Friday, July 29, 2016

70s China graduation Cloudy

Most college graduates seem Chinese. Whites sick on drugs dropouts.

70s at high noon.
Looks like rain
Global warming causes incessant rain around here
Cant get hot with so many clouds.
Does not cool off enough at night

Re: Intel Compute Stick® Mini PC w/ Atom Quad-Core Read more at

This is all the computer most people need

Many similar compute sticks and $10 computers coming. 

Can be more secure. Put important on 1 stick and junk on another. 

 John wrote:

Good things can come in small packages! The Intel Compute Stick® Mini PC brings desktop class performance in a form factor that fits in the palm of your hand. The quad-core Intel Atom Processor delivers max performance but uses minimum power—making the Intel Compute Stick both space and energy efficient.
Choose a 1-Pack ($49.97) or 2-Pack ($94.97) after clicking the GRAB IT button.
Built for Performance
While the Intel Compute Stick is small in stature, it's what's inside that makes the biggest difference featuring an Intel Atom processor with 1GB of memory and 8GB of on-board storage.
The Benefits of Efficiency
The quad-core Intel Atom Processor delivers max performance but uses minimum power—making the Intel Compute Stick both space and energy efficient.
Sized for Convenience
It's not like a computer. It is a computer. Same operating system, same high quality graphics, and same wireless connectivity as a full-sized computer. Transform any HDMI enabled display into a work station or home entertainment center.
Instant Reliable Connection
Built in Intel wireless 802.11bgn allows you to connect to the internet through WiFi and the Bluetooth 4.0 lets you connect key components such as keyboards and mice without a hassle. 

  • Intel Quad Core Atom Z3735F 1.33 GHz processor
  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Linux based operating system
  • 8GB of on board storage
  • 1GB DDR3L 1333 MHz memory
  • Wireless WiFi 802.11bgn
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • USB 2.0 port and Micro SD card slot
  • HDMI Input connection
  • Intel HD Audio Technology and Integrated Graphics
  • Dimensions: 4.06" x 1.46" x 0.47


"When a strong man, fully armed, guards his house, his possessions are safe."
- Luke 11:21

"Jesus said, 'But now whoever has a purse or a bag, must take it and whoever does not have a sword must sell his cloak and buy one.'"
- Luke 22:36 
Samuel Adams; "If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin." 


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Re: Chromebit (CS10) | Chrome Devices | ASUS USA

These are great.
Very secure
The only computer most people need.
If they have a TV to plug it into.
and wifi
I saw yesterday in Best Buy
I think I decided yesterday to get a chromebook.
Throw away my overpriced less secure Apples.
Microsoft is much worse.

John wrote:

A candy-bar-sized Chrome OS device that turns any HDMI monitor or TV in to computer

Re: Russians? Democratic emails: hack?

Yes.  That is an additional issue.  
What was in the emails?
Were the leaked emails doctored or redacted?
Nobody may ever know.
Computer forensics is not as easy as it sounds.

The FBI may get access to the servers and computers.
If those were not compromised they may be able to figure out who did what.
But the FBI may not say much, especially not much detailed info.

The establishment owns the government and big companies including the FBI and cyber security companies.
They will try to hush up anything that makes the establishment look bad.
So blame it all on Trump and the Russians.  

Sanders supporters should support Trump who is closest to being anti-establishment although he is sort of establishment, just a different kind of establishment who actually could get some real work done.  Outfoxed corrupt establishment NYC competitors for decades.  

I may start some blogs on the forthcoming election. 
How to help good ideas go viral.
More votes for the right candidate may help.  
I don't know blog news social media technology very well so will focus on a few tricks that I do know.

On Jul 26, 2016, at 2:33 PM, Ron wrote:

A thousand word article and not any indication what was in any of the 20,000 E mails. Same thing for McClatchy this AM. Have the "presstitutes" create a clamor over motive and who did what and keep the public attention off the actual contents. Why I seldom read the corporate media. Actual alleged contents have already been posted on Drudge and Interviews are now being done with former blackops guys to assess the credibility of the alleged contents.


On 26 July 2016 at 11:50, Joe wrote:

It is probably impossible to say. 


