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Trump or Goldman Sachs - LewRockwell

Clinton corrupt.

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Breached Credit Union Comes Out of its Shell — Krebs on Security

SGF moves forward on landfill-powered greenhouse

As part of its initial feasibility study, the city discovered that more than 95 percent of fresh produce consumed in the Springfield area is from outside Missouri.

Check out this article from Springfield News-Leader:

SGF moves forward on landfill-powered greenhouse

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privacy, celebrity, globalization Dennett Seabright Veblen Re: track paper $$ German central bank chief bashes effort to abolish 500-euro note

From the dawn of humanity people have been tracked 24x7 with nothing private, and usually ruled by a king.
Book price deflation and libraries allowed people read and think more privately.
Cities, clubs, theaters, colleges, allowed them to talk more frequently in private.
But electronics and computers are returning us to the norm, partly.  
People are paying $ to get people to spy on them. 
Many prefer celebrity over privacy, probably most, hence facebook, etc.
And they want everybody to know what they bought, hence Rolex, Porsche, Polo, luxury goods for the sake of luxury.

People need a lot of tracking to preserve their rights.
Not allowing people to steal your money is a start.
Not allowing human trafficking, drugs, and other trackable illegality would also help.
Product recalls, warranties, proof of purchase, etc.  
Use electronics to protect the sheeple and help them achieve their goals, as well as reduce their privacy.


Conspicuous consumption is the spending of money on and the acquiring of luxurygoods and services to publicly display economic power — of the income or of the accumulated wealth of the buyer. To the conspicuous consumer, such a public display ofdiscretionary economic power is a means either of attaining or of maintaining a givensocial status.

The development of Thorstein Veblen's sociology of conspicuous consumption produced the term invidious consumption, the ostentatious consumption of goods that is meant to provoke the envy of other people; and the term conspicuous compassion, the deliberate use of charitable donations of money in order to enhance the social prestigeof the donor, with a display of superior socio-economic status

The Company of Strangers shows us the remarkable strangeness, and fragility, of our everyday lives. This completely revised and updated edition includes a new chapter analyzing how the rise and fall of social trust explain the unsustainable boom in the global economy over the past decade and the financial crisis that succeeded it.

"Paul Seabright contends that the Neolithic revolution, which saw the beginning of farming, changed not only the environment but also human nature. Settling down to tend fields promoted societies based on trust. Today, he says, all our economic institutions rely on trust. . . . It is a provocative read."

"Human civilisation is the result of a magnificent collaborative effort, the unwitting by-product of countless individuals working together. . . . Drawing on history, biology, literature, anthropology and economics, his argument is subtle and compelling."--Guardian

"So what does it take to become truly global? In a nutshell, it means learning how to live in The Company of Strangers. In this illuminating book . . . Paul Seabright, himself an economist, brings together insights from history, biology and sociology to explain the concept of modern civilization."--Korea Herald

Paul Seabright is Professor of Economics at the University of Toulouse. His many publications have focused on theoretical and applied microeconomics, and he is currently a Research Fellow at the Centre for Economic Policy Research.

Daniel C. Dennett is University Professor and Austin B. Fletcher Professor of Philosophy at Tufts University. He is the author of " Brainstorms: Philosophical Essays on Mind and Psychology, Brainchildren: Essays on Designing Minds, Sweet Dreams: Philosophical Obstacles to a Science of Consciousness", all published by the MIT Press, and other books.

On Feb 26, 2016, at 10:46 AM, Ron wrote:

People make fun of sheep being easily corralled by a sheepdog. But people take it a step farther by policing each other.


On Friday, February 26, 2016 7:49 AM, Bob wrote:

Yes, we could use the old DDR as a model. Half the population were recruited as "financial police," "ideological police," etc and spent their days pretending to engage in various "occupations" while they actually spent the day recording the activities of the other half. Nothing much got done, built, manufactured, etc. but they did win a fair amount of Olympic medals every 4 years. 
From: Ron
Subject: Re: track paper $$ German central bank chief bashes effort to abolish 500-euro note
Just chip everyone it would more EFFICIENT....
On Friday, February 26, 2016 5:57 AM, joe  wrote:
All notes should be tracked.

Scan serial numbers at each use.

Who has which note?  Record all transactions permanently.

Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann on Wednesday criticized efforts to abolish the €500 note and presented an unusual 22-page defense of the use of cash, warning that any move away from hard currency would risk undermining confidence in the euro.

"If we tell citizens the bank notes they currently hold are not valid, that would impact trust," 

many Germans see such a move as a first step toward the abolition of cash, which could make it easier for the ECB to cut rates further below zero.

