chronic liver disease and cirrhosis. 
The midlife group differed only in that the number of deaths was so large that it changed the direction of overall mortality.

Increasing Reports of Pain

For middle-aged Americans, increasing mortality ran alongside increasing reports of pain. 

One in three white middle-aged Americans reported chronic joint pain, taking the years 2011, 2012 and 2013 together, and one in seven reported sciatica.

 All types of pain increased significantly from 1997 to 2013.

 "The strongest morbidity effects are seen among those with the least education," 

Psychological distress also shot up in middle-aged whites

 The fraction of people showing serious mental illness,  rose from 3.9 percent to 4.8 percent between 1997-1999 and 2011-2013, while 

the fraction of people who said they had difficulty socializing — a risk factor for suicide — rose from 6.3 to 8.7 percent. 

A larger number of middle-aged Americans reported being unable to work or having difficulty with activities of daily living. 

 explain the increase in Americans on disability, the researchers write, and indeed the 

Social Security Administration records also show increased disability associated with musculoskeletal problems and mental health issues.

"With regards to the increase in mental illness, I think it is part and parcel of all of this bad stuff going on," 

"But if people are drinking and drugging too much, or thinking about killing themselves, it is not so surprising they will report rising mental illness."

In terms of policy, the researchers look toward tighter restrictions on prescription painkillers, but note that

 broader social and economic issues are almost certainly involved.

"We need to think hard about controlling the prescriptions of opioid painkillers. The Federal Drug Administration recently approved Oxycontin for kids," Deaton said. 

"While some kids are in awful, terminal pain, and can clearly benefit from it, the scope for abuse is there, especially if pharmaceutical companies misbehave, as they have done in the past. 

But if what is happening is an epidemic of despair, that people on the bottom of the economic heap are being increasingly left out as inequality expands, then what we are seeing is just one more terrible consequence of slow growth and growing inequality."

Case acknowledges support from the National Institute on Aging (Grant P30 AG024361), and 
Deaton acknowledges support from the National Institute on Aging through the National Bureau of Economic Research (Grants 5R01AG040629-02 and P01 AG05842-14) and through 
Princeton's Roybal Center for Translational Research on Aging (Grant P30 AG024928).

The paper, "Rising Morbidity and Mortality in Midlife Among White non-Hispanic Americans in the 21st Century," was published in PNAS on Nov. 2. 

The Forces Driving Middle-Aged White People's 'Deaths Of Despair'


In 2015, when researchers Ann Case and Angus Deaton discovered that death rates had been rising dramatically since 1999 among middle-aged white Americans, they weren't sure why people were dying younger, reversing decades of longer life expectancy.

Now the husband-and-wife economists say they have a better understanding of what's causing these "deaths of despair" by suicide, drugs and alcohol.

In a follow-up to their groundbreaking 2015 work, they say that a 

lack of steady, well-paying jobs for whites without college degrees has caused pain, distress and social dysfunction to build up over time. 

The mortality rate for that group, ages 45 to 54, increased by a half-percent each year from 1999 to 2013.

But whites with college degrees haven't suffered the same lack of economic opportunity, and haven't seen the same loss of life expectancy. 

The study was published Thursday in Brookings Papers on Economic Activity.

Case and Deaton, who are both at Princeton University, spoke with NPR's David Greene about what's driving these trends. The interview has been edited for brevity and clarity.

Interview Highlights

On the original discovery of rising mortality rates for middle-aged whites

Deaton: Mortality rates have been going down forever. There's been a huge increase in life expectancy and reduction in mortality over 100 years or more, and then

 for all of this to suddenly go into reverse [for whites aged 45 to 54], we thought it must be wrong. 

We spent weeks checking out numbers because we just couldn't believe that this could have happened, or that if it had, someone else must have already noticed.
 It seems like we were right and that no one else had picked it up.

We knew the proximate causes — we know what they were dying from. 
We knew suicides were going up rapidly, and that 
overdoses mostly from prescription drugs were going up, and that 
alcoholic liver disease was going up. 
The deeper questions were why those were happening — there's obviously some underlying malaise, reasons for which we [didn't] know.

On what's driving these early deaths

Case: These deaths of despair have been accompanied by 
reduced labor force participation,
 reduced marriage rates, 
increases in reports of poor health and 
poor mental health. 
So we are beginning to thread a story in that it's possible that [the trend is] consistent with the 
labor market collapsing for people with 
less than a college degree. 
In turn, those people are being less able to form stable marriages, 
and in turn that has effects on the kind of economic and social supports that people need in order to thrive.

In general, the longer you're in the labor force, the more you earn — in part because you understand your job better and you're more efficient at your job, you've had on-the-job training, you belong to a union, and so your wages go up with age. That's happened less and less the later and later you've been born and the later you enter this labor market.

Deaton: We're thinking of this in terms of something that's been going on for a long time, something that's emerged as the iceberg has risen out of the water. 

We think of this as part of the decline of the white working class. 

If you go back to the early '70s when you had the so-called blue-collar aristocrats, those jobs have slowly crumbled away and many more men are finding themselves in a much more hostile labor market with lower wages, lower quality and less permanent jobs. That's made it harder for them to get married. They don't get to know their own kids. There's a lot of social dysfunction building up over time. There's a sense that these people have lost this sense of status and belonging. And these are classic preconditions for suicide.