Insecure Clinton server
Insecure DNC server
Insecure computers and network

Any good hacker can frame anybody

A story from AP Mobile:

Democratic emails: All about the hack, the leak, the discord

thumbnailPHILADELPHIA (AP) - First came the hack, then the leak. Now, the Clinton and Trump campaigns are fighting over Russia's role in the release of thousands of internal Democratic National Committee emails. At least one thing is clear: The email uproar is an unwelcome distraction at the launch of the Democratic National Convention, inflaming the rift between supporters of Hillary Clinton and primary ...

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All Signs Point to Russia Being Behind the DNC Hack | Motherboard

Best article so far

Light rain. Too much college debt.

Business School closed during construction. Too many students in college. Too much student debt. Obama is wrong. Need quality not quantity.

Far too many fancy buildings dorms apartments and junk food establishments.

Hi 88 rain coming.
Cool week.
It will get over 90 later probably.
Snow in 4 months.
Pacific coast is best weather.

Russians? Democratic emails: hack?

It is probably impossible to say. 


Insecure Clinton server
Insecure DNC server
Insecure computers and network

Any good hacker can frame anybody

A story from AP Mobile:

Democratic emails: All about the hack, the leak, the discord

thumbnailPHILADELPHIA (AP) - First came the hack, then the leak. Now, the Clinton and Trump campaigns are fighting over Russia's role in the release of thousands of internal Democratic National Committee emails. At least one thing is clear: The email uproar is an unwelcome distraction at the launch of the Democratic National Convention, inflaming the rift between supporters of Hillary Clinton and primary ...

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Tech $ losses. Yahoo fading internet star

Pennies on the dollar

Bad investment
Never was worth much
Animal spirits

A story from AP Mobile:

Yahoo's evolution from rising to fading internet star

thumbnail1994 Stanford University computer graduate students Jerry Yang and David Filo begin compiling "David's and Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web" in a trailer on campus. 

Within a few months, they change the name to "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle," which is abbreviated to Yahoo. 

 1995 Yahoo incorporates as a company, raises its first $1 million in venture capital and hires Tim Koogle as...

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AP Mobile: Former Oregon lumber town rides digital wave


For Oregon

Not so poor

More Californians

A story from AP Mobile:

Former Oregon lumber town rides digital wave to a comeback

thumbnailPRINEVILLE, Oregon (AP) - It was not long ago that Crook County had five major lumber mills. Timber was king, and the rural Oregon county was the nation's top producer of ponderosa lumber. But amid restrictions on harvesting from federal lands, logging started to freefall around 1990. The county's mills began closing. The global recession hit a few years later. Unemployment soared to around 20 pe...

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

fake terror. Central Casting Los Angeles California

Sign up in Los Angeles.
If I lived in LA I would do it.
Motivate to stay in top shape.
Socialise with stars.
See how Hollywood works.
Suntan on the beach when not working.

Fake terror events might get their casts through major warehouses such as:

Strengthen bones, stop osteoporosis, scoliosis, pain

Dr Loren Fishman NYC Columbia U
Excellent interview on People's Pharmacy free download on Monday
Also he has a website below  

10 minutes a day of Yoga can strengthen bones.
Scientifically proven.

Apparently does not take as much weightlifting as you might think to get the maximum effect.
Osteoclasts vs Osteoblasts trigger desire strengthening.

Walking is good but does not do everything.
I walked dawn to dusk yesterday and more today.
Not tired at all, barely noticed it.  
No foot problems unless terrain is uneven.
I had nothing but bruises and blisters in hilly rocky Branson.

University is filled with Chinese students.
In library even in summer.
We have several asian grocery stores.
I can get turmeric, curry, seaweed, all sorts of stuff cheap.

I pay careful attention to Chinese and Indian herbs, foods, and thinking on health.   

forensic accounting jail crooks

sort of hot today, feeling 100

I walked all day yesterday dawn to dusk without getting tired. In a mall where it was not so hot. Flat floor easy on feet. No blisters from brand new shoes.

Walked more today but need to sit down and get on the computer.

Educational establishment expanding with student debt in order to educate more forensic accountants to convict crooks for embezzlement and expand the prison establishment and pay lawyers. A lot of crooks around here.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Walk hot. Vegan $8,500 Cow.

I just walked 10 miles. 9 in the mall then 1 on hot black asphalt. Heat index over 100 supposedly.  No big deal. No smog. 

I will move to Oregon or Washington next year. Cooler weather and healthier people. More vegetarians.  I favour cooler weather but less snow and ice. 