"It is in my view doubtful whether terrorists or criminals can really be stopped because large notes are eliminated,"

track paper $$ German central bank chief bashes effort to abolish 500-euro note

All notes should be tracked.

Scan serial numbers at each use.

Who has which note? Record all transactions permanently.

Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann on Wednesday criticized efforts to abolish the €500 note and presented an unusual 22-page defense of the use of cash, warning that any move away from hard currency would risk undermining confidence in the euro.

"If we tell citizens the bank notes they currently hold are not valid, that would impact trust,"

many Germans see such a move as a first step toward the abolition of cash, which could make it easier for the ECB to cut rates further below zero.

"It is in my view doubtful whether terrorists or criminals can really be stopped because large notes are eliminated,"

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FBI special agent. murder of child

I sat thru a lengthy presentation and asked some questions.
He gave me phone number of a local agent.
The FBI does not have much time or competence in financial fraud because they have to respond to cases such as this.

He has worked decades in 44 states on homicide, rape, health care fraud, etc.
Crime scene investigations, some local.
He recommends people to take lots of accounting and computers.
He did not but had a masters degree in physical education and looked in good shape but suffering from too much stress.

Very good presenter and very professional.
I guess 50 something years old grim-faced, clean shaven, head shaved bald, very neatly dressed in black suit.
Worked mostly on grisly CSI crime scene investigations cases such as this 9 year old in southwest Missouri.
They had to squeeze into a cave to recover the body.
But they got their conviction.
He described the girl's house - overflowing toilets, junk everywhere, hoarders, etc.

the abuse, torture and rape of a nine year old girl, not by just one sexual pervert but by two who deserve to rot in hell. This is the sad story of Rowan Ford.

November 3, 2007, nine-year-old Rowan Damia Ford was brutally raped and murdered by her mother's best friend, Chris Collings, and her stepfather, David Wesley Spears.

She was dumped in a sinkhole and left to rot

Colleen Spears, 44, worked the overnight shift at Wal-Mart, and Rowan, the youngest of Colleen's children and the only one still living at home, was uncomfortable in the house with her stepfather David Spears, 25.

Rowan had recurrent cases of head and body lice that resulted in a referral to family services. But teachers remembered Rowan as a model student, a perfect angel, a sweet child who loved Hannah Montana and her new bike, which she rode around town for hours on end.

Church members at the Baptist church where Rowan attended Sunday school alone noted that the little girl was often at the doors hours early.

She found ways to volunteer, helping with the Angel Food program at church, passing out groceries for hours there.

Until Rowan went missing, nobody apparently wondered why a little girl, disheveled and unkempt, would spend so much time on her own away from home.

While 44-year-old Colleen Spears worked overnights to support her much younger, unemployed, morbidly obese spouse, David Spears and Chris Collings were likely sexually abusing the child.

The details of the murder are graphic and horrifying, so I'll just hit the highlights.

On the night of November 2 and into the morning of November 3, Chris Collings went to the Spears home and took little Rowan from her bed.

He took her to a trailer on property in Barry County which was owned by his father, Poncho Collings.

There, Chris Collings proceeded to rape Rowan. Chris Collings is 6 feet, 6 inches tall and weighs around 250 pounds.

Shortly after the rape began, David Spears showed up and rather than saving his stepdaughter from the brutal assault, the 400-pound man dropped his drawers and joined in the rape.

By the time they were finished, Rowan was bleeding to death.

The men responded by strangling the child with a cord used to tie up goats in the yard, and sometime in the early hours of November 3, Rowan was dead.

Mega Tsunami West Coast will happen again

Computer simulation and article:

another is due every 300 to 500 years.  By comparing the tree rings of dead trees with those still living they could tell when the last of these great earthquakes struck the region. The trees all died in the winter of 1699-1700 when the coasts of northern California, Oregon, and Washington suddenly dropped 1-2 m (3-6 ft.), flooding them with seawater. That much motion over such a large area requires a very large earthquake to explain it—perhaps as large as 9.2 magnitude, comparable to the Great Alaska Earthquake of 1964. Such an earthquake would have ruptured the earth along the entire length of the 600 mile-long fault of the Cascadia Subduction Zone and severe shaking could have lasted for 5 minutes or longer. Its tsunami would cross the Pacific Ocean and reach Japan in about 9 hours, so the earthquake must have occurred around 9 o'clock at night in Cascadia on January 26, 1700 

A Vegan Doctor Addresses Soy Myths and Misinformation

Soy has been a major staple in Asian cultures for centuries, and their incidence of coronary artery disease, hypertension, ischemic stroke, hormone-dependent cancers, osteoporosis, postmenopausal hip fracture, diabetes, and obesity are all markedly lower than what is seen here in the US. However, when sectors of these populations begin to consume foods based more on the Western diet, not surprisingly, their patterns of disease begin to mimic ours as well. I recall this point being made in medical school. The terms 'vegan' and 'plant-based' were not yet widely in use, yet there was at least recognition of the association between geographic variability in diet, and health conditions. During this time, the human genome project was completed. I had made the connection that independent of the mass of genetic information all humans share, how we live and what we eat will have a huge and direct impact on our health.