The rates of suicide are much higher among men [than women]. 

And drug overdoses and alcohol-related liver death are higher among men, too. 

But the [mortality] trends are identical for men and women with a high school degree or less. So we think of this as 

people, either quickly with a gun or slowly with drugs and alcohol, are killing themselves. 

Under that body count there's a lot of social dysfunction that we think ultimately we may be able to pin to poor job prospects over the life course.

On how mortality rates differ among races


 Hispanics [have always had lower mortality rates] than whites. It's a bit of a puzzle that's not fully resolved, to put it mildly. 

Black/White It's always been true that mortality rates have been higher and life expectancy shorter for African Americans than for whites. 
What is happening now is that gap is closing and, for some groups, it's actually crossed. 
What we see in the new work is if you compare 

whites with a high school degree or less, at least their mortality rates are now higher than mortality rates for African Americans as a whole. 

If you compare whites with a high school degree or less with blacks with a high school degree or less, their mortality rates have converged.

 It's as if poorly educated whites have now taken over from blacks as the lowest rung of society in terms of mortality rates.

On the geography of mortality rates

Case: There's not a part of the country that has not been touched by this.

 We like to make the comparison between Nevada and Utah to look at the extent to which good health behaviors lead to longer life. 

Two thirds of Utahans are Mormons. They don't drink, they don't smoke, and they don't drink tea or coffee. 

Two thirds of Nevadans live in Las Vegas paradise, where there is a little more of everything, 

so the heart disease mortality rates are twice as high in Nevada as they are in Utah.

But both states are [in the] top 10 for deaths of despair.

 Utah has had a terrifically hard time dealing with the opioid crisis, and suicide rates [are] going up as well. 

There's a lot of surprise here in parts of the country that we weren't really expecting to see.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

ADHD fluoridated. interesting article

I agree.
> Fluoridated water found to be a factor in the development of ADHD –

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Jail politicians if they

Freeze Credit File fees

Protect yourself and whole family.
Some states better
Should be free and the default
Jail snoops with your info
Get them off the continent

Freeze Credit File fees

Protect yourself and whole family.
Some states better
Should be free and the default
Jail snoops with your info
Get them off the continent

Disclose NSA FBI CIA etc ASAP

‘Boom – it would drop’: Earthquake could cause California land to sink by 3 feet — RT America

Va alt right currency

Gold stupidity

California Dems Set Up Funds to Defend Illegal Immigrants

Monday, March 20, 2017

Clinton jail

Cell phone security

You pay for insecurity

McCain Russia

Kyocera Loft text king,2817,2367717,00.asp via DuckDuckGo for Android

Grand Canyon Egypt mummies

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Re: Lost laptop... where?

Must have been on drugs or a complete idiot.
Laptop should be encrypted so nobody can access the information.
Also can be traced or located or erased if managers were competent.

Some of the items listed on the laptop look incorrect - should not have been on the laptop

Why did thief arrive by car and flee on foot? unclear article.

Laptop can be put in motorcycle trunk if the motorcycle was so equipped.
Maybe be a ruggedized trunk if valuables are carried in it but obviously not very safe.
Probably laptop should not have been in Brooklyn either, should be kept at duty site or nearby residence, possibly.

Trump better have his private security.
Government incompetent at all levels.
Government is the Tool of Crooks destroying the USA economy and environment.
Will all collapse.

I googled Bajaj motorcycle
May be appropriate for NYC and other third world slums to dodge potholes, addicts, traffic jams, gunfire, minorities,...

On May 2015, its market capitalisation was US$9.5 billion, making it India's 23rd largest publicly traded company by market value.

Bob wrote:

Is any of this making sense to anyone? Female SS agent stores a lot of sensitive stuff on a laptop and leaves it in her 2015 Bajaj motorcycle parked outside in Brooklyn NY. I have no idea where one would "store" a laptop on a motorcycle outside or even WHY one would do that unless the deal to deliver was going down.

I never heard of a Bajaj (Indian) motorcycle before but then I'm an old geezer. So chicks ride these bikes and keep their duty hardware "in" them, I see. I wonder if the agent is LGBT.
Secret Service hunts for stolen laptop with Trump Tower floor plans

By Larry Celona, Tina Moore and Chris Perez

A Secret Service laptop containing sensitive information about Trump Tower, details about the Hillary Clinton e-mail probe and other national security secrets was swiped from an agent's motorcycle in Brooklyn

The computer was taken Thursday morning from the driveway of agent Marie Argentieri's Bath Beach home

The thief drove up to Argentieri's home around 8:40 a.m.,
walked right up to her Bajaj motorcycle and took the items.
He was then caught on video fleeing the scene on foot.

Argentieri told investigators that the laptop held sensitive information about national security,
floor plans for Trump Tower,
evacuation protocols
details about the investigation of Hillary Clinton's e-mail server.

A black bag with the Secret Service insignia on it was also taken — along with
an access keycard,
several lapel pins that Secret Service agents are required to wear when protecting the president and
other sensitive documents
An agency-issued radio, used for closed-circuit communications between agents

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Ethanol-free gas stations in MO


Crooked Politicians Muslims Nazis in Panama

Nazi Revenge for loss of WWII they will win in the long run.
Mossak's father Erhard was teenager Hitler youth Waffen-SS skull and crossbones
Empower the 1% crooks around the whole world to kill or enslave the 99% sheeple.
Book is filled with amazing details.
Names dozens of presidents and prime ministers forcing some to resign.
And Billionaires millionaires guilty of tax evasion, fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, drug running other corruption.
But most are in power so cannot be jailed Untouchables.