I walked on to campus and found a pregnant cow worth $8500 being babysat by fat professor and student with 2 fans on her butt to cool her off and soft pad to stand on. College girls walk by to pet her. Photo below. 

No gunfire in our mall or campus. 

Trump has some good ideas but most I have been saying for decades and I got more details. 

But Idiot Trump did not mention broccoli in his long speech. America dementia disease addictions demands vegetables to regain mental and physical health.  

I am thinking 7th day adventist or other vegan religion might help cure USA. State religion? get rid of freedom to eat meat. Return meat eating Jews Muslims Christians to the Holy Land for final Jihad Crusade?  Return USA to native Americans. 

Lots of science studies:

Eat plants. 
No processed foods. 
No refined carbohydrates. 
No sugar. 
No flour. 
No GMO. 
No meat CAFO confined animal feeding operations. 

CAFO feeds GMO corn soy government subsidy Mexican killers pollute environment running off fossil fuels. 

Drugged animals developing superbugs that will kill us all if we do not die from junk food sooner.  

Large Harvard Study. 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Are Kids Ruining Their Bones in Front of the TV?


Different Dietary Fat, Different Risk of Mortality | The Nutrition Source | Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Eat plants. 
No processed foods. 
No refined carbohydrates. 
No sugar. 
No flour. 
No GMO. 
No meat CAFO confined animal feeding operations. 

CAFO feeds GMO corn soy government subsidy Mexican killers pollute environment running off fossil fuels. Drugged animals developing superbugs that will kill us all if we do not die from junk food sooner.  

Large Harvard Study. 

Illegals. Murders. New Mexico

From buyer interested in my acres wanting to escape New Mexico 

You no idea how bad this illegal Mexican problem really is, there is a killing here every day several on the weekends! NO jobs because they are in line for every thing!! They can get a drivers licenses with just proof of living here for 2 months, they do not even have to speak or read English!!!!! They are ignorant , loud, and very very violent! I have been over seas and seen better . The Mexican people are some of the very lowest dirty ignorant violent peoples I have ever meet. And I never thought of myself as racist! They call Albuquerque the little Afghanistan of the southwest!! Sorry I get carried away  on the subject. If there are any changes in the sale please let me know.    I apologize for the outburst, Billy



I was born in New Mexico on the XIT worlds largest cattle ranch. I often think of moving to Santa Fe.

But now thinking if north Pacific coast to escape global warming.
And I dont speak Spanish.

I definitely appreciate owning home outright with no debts. With water and land for food.

And distance from social problems. Gunfire. Drugs. Gangs. USA getting crazy in big cities. Illegals. Diseases.

I am thinking RV to go explore. Move fast if trouble develops.

Well I cant be the guy who says I hope it does fall thru. They may need more than I, but they have a lot of life yet to live . I do not NEED a farm, I just want to spent my late years as I did with my first years. And I want out of New Mexico and these damn 1200.00 a month house payments!. And have some space that's paid for. Stay in touch, right now I have the cash, but who knows whats in the future. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Golden age Native Americans -hunter-gatherers

Send illegals home.
Return land to Sioux.


San Andreas fault 'locked, loaded and ready to roll' with big earthquake, expert says - LA Times

Throw it away.
SHTF is coming.
Get ready to roll.
West Coast is living on borrowed time.
Ring of Fire.
You can't take it with you.
Get rid of fossil fuel devices.
A rolling stone gathers no moss.

test apple

I will hold off getting a chromebook until I learn apple better.

I am sitting in university library typing a mail into my ipod touch using my apple bluetooth wireless keyboard. Works fairly well. ipod is certainly smaller and lighter than a macbook.

At the same time I am listening to Christina Perri Lovestrong full album on Microsoft Windows university computer hard wired.

I am trying to live mostly on free wifi. Use my android smartphone for phone calls and backup wifi tethering. It is actually quite fast T mobile 4G. Softbank Japanese Sprint is also quite effective.

Ridiculous amount of construction at the university fueled by debt ridden students. Naive suckers all over campus with their parents. Hired help explaining the mess to them. Banks eager to give them credit cards to get deeper into debt fasters.

Starbucks pushing sugar drinks and gluten snacks fueled by government subsidies to wheat. and sugar. and maybe negro slaves growing the coffee and other slaves in third world countries.