Fwd: Another Minuteman missile soars over California as US Air Force run test-launch from base north-west of Los Angeles | Daily Mail Online

Another Minuteman missile soars over California as US Air Force run test-launch from base north-west of Los Angeles | Daily Mail Online

Minuteman ICBM soars over California as US Air Force run test-launch - but this time without causing a UFO scare

  • A Minuteman 3 missile was test-launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base northwest of Los Angeles Saturday at 11.34pm PST
  • The unarmed missile's destination was 4,200 miles into the Pacific Ocean
  • It was carrying a test re-entry vehicle to the Marshall Islands
  • Test-launches are a common sight at the base -But why so many lately ?
North Korea and China watching U.S. sable rattling closely

Read more:

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hazards of phones, laptops, technology

it takes time to learn the hazards of new technology, diet, health practices

Major errors such as the miasma theory of cholera, etc.

Cell phones, games, laptops the new tobacco?

The miasma theory (also called the miasmatic theory) held that diseases such as cholera, chlamydia or the Black Death were caused by a miasma (Μίασμα, ancient Greek: "pollution"), a noxious form of "bad air", also known as "night air". 

The theory held that the origin of epidemics were due to a miasma, emanating from rotting organic matter

 Though miasma theory is typically associated with the spread of disease, some academics in the early nineteenth century suggested that the theory extended to other conditions as well, e.g. one could become obese by inhaling the odor of food.

The miasma theory was accepted from ancient times in Europe, India, and China. 

The theory was eventually given up by scientists and physicians after 1880. 

They instead accepted the germ theory of disease: specific germs, not miasma, caused specific diseases. 

However the belief, based on miasma theory, that it was the highest urban priority to clean up the garbage and get rid of the smell remained a strong belief in the popular culture.

The word miasma comes from ancient Greek and means "pollution". The idea also gave rise to the name malaria(literally "bad air") through medieval Italian.

Book of Sebastian Petrycy published in Kraków in 1613 about prevention against "bad air".

Miasma was considered to be a poisonous vapor or mist filled with particles from decomposed matter (miasmata) that caused illnesses. 

The miasmatic position was that diseases were the product of environmental factors such as contaminated water, foul air, and poor hygienic conditions. 

Such infection was not passed between individuals but would affect individuals within the locale that gave rise to such vapors. 

It was identifiable by its foul smell. It was also initially believed that miasmas were propagated through worms from ulcers within those affected by a plague.

In India, there was also a miasma theory and the Indians take credit for being the first to put this miasma theory into clinical practice. The Indians invented paan, a gambir paste, that was believed to help prevent miasma, it was considered as the first antimiasmatic application. This gambir tree is found in Southern India and Sri Lanka.

In the 1st century BC, the Roman architectural writer Vitruvius described the potential effects of miasma (Latin nebula) from fetid swamplands when siting a city: For when the morning breezes blow toward the town at sunrise, if they bring with them mist from marshes and, mingled with the mist, the poisonous breath of creatures of the marshes to be wafted into the bodies of the inhabitants, they will make the site unhealthy.

The miasmatic theory of disease remained popular in the Middle Ages and a sense of effluvia contributed to Robert Boyle's Suspicions about the Hidden Realities of the Air.

In the 1850s, miasma was used to explain the spread of cholera in London and in Paris, partly justifying Haussmann's latter renovation of the French capital. 

The disease was said to be preventable by cleansing and scouring of the body and items. 

Dr. William Farr, the assistant commissioner for the 1851 London census, was an important supporter of the miasma theory. He believed that cholera was transmitted by air, and that there was a deadly concentration of miasmatanear the River Thames' banks. 

Such a belief was in part accepted because of the general lack of air quality in urbanized areas.

The wide acceptance of miasma theory during the cholera outbreaks overshadowed the partially correct theory brought forth by John Snow that cholera was spread through water. 

This slowed the response to the major outbreaks in the Soho district of London and other areas.