You can get online and search for crooks you may know just google "search panama papers" I found some suspects on a case I am working on.

Jurgen Mossak firm is just 1 of many in Panama which is only 1 of many corrupt countries so total corruption must be huge, drives the whole world economy.
Panama was specifically setup to enable corruption!
British and other Europeans have been doing this much longer but now Caribbean is a major hotbed for corruption and Nevada USA.

I have been aware of this for a long time indeed one of my first job strategies get CPA JD law degree was legally helping Beverly Hills rich avoid taxes.

It is obvious all the drugs aliens rich flowing into USA and $$$ flowing out of USA and corruption in all governments that there must be some huge office paperwork companies to facilitate the inflation of the rich 1% wolves at the expense of the poor 99% sheeple.
Book details some of those corporation and banking procedures that I was not completely clear on.
Real sloppiness.

This could be prevented but obviously politicians don't want to stop it as most are crooked tools of the rich 1%.
The sheeple are high on drugs, electronics, and junk food so sick they cannot think what is going on or even read the book.
Replace them with Muslims and Mexicans behead them steal retirements land houses gold guns anything of value.
Kill everybody until world is just rich Nazis and their slaves.

The Panama Papers: Breaking the Story of How the Rich and Powerful Hide Their Money

"The biggest leak in the history of data journalism."
— Edward Snowden

"The authors expose a shockingly corrupt system ... A maddening, important indictment of the shadow economy that flourishes even as the legitimate economy suffers."
— Kirkus Reviews

"THE PANAMA PAPERS is a tale of fearless and careful reporting by Bastian Obermayer and Frederik Obermaier … How to follow the money — the lesson of the Watergate investigation a generation ago — has been given a reboot for the age of globalisation with this commendable account."
—Financial Times

"Bastian Obermayer and Frederik Obermaier, the authors of this powerful, lucid, book, show us how the very rich hide their money…They should make journalists proud — and may even help to make the world a better place."
—New Statesman

"Bringing such a major story to book form in such a short time (and then translating it from the original German) is a challenge, but this text serves as an excellent explanation of the investigative work and the findings. .. Highly recommended."
—CHOICE Magazine

"With precision and purpose, THE PANAMA PAPERS is what 'Follow the Money' means."
—Bob Woodward, The Washington Post

"This is the inside story of how governments, corporations and organised crime groups have used the secret world of offshore jurisdictions to engage in systematic cheating and thieving. It's an almost perfect tale for the 21st century - the failure of democracy, the triumph of commercial power and greed, greed, greed."
— Nick Davies, special correspondent, The Guardian

About the Authors
Frederik Obermaier and Bastian Obermayer are award-winning investigative journalists at the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany's largest broadsheet. The first people to have access to the Panama papers, they were previously part of the international team of journalists who revealed the Offshore Leaks, Luxembourg Leaks and Swiss Leaks. Frederik and Bastian live in Munich.

Top Customer Reviews

Amazing body of work based on a huge amount of private company data provided by an anonymous whistleblower employee of one of the most notorious law firms who set up shell companies offshore in international tax havens. The technical workings are beyond my knowledge of financial doings, but the writers make the points quite digestible as to the damage this "other world" of the super-wealthy does to society as a whole. EVERYONE who cares about income inequality should read this book!!! Only well-informed people can take the steps needed to force our government representatives to change the laws to the side of fairness and transparency.

What is really sad is that now, less than a year after the revelations of this book, the story has faded from the headlines and consciousness, at least in the United States (Twitter seems to indicate it's still active elsewhere, such as in Pakistan). The most scathing indictment of all is of the ethics of lawyers and the failure of our legal systems to protect us.
Comment|3 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?

This is a book every member of the 99% should read! It tells how journalists united to learn how the wealthy, dictators, politicians, murderers and crooks of every type hide their "stolen" money and DO NOT PAY TAXES!!!!!!

Unbelievable bad sadly true. A masterpiece.
Comment|5 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?

Well researched, amazing to hear how many powerful people utilize offshore accounts. The book does a great job setting the stage and explaining how this business came to be and why it is so successful for the worlds elite.

This is a fascinating and relatively quick read. I was expecting to see much more detail about specific transactions from the tax haven universe, but it turned out to be a memoir of the experience of uncovering a massive series of scandals. If you know nothing about offshore finance, and want an easy introduction, I absolutely recommend this. If you're an expert and want to understand how investigative journalists uncovered the details, it's also very good.

A must read. Now everyone can understand why corrupt politicians, dictators, drugs and arms dealers, FIFA officials, some non-profit organizations are all the same

like the data or information on this book, the writer is very detail describe or explain the process of investigation to gather, compile and interpreted the information ........ bravo ......

Good summary of the Panama Papers leakage, although the major part of the exposed offshore shenanigans had been already covered in the media.

An incredibly important book!

I could not put this book down. It was amazing to read how two journalists with the help of a whistleblower we should all be grateful for put together the most powerful attack to

Translated from German, I suppose, so grammar is weird.