Not many real students or professors on campus. Seems to be not much research going on.

News scaring people with temperatures in the 90s. Finally incessant rain stopped allowing temps to rise above the 70s and 80s. People around the midwest have not conception of miserable hot weather such as found in LA and central valley of California.

Sort of nice having keyboard and internet connection again. And can take ipod photos maybe can send without getting stuck in spam folder. ipod photos are smallish so may not trigger spam alarm. email really sucks as a communications medium.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Re: Mail. google vs apple. Best devices: secure, price, capabilities,

I will try to fix my addresses.
I have been without a real internet connection for several months.
Going through google android phone to work apple devices?
Really a mess.
Android phone keyboard is very buggy.
Have to type everything twice or thrice to fix errors.
Tmobile gets slow when I go over 3GB per month so I am cautious to use it much

This is changing rapidly.
I got onto university network ok.
Free and fairly fast and some attempts to be secure and safe.
Will try to do most telecommunications on university wifi.

Will go buy a new google chrome book in a few minutes.
Designed for wifi, can do most of what I need to do on the chrome book.
Gmail is good but my account has too much junk on it.

Figured out my iMac keyboard can type onto my iPod fine.
iPod makes little photos that can send by email without errors.
iMac IPod is great for photos and music.
My apple email is better than gmail, less junk on it.

Apple makes Better devices than cheap google and very buggy sluggish Microsoft.

But google and chromebook is the most secure devices that most people have access to.
And google is very cheap.
Apple is very expensive.

Want to get down to 1 either google or apple.
I will say more after I compare carefully google vs apple over the next few months.

Lots of travel and hassles.
I just sold a condo and have 2 more escrows going right now in 2 states.
And moved to new apartment in the city.
Trying to change addresses.
Too complicated.

Making great progress in math.
Just thinking while walking.

May get a TV for old fashioned broadcast programs.
But probably a waste of time.

Don't worry about politics until after the election.
Nobody can forecast elections very well.
Pundits are wrong.
Wait until after the fact.
May not make much difference this year Trump vs Clinton?
Both rather establishment figures not up to date on current challenges.

> On Jul 16, 2016, at 3:30 PM, Lothar wrote:
> Bob, I talked to Ron this morning and he told me to erase his OLD... att... address !
> He cannot access it anymore !
> His new Address is:
> Peace, Lothar

Friday, July 15, 2016

Cybercrime Overtakes Traditional Crime in UK — Krebs on Security

This should stop. 

Easy to fix  

Crime of all kinds can easily be stopped. 

Politicians could help but refuse

So fix it without their help. 

ban trucks or guns? ban Muslims? ban Mexicans?

There is no constitutional right to keep and drive trucks.
There is a right to keep and bear arms.
Fossil fuel vehicles kill and injure more people than guns.
Autopilot Tesla can kill you by electric power.
When is Hilary Clinton going to speak against motor vehicles?
What is her plans to deal with the Muslim and Mexican invasion?

Return USA to horse drawn carriages and black powder guns as discussed in the constitution.
Return Muslims and middle easterners to their native lands.
Ban travel to the middle east until the flow of opium and other drugs is stopped from that region.
Jail co-conspirators.

Return Mexicans to Mexico.
Build a wall.
Seal the border until the flow of meth and other drugs and illegals are stopped.
Jail co-conspirators.

Ground all fossil fuel airplanes.
Close ports to fossil fuel boats.
Until drugs and invaders are stopped and the global cooling is measurable.

Global warming and the Mexican invasion, the Muslim invasion, the drug epidemic, obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimers, degenerative diseases, are all caused by Politicians' world trade, free trade zones, middle east wars all enabled by fossil fuels.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Moved to city

Next to fraternity house apparently.
Fancy cars and motorcycles.
Not careful as to what they leave out
In the rain.

Brick apartment
Getting work done already.
Close to everything

Beautiful quiet pastoral drive to my beautiful acres in the country.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Re: Why Trump Will Win - LewRockwell

I am functioning with only a smart phone for internet connection that lacks a keyboard so I cannot type well
(I hate smartphone keyboards which is for poor deflated slaves who cannot afford a computer).
I occasionally tether my iMac to the smart phone so can get full keyboard and other functionality.
I will have to buy a macbook to go use university wifi.
I hate to buy Apple is rich gay white males avoiding taxes by parking money overseas in Ireland and other tax havens.
But Apple makes good hardware although expensive $900 cheapest macbook?
I may learn to rebuild older macbook convert to linux that can be leaner and more secure.