This is a well researched and informative book which is a must read in todays world of tax havens. The writing is taut and the entre read is quite excellent!

This book recites names and dates and puts it together and calls it a book

excellent also for those working in a compliance department

Brave "brothers"

Friday, March 17, 2017

Cell signaling: All sorts of diseases. Lyme Disease spread by tick bites, deer, mice


Interesting video
I have been looking at similar all over.
Of course it is a huge field.

I am eager to move to a new university setting where more science seminars and high speed phd level classes are taught.
Really like my current city but it is not a major research university so almost no seminars and the classes are far too slow for me except for a few that are good but somewhat off topic.

Good long article with some graphics and photos and links to more:

Cell signaling is part of any communication process that governs basic activities of cells and coordinates all cell actions.
The ability of cells to perceive and correctly respond to their microenvironment is the basis of development, tissue repair, and immunity as well as normal tissue homeostasis.
Errors in signaling interactions and cellular information processing are responsible for diseases such as cancer, autoimmunity, and diabetes.
By understanding cell signaling, diseases may be treated more effectively and, theoretically, artificial tissues may be created.

Traditional work in biology has focused on studying individual parts of cell signaling pathways.
Systems biology research helps us to understand the underlying structure of cell signaling networks and how changes in these networks may affect the transmission and flow of information (signal transduction). Such networks are complex systems in their organization and may exhibit a number of emergent properties including bistability and ultrasensitivity.
Analysis of cell signaling networks requires a combination of experimental and theoretical approaches including the development and analysis of simulations and modeling.[5][citation needed] Long-range allostery is often a significant component of cell signaling events

On Mar 12, 2017, at 1:30 PM, Alan ] wrote:


I recommend that you watch this lecture at an autism conference by Dr Gary Samuelson, PhD in Atomic Medical Physics.

What he is talking about is used successfully with Lyme Disease. I suggest you can skip the preliminaries and start at the 11 minute mark.



Here is an interesting experience to put on the back burner. Have and eight year old Chihuahua female dog. She became listless AND appeared to be rapidly going blind. I began a regimen of putting
Equine colloidial silver (20 ppm) in her eyes and a few drops down her throat every night. I had found her eating raw squirrel meat a few weeks ago. In less than a week after the silver treatment her eyesight is much better and she is running and jumping like a puppy.


On Mar 11, 2017, at 2:23 PM, joe wrote:

I maybe got bit last summer.
Lyme disease can cause arthritis, heart transplants, paralysis, many real bad symptoms if untreated.

Idiot doctors often misdiagnose.
Hard for even a good doctor to diagnose many such conditions.
Crook doctors misdiagnose to get paid more for worthless treatments.
Hypochondriac patients push doctors to a desired diagnosis and treatment.
Always live near smart doctors, not dumb crooked doctors.

Ticks spread by mice and deer that are rampant in the eastern forests.
Spreading As fast as the mice and deer can travel across the country from Connecticut where the disease began.

Bad climates kill mice and deer and thus kill ticks and slow the spread of Lyme disease.
Extremely Hot, cold, dry generally miserable climates are safer.
Southern heat and humidity may also be bad for ticks, mice, deer.
It depends on the species.

Stay out of the woods, campgrounds, and rural areas.
If you live in a city you will be safer.
Concrete, steel, asphalt, smog, cats, cars, trains, trucks kill off deer, mice, ticks.
Bring back wolves to reduce the deer population back to normal

Email hack URL misdirect protect yourself

You can stop this attack
Always watch the URL bar
Not other junk

Idiot government cyber security firm hacked.

Waste tax money on idiot pundits

Should never happen
Easy to prevent

Should not use email

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

CalPERS bets millions on underground water reservoir | The Sacramento Bee

Where you belong. Civil War. Excellent Opinion Piece by Economist Bill Holter-Playing With Fire-Joe Six Pack

It should be easy to avoid negro riots especially in California where negroes are a declining share of the population and increasingly spread out.
I never saw any riots - I was all over the area but no hint of any problems where I frequented several miles away.
I don't know anybody who saw the riots but I do know some who left after the Rodney King riot.
LA is a powder keg ready to blow so getting harder to avoid problems.

Even without any big political event you can be persecuted individually.

In California the problem is more likely a complete takeover of the government and assets by Mexico or Mexican drug kingpins.
Assisted by elections, guns, appointments to office, seize offices, etc.
They can get more $$$$ than by selling drugs!
They can take over CalPERS, STRS, all the big pension funds and banks.
Seize fancy houses for living in or resale.
Seize all the farm land.
Farm pot or whatever will bring most money.
Sieze all the houses for resale or living in.
It would be very hard to stop when so much of the population Mexican or Latino in favor of takeover Aztlan.

Beware of any elections.
Chicanos may win enough to split off, or seize the rest.

Texas was an independent country, part of the confederacy, part of Mexico.
Under 6 flags recently
Borders are not constant.

Some states are safer than other.
Be ready to roll if you do not match your states demographics.
I like it around here as I fit in quite well.
I belong here.

> On Mar 2, 2017, at 2:18 AM, Steve wrote:
> Ron,
> We rolled into LA on night one of the riots. We worked out of LAFD Firestone. Total SHTF. 10,000 fires, martial law. With 4 officers per squad car we escorted fire trucks and set up perimeters around the scene. Fire fighters were getting shot before we got there. 2000 CHP Officers from around the state responded.
> You're right...LAPD basically retreated as they were ordered to by the freaking politicians.
> Riots were ongoing until USMC Units, commanded by Colonel Kelly, now Homeland Security Director, rolled up from Oceanside and shut it down.
> Civil unrest is anarchy. The futher I am from metro areas the happier I am. That SHTF can happen suddenly, without warning, like Watts in 1965, also started by the CHP.
> The Rodney King Crap was started by CHP Officer Melanie Singer and her partner husband because they did not take control of the suspect. They called for back up and LAPD did...the rest is history.
> I have met some Koreans in Alaska that were in Korea Town during the riots. They were former ROK Army soldiers and TOUGH. They shut down gangs that attempted looting in Korea Town with GUNS! Amazing how that works☻
> , Ron wrote:
> Steve,
> You raise another point that has not been addressed: ie The level of response by LE and the National Guard. Had a friend that was in the National Guard that was deployed in 1992. He told me they were initially not issued ammo. Jim told me they were the victims of "drive bys" until ammo was eventually issued. I also recalled video and photos of an LAPD cruiser leaving the area of the riots and announcing residents were on their own. Also the front cover of a 1992 issue of "American Rifleman" (still have my copy) with the photos of Korean shopkeepers defending their businesses on rooftops after the authorities had abandoned the area. When I was 9 years old I was visiting my aunt and uncle in Watts area of Los Angeles in 1965. I recall the National Guard with M1 Garands and bayonets fixed patrolling the streets below thier apt. A curfew was declared and I believe some were shot and killed. Fast forward to the Berkeley "Milo" riots of a couple of weeks ago. I watched extensive video where LE stood down and bystanders were left unprotected. City and University officials had decided property damage was acceptable. In realty I believe their political sentiments were with the black shirted Fascist rioters. LE take an oath to the US Constitution. However their pay and pensions are with the city and state. During Katrina I read where approximately 160 New Orleans Police quit or abandoned their posts. Some themselves resorted to looting.
> Sincerely,
> Ron
> On 1 March 2017 at 20:30, Steve wrote:
> I was in the Rodney King Riots 25 years ago. I have warning others for 15 years civil unrest would return. That was the MAIN REASON I moved to ALASKA IN 2011☻
> , Ron wrote:
> Believe riots this Spring will start in California. Specifically Los Angeles. The gym I belong to has military and LE types. More awake than the general public. They have expressed their concern to me after we become coversant. Have worked out at this gym since 1979. Currently there is much less interaction between members especially different races. On blogs I have noticed some persons posting that there is a different aura in public places. Also my observation. Calm before the storm?
> Ron
> On 1 March 2017 at 17:34, joe wrote:
> The Pen is mightier than the sword.
> Move to DC
> Defend King Trump.
> Work in politics.
> Learn Journalism and writing.
> Civil war is increasingly likely in California, or secession.
> I am rethinking whether I want to move to Texas.
> If California explodes AZ NM NV LV TX may also blow up too.
> Florida is more stable and has Sunshine beaches and Disney world.
> Los Angeles 1980 was called the only third world city in north America.
> Has only gotten worse.
> You would not believe what I have seen even in the SF bay area.
> 1995 I gave up on California and left the state.
> State of Jefferson those counties in north California and Oregon and Humboldt are different but huge drug problems and mental illness.
> Best avoided.
> Assassinations of popular presidents sometimes happen.
> Be prepared in either eventuality.
> > On Mar 1, 2017, at 2:51 PM, Ron wrote:
> >
> > They Are Playing With A Revolution…By Joe Six Pack!
> >
> > I had a long conversation with Jim Sunday evening regarding the increase in volume and pitch to sabotage President Trump. He asked that I write an article addressing the push/pull toward impeaching or at least neutering him. The "movement" to impeach him (even before taking office) has grown and now looks like there are actual odds the "left" will try in reality.
> > Americans put up with huge transgressions over the past eight (and many prior) years. Like it or not, we were led by a Muslim president, probably not a natural born citizen and of questionable sexuality …but we did not riot, we did not destroy our neighbors businesses. No, we voted, because that is the "civilized" thing to do…
> >
> > What I am arriving at is this, Joe six pack will not stand idly by when he is finally told "your vote does not matter".
> > . What he will not accept is "your vote does not count"!
> > We hope it does not come to this but the road map shows that most all roads do lead to it.
> > The odds, whether you like them or not, appear to favor an internal civil war unless the bastards get us nuked first.
> >
> > Does the push from the deep state continue with more volume and shrill? They need to be very careful in how and how far they push as Joe six pack has his limits… the election as proof. The race is on between impeachment and indictments.
> > Arrests and perp walks of high enough profile individuals will go a long way toward this country taking the correct fork in the road)!
> >

drug dealers often minorities

Not surprising as much pot comes from Mexico
many Illegal growers are Mexicans or other latinos.
Many users are poor white trash that Obama and other liberalis are trying to exterminate.
Some whites becoming rich growers who will exterminate themselves with pot or get rich exterminating others.

around here most drug dealers are latinos or blacks
at least the large scale shipments.
Often get stopped on freeways passing thru, or holed up in hotes.

some small timers are white sometimes get caught.
some bigwigs are whites that never get caught.