I agree that the elites are short sighted.
Maybe self-defeating.
Their schemes have gone too far and evils are hard to hide.
But most of the 99% poor sheeple are addicted, stupid, brains fried by junk food, educated by electronic disinformation.
We will see if the election will get rid of some culprits.

I would love to find a university environment with good politics department to see what they are seeing about world political trends.
Maybe they are clueless.
I am not finding much clear thinking on computers or monetarism.
Safe internet is easy.
Safe money is easy.

Should be easy to
stop global dictators,
stop illegal drug imports,
stop illegal migration,
stop excessive expensive wars,
stop deflation of the poor and inflation of the rich,
stop all sorts of illegal and immoral uses of computers, tracking, etc.
stop the race war in the USA.

If rich elites keep doing what they have been doing then problems will continue to fester until a catastrophe flips to a new equilibrium in which the rich elites are deceased.

Before SHTF plagues, famine, drought, disease, global warming, electrical failure, quakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, infrastructure failures, etc. eliminate many or most or all of the people on earth.
Cannot be stopped.
Needs more science and engineering that the population cannot do.

> On Jun 28, 2016, at 5:16 PM, Ron wrote:
> Joe,
> I believe the Elites are diabolical but short sighted. A politician will never admit they were wrong. It is always somebody else's fault. Or "the people didn't know what was best for them." Use of open borders in Europe and the US was intended per high ranking retired CIA interviewees like Dr Steve Pieczenki to combat nationalism. Essentially the globalists are fighting the nationalists throughout the Western world. The short sightedness is the inability to control the "Trojan Horse" within Europe and the US. The plan may have been to destroy the nationalists and later deal with the "migrants." In the former Soviet Union and the Third Reich the accomplices were destroyed after the goals had been accomplished.(eg "Night of the Long Knives" 1936).
> Ron
> On Tuesday, June 28, 2016 2:57 PM, joe wrote:
> I hope he is right.
> Down with the establishment.
> Down with open borders and trade that helps the rich but deflates the poor.
> Races are ok if they stay in their own country and do not invade other countries.
> Immigrants used by rich to push out, addict, kill, rape, cut wages of local populations.
> Race is an important issue everywhere.
> The elites seem to not be very smart.
> People will only take so much.
> Trump like Roosevelt who was rich but helped the poor?
> Does make politics interesting again.
> But Clinton is ahead in the polls.
> I am not optimistic.
> > On Jun 28, 2016, at 12:24 AM, Lothar wrote:
> >
> >
> >
> > After Brexit, a Trump Path to Victory
> > By Patrick J. Buchanan
> > June 28, 2016
> >
> >
> > Some of us have long predicted the breakup of the European Union. The Cousins appear to have just delivered the coup de grace.
> >
> > While Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU, England voted for independence. These people, with their unique history, language and culture, want to write their own laws and rule themselves.
> >
> > The English wish to remain who they are, and they do not want their country to become, in Theodore Roosevelt's phrase, "a polyglot boarding house" for the world.
> >
> > From patriots of all nations, congratulations are in order.
> >
> > It will all begin to unravel now, over there, and soon over here.
> >
> > Across Europe, tribalism, of all strains, is resurgent. Not only does the EU appear to be breaking up, countries appear about to break up.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Repair small electronics etc.

Would be interesting to fix / build / enhance
Smart Phones
Rolex watches

Other small stuff.


Get tools.

Fwd: Reuters: Californians seek pot of gold in marijuana legalization

Most businesses go bankrupt. 

But if you are smart you can inflate your bank account and support the rich 1% by deflating the health and wealth of pot addicts. 

Find quality acres such as Humboldt County CA. 
Expertise in the area. 
Grow a Quality product. 

Californians seek pot of gold in marijuana legalization

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - There is no guarantee California will vote to legalize recreational marijuana in November, but political operative and father of four Daniel Conway has already staked his future on it.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Fwd: Why I dont bike. Ironwoman: triathlon bike wreck

Grisly photos. 
She wore helmet. 
I am lucky. 
Lots of crazy risky riding. 
Minor injuries. 

Ironwoman: Springfield athlete recovering from triathlon bike wreck