On Mar 15, 2017, at 12:43 PM, Steve an wrote:

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Sprouts and Microgreens Help Meet Daily Nutrient Requirements

I agree
Started using sprouts 1980 daily on sandwiches.
Chinese food very common

On M


Goat race in Stockholm Tweet from @sweden

Ancestor hobby

@sweden / Beatrice (@sweden) tweeted at 1:47 PM on Tue, Mar 14, 2017:
So, this is a goat race I went to a while ago in Stockholm. Anything happening in your city?

Dangerous places. Death Traps to benefit the rich 1%

Huge areas where you can easily die where nobody will find your bones.
No doctors, medical care, stores, cars, people…
Rural areas and smaller towns are dying, even small cities, suburbs and shopping centers infrastructure crumbling
As people migrate to bigger and bigger cities worldwide to escape genocide of rural people

Good idea from Panama Papers book.
The illegal economy is the economy.  
Everything you do will be stolen by the rich 1% secret corporations in Panama and elsewhere.
Sucking sound of $ inflating the cost of condos in LA NYC Miami etc.  
You choose be a slave in the cities or dead in the poor rural areas.  
Most will choose cities - competing with illegals, immigrants, and minorities for pennies.
Or just get shot in a city  — better than dying in the wilderness your corpse food for coyotes and buzzards.

Can be no justice in this society formed by crooks and riff-raff from other continents.  
Send all thieving illegals back to their ancestral homeland.
Return more land to Native American Original Owners circa 1492

As of the 2010 census, there were 4,871,270 blocks with a reported population of zero, while a block that is entirely occupied by an apartment complex might have several hundred inhabitants.
Census blocks covering the entire country were introduced with the 1990 census

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Neanderthals were more visual, less social, say scientists

I have an occipital bon and good visual processing.
Oversized head too.
European not African.
Especially Sami Swede not much light in winter.
I can handle it.
I use little light at home


Uuid win 10 catastrophe kill via DuckDuckGo for Android

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Ava Fors puckett

Eva Fors
Sep 21, 1998 0
Eva Fors, 99, longtime Deary, Idaho, resident, died of age-related causes Saturday at her home.

She was born Nov. 10, 1898, to George W. and Josephine Osborn Haga at Carthage, Mo. She attended school in Missouri.

She married Coleman S. Puckett in 1919 at Rogers, Ark. They moved to Deary in 1927, where he worked in the woods and she was a homemaker. They relocated to Anchorage, Alaska, in 1941 but returned to Deary after the attack on Pearl Harbor. He died in 1942.

ProtonMail. I am studying. May use. Free. Tricky.

University of Arkansas. Fayetteville.

Near Rogers.
VA hospital
Beautiful white area

Prices are quite low.
Hi quality new.
Rent college area
Don't like then move

Booming San Francisco EAST

Does have income and sales taxes but not too high.

Lyme Disease spread by tick bites, deer, mice

I maybe got bit last summer.  
Lyme disease can cause arthritis, heart transplants, paralysis, many real bad symptoms if untreated.

Idiot doctors often misdiagnose.
Hard for even a good doctor to diagnose many such conditions.  
Crook doctors misdiagnose to get paid more for worthless treatments.
Hypochondriac patients push doctors to a desired diagnosis and treatment.
Always live near smart doctors, not dumb crooked doctors.  

Ticks spread by mice and deer that are rampant in the eastern forests.
Spreading As fast as the mice and deer can travel across the country from Connecticut where the disease began.

Bad climates kill mice and deer and thus kill ticks and slow the spread of Lyme disease.
Extremely Hot, cold, dry generally miserable climates are safer.
Southern heat and humidity may also be bad for ticks, mice, deer.
It depends on the species.

Stay out of the woods, campgrounds, and rural areas.
If you live in a city you will be safer.
Concrete, steel, asphalt, smog, cats, cars, trains, trucks kill off deer, mice, ticks.
Bring back wolves to reduce the deer population back to normal

Noam Chomsky: 'World Is Laughing At Claims Russia Hacked Election'

Noam Chomsky: 'World Is Laughing At Claims Russia Hacked Election'

This interview took place at the University of Arizona, before a public audience, on February 2, 2017. I thank Marvin Waterstone for arranging the event, and Professor Chomsky, who approved this transcript for publication. The interview is presented in full, with only very slight editing for style. This interview originally appeared in the journal Class, Race, and Corporate Power. – D. Gibbs

Only the most naive liberal could possibly believe the DNC's talking point at this stage, Chomsky argues, as almost four months have passed since the losing Clinton campaign first made the claim – and since then absolutely no evidence has been produced.

"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence," as Carl Sagan said.

But despite the lack of any evidence at all, mainstream media has run with the Democratic Party issued propaganda, giving "analysts" like John Podesta, now employed by the Washington Post as a columnist, a free pass to toss around lies and slander, without even threatening to produce any evidence.

 Speaking at the University of Arizona, before a public audience, Professor Chomsky responded to a question about the mainstream media's role in reporting on the "Russian hacking".

"Most of the world is just collapsing in laughter. Suppose all the charges are true, I mean every single one, it is so amateurish by US standards that you can hardly even laugh."

Chomsky points out that the rest of the world know the United States would never let itself be "hacked" by a foreign country. Why? Because hacking foreign countries is what the United States does best. Nobody hacks the master hacker.

Chomsky: My guess is that most of the world is just collapsing in laughter. Suppose all the charges are true, I mean every single one, it is so amateurish by US standards that you can hardly even laugh. What the US does is the kind of thing I described in Italy in 1948. Case after case like that, not hacking or spreading rumors in the media; but saying look, we're going to starve you to death or kill you or destroy you unless you vote the way we want. I mean that's what we do.

. It happened: the first 9/11, it happened on September 11, 1973, in Chile. We did it.

Obama’s ‘Watergate’: Ex-Prez Caught in ‘Biggest Scandal in U.S. History

> Obama's 'Watergate': Ex-Prez Caught in 'Biggest Scandal in U.S. History'? - Liberty Headlines
> ( The script has flipped big time. Thanks to the media’s investigation into the Trump campaign, speculation is growing that it is the Obama administration that could end up investigated for accusations one of its targets called “worse than Watergate.” Democrats are suddenly worried their “Russia hacked the election” narrative may boomerang into a catastrophe of their own …
> ( The script has flipped big time.
> Photo by Johan.V.
> Thanks to the media’s investigation into the Trump campaign, speculation is growing that it is the Obama administration that could end up investigated for accusations one of its targets called “worse than Watergate.”
> Democrats are suddenly worried their “Russia hacked the election” narrative may boomerang into a catastrophe of their own making.
> Perhaps the first sign came Saturday when, as WND reported, former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau responded cautiously to President Trump’s tweeted accusation that the Obama administration had spied on his campaign and wiretapped him.
> Favreau warned fellow Democrats in his own tweet: “I’d be careful about reporting that Obama said there was no wiretapping. Statement just said that neither he nor the WH (White House) ordered it.”
> Then these developments occurred in rapid succession:
>> 1) Obama former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday there was “no evidence” at all of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.
>> 2) Leftist reporter and severe Trump critic Matt Taibbi warned in Rolling Stone on Wednesday of “big dangers for the press” and a “dangerous gamble” by the Democratic Party for pursuing a story that Clapper said was supported by no evidence.
>> 3) Conservative icon Rush Limbaugh observed Thursday that Trump’s tweet had forced Democrats to deny his campaign was under intense investigation by intelligence agencies during the Obama administration.
>> 4) Finally, former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy wrote in National Review Thursday that now that the big scandal is no longer possible Trump-campaign collusion with Russia, “It is that the Obama Justice Department may have used its legal authorities to investigate the Democrats’ top political adversary.”
> And that would, indeed, be a Watergate-level scandal.
> The question has become, as Limbaugh said, “[I]f there’s no investigation of Trump, then what have all these stories the past six months been?”
> End run around paper’s own standards
> Taibbi blamed shoddy reporting by the media – but mostly the New York Times.
> He scorched the media for “using the techniques of conspiracy theorists to push this Russia story.”
> The reporter accused the mainstream media of employing, essentially, fake news techniques, particularly by using phrases such as “so far,” “to date” and “as yet.”
> He also noted many of the revelations in stories have been more like speculations, “framed in terms of what they might mean, should other information surface.”
> Taibbi blasted the Times story about Trump surrogates having “repeated contacts” with Russian intelligence officials because it “not only didn’t explain whether the contacts were knowing or unknowing, it also brought up a host of other ‘dots’ in the Russia narrative for the reader to connect.”
> He cited the Times’ mention of “the bizarre (and unverified) dossier prepared by (former British intelligence agent) Christopher Steele.”
> Taibbi recounted how the dossier contained a raft of allegations and unsubstantiated claims that the Russians had embarrassing videos that could be used to blackmail Trump. And even though the FBI spent several months investigating the leads in the dossier, it had confirmed none of its most explosive claims.
> The reporter then made his most searing indictment of the Times: “These constructions are an end run around the paper’s own reporting standards.”
> He continued, “The Times by itself could never have run that ‘explosive’ Steele dossier, or mentioned the ’embarrassing videos’ – because the dossier material can’t be confirmed.”
> Taibbi warned of “big dangers” for the rest of the press if it followed the Times’ lead.
> “If we engage in Times-style gilding of every lily the leakers throw our way, and in doing so build up a fever of expectations for a bombshell reveal, but there turns out to be no conspiracy – Trump will be pre-inoculated against all criticism for the foreseeable future.”
> ‘You’re setting yourselves up for a big fail’
> Limbaugh warned the Times had already been caught in its own trap. And it could get worse. Much worse.
> He said “the whole Russians-stole-the-election theme is gone.”
> Limbaugh described Taibbi as an “extreme liberal,” whose story was a warning to Democrats, “saying you better be careful here, because you might get what you want, which is an investigation into what you’ve been doing.”
> “He’s warning them to walk this back and stop reporting on this with all these unnamed sources, that you’re setting yourselves up for a big fail.”
> The talk-radio star pointed out that the mainstream media narrative had been the Obama administration asked and received a warrant under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA, to surveil the Trump campaign and the Trump transition.
> So, why would the media now say Trump had no proof of his spying accusation?
> “It’s very simple: There has not been an investigation of Trump, folks. They have been lying about this. ‘Lying’ may be what’s happened, but it’s not the right way to — They have been hoping,” Limbaugh clarified.
> “There have been deep-state sources telling the media enough things that the media has hoped, and they’ve rolled the dice and believed, that there is eventually going to be proof that Trump was being surveilled, and the reason that Trump was being surveilled is because there is evidence of Trump collusion.”
> But, since it turned out there isn’t any evidence, as confirmed by Clapper himself, it had become clear “the Democrats were getting way ahead of themselves, the media getting way ahead of themselves. And Trump’s tweet back at them forced them to admit there wasn’t any.”
> And, Limbaugh concluded, the Democrats and the media “had to deny their own investigation, which was easy to do; there isn’t an investigation.”
> Because admitting there was an investigation of the GOP nominee would have been even worse.
> ‘Uh-oh moment for the media-Democrat complex’
> McCarthy took the scenario a step further, positing the evidence (reported by the Times, the BBC, the Guardian, Heatstreet and CIRCA, among others) indicated there was some kind of an investigation.
> The question has now become: An investigation of what?
> Someone was investigating something. All those leaks came from somewhere.
> McCarthy wrote that the Times referenced wiretapping in its Jan. 20 headline because it was needed to indicate the Trump campaign was suspected of wrongdoing.
> If the Times could maintain the FBI was investigating the Trump campaign, “the public might be induced to believe there must be something to it if the Bureau was investigating it.”
> “For four months,” he wrote, “the mainstream press was very content to have Americans believe — indeed, they encouraged Americans to believe — that a vigorous national-security investigation of the Trump presidential campaign was ongoing. ‘A counterintelligence investigation,’ the New York Times called it.”
> But when the proof failed to emerge, and even Clapper shot down the story, “the risk the Democrats were running became clear.”
> And suddenly the downside became clearly enormous.
> “If the FBI had been investigating whether the Trump campaign colluded in purported ‘Russian hacking of the election,’ that meant the incumbent Obama administration must have been investigating the campaign of the opposition party’s presidential candidate.”
> And, the former federal prosecutor observed, if such an investigation had involved national-security wiretaps under FISA, “that would suggest that the Obama Justice Department had alleged, in court, that Trump associates had acted as ‘agents of a foreign power’ — in this case, Russia.”
> McCarthy then dropped the hammer.
> If, as Clapper confirmed, the big scandal isn’t hacking, “It is that the Obama Justice Department may have used its legal authorities to investigate the Democrats’ top political adversary.”
> Combined with the same Obama Justice Department “bending over backward to whitewash the extremely serious criminal case against the Democrats’ nominee, Hillary Clinton. It would have meant Obama had his thumb on the election scale.”
> And that would be a Watergate-level scandal.
> McCarthy noted that “even if Trump’s allegation was false, the tweets demanded attention to the real scandal: Was the Obama administration investigating the Trump campaign?”
> And that was the “uh-oh moment for the media-Democrat complex. That was when it dawned on them not only that the election-hacking conspiracy narrative wasn’t working, but that the investigation of the Trump campaign could be a much bigger scandal.”
> That’s why, he mused, the media decided that it better adopt a different strategy: “Investigation? What investigation?”
> As McCarthy told WND earlier in the week, “Now that they’re being called on the scandal of investigating the opposition party’s candidate, they are in retreat and claiming that there was no investigation of the campaign.”
> And now McCarthy wants to know who knew what, and when did they know it.
> “Let’s see the FISA applications and warrants. If there was no targeting of the Trump campaign, as the media and Democrats now say, let’s hear an explanation of why they’ve pretended otherwise for four months. If the Trump campaign was targeted for an investigation, let’s hear why.”
> ‘Probably the biggest scandal in U.S. history’
> The Times had identified three named targets of the Trump investigation as Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and Carter Page.
> Manafort had been Trump’s campaign manager but was dumped in August, well before the FISA order allowing the wiretap was reportedly issued in October. Page is an investor. Stone is a friend of Trump and Manafort’s former political-consulting business partner.
> On Thursday, Stone wrote a commentary piece in the Daily Caller, titled “Worse than Watergate,” in which he stated: “We are on the cusp of what is probably the biggest scandal in U.S. history. The deep state has sought to undermine President Trump through a series of illegal leaks and

Friday, March 10, 2017

Madonna Complete Studio Albums 1983 - 2008

11 CDs
Great deal


Kennedy Challenges Journalists About Vaccine Safety

Protect yourself online. Harvard prof blog

Good article with good links.
Too bad so many crooks in the world. Some in government deep state?

Mary Tyler Moore diabetes alcoholism

I never saw any Mary Tyler Moore TV shows.
I guess she was a leading liberal of her day in Hollywood Jew TV millions of households.
I guess an advertisement for liberal Minneapolis culture but she was not blonde or Scandinavian.  
She lived 90 years even with diabetes and occasionally alcoholism.
Good doctors at UCLA helped her survive longer.
Loma Linda Adventist medical center may be a good place to live in Los Angeles area but I do not care for California even if it gets rain.  

Alcohol is a form of sugar processed by yeast.
Sugar and alcohol kill.
French soldiers in WWII were issued a quart of wine per day but were defeated by Nazis who were issued meth, who were defeated by sober Americans.

Bright sunny day here after our 80 degrees yesterday and thunderstorm 7PM.
May snow tomorrow.
I am working on secret messages such as below.