 The Crimean War nurse Florence Nightingale (1820–1910)[9]was a proponent of the theory and worked to make hospitals sanitary and fresh-smelling. It was stated in 'Notes on Nursing for the Labouring Classes' (1860) that Nightingale would "keep the air [the patient] breathes as pure as the external air.

Fear of miasma registered in many early nineteenth century warnings concerning what was termed "unhealthy fog". 

The presence of fog strongly indicated the presence of miasma. 

The miasmas behaved like smoke or mist, blown with air currents, wafted by winds.

 It did not simply travel on air, it changed the air through which it propagated. The atmosphere was infected by miasma, as diseased people were.

 Many believed miasma was magical, and was able to change the properties of the air and atmosphere completely.

electromagnetic health

After thinking the past few days I believe my sleep suddenly deteriorated when I got a wi-fi router 24x7 for several years. Then I slept better when I went to cable internet. Then got worse when I added a different wifi router to that. Sometimes wifi is on, other times off. Hard to remember exactly. But it seems when wifi is on that I wake up very early for hours then sleep again before getting up. Ordinarily I sleep quite well as long as I avoid coffee and tea after noon. Avoid alcohol totally.

The problem is I count 27 wi-fi routers from my current location, neighbors, even though it feels like I am in a remote area. I think I may try to live more remote although I have found several apartment buildings I would like to live in the city.

I have always turned off computers and other electronics when not in use. Except for refrigerator. I check meter that no vampire electronics are running. Throw them away. Actually I unplug everything if I can when not in use (not refrigerator or range). Not just flip switches. Also I turn off circuit breakers that are not actually needed.

I am not convinced, but probably people are damaged by their electromagnetic exposures. Some much more than others. Combined with chemicals, junk food, and infectious organisms.

Probably wise to take precautions. Steel floors, Aluminum wall panels, ground everything. Get rid of electronics, cancel electric service,… Move away from cell phone towers and electrical wires. Cell phones are the new tobacco. Cordless phones maybe worse?

It is easy to find lots of articles, but probably none of this is researched enough.


I also took HF meter readings outside many homes in my immediate area, as well as readings inside my home and that of a neighbor's home. I was shocked to discover that people who use Wifi wireless routers inside their homes are simply bathing themselves in high intensity microwave energy fields 24 hours a day. Pointing my HF meter 5-10 feet away from the front door or a front window, I could immediately see who was using WiFi routers (or cordless phones inside their homes. Often, the readings were in the 25-100 microwatt range, but I was also getting readings as high as 200-400 microwatts outside of their windows and exterior walls. Inside a couple of the homes I checked, the readings were as high as 600-1,000 microwatts.

That is an insane amount of microwave energy to subject your body to 24 hours a day.

German and Austrian environmental health groups recommend one microwatt (1 uw) as the upper limitof exposure to microwave energy fields. If you want to preserve your health, get rid of ALL wireless devices in your home. First, stop using wireless routers, wireless printers, wireless keyboards, wireless mouse, etc. Then get rid of cordless phones if you use them. If you must use a cell phone, use it on speaker phone mode or use the ear buds to listen and talk, but don't put the cell phone directly against your ear as most people foolishly do. We are going to have an explosion of brain cancers in 20 or 30 years from now and cell phones are going

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) is characterized by a "variety of non-specific symptoms, which afflicted individuals attribute to exposure to electromagnetic fields".[1] A more specific term used in medical literature is idiopathic environmental intolerance attributed to electromagnetic fields (IEI-EMF). Other terms for IEI-EMF includeelectrohypersensitivity, electro-sensitivity, and electrical sensitivity (ES). Idiopathic refers to the fact that the cause is unknown.

Although the thermal effects of electromagnetic fields on the body are established and used (e.g. diathermy), those who are self-described with electromagnetic hypersensitivity report responding to non-ionizing electromagnetic fields (or electromagnetic radiation) at intensities well below the maximum levels permitted by international radiation safety standards.

Symptoms attributed to EHS include headache, fatigue, stress, sleep disturbances, skin symptoms like prickling, burning sensations and rashes, pain and ache in muscles and many other health problems. While the symptoms are a real and sometimes disabling problem for the affected person, there is no scientific basis to link them to electromagnetic field exposure.[2]

The majority of provocation trials to date have found that self-described sufferers of electromagnetic hypersensitivity are unable to distinguish between exposure and non-exposure to electromagnetic fields,[3][4] and it is not recognized as a medical condition by the medical or scientific communities. Since a systematic review in 2005 showing no convincing scientific evidence for its being caused by electromagnetic fields,[3] several double-blind experiments have been published, each of which has suggested that people who report electromagnetic hypersensitivity are unable to detect the presence of electromagnetic fields and are as likely to report ill health following a sham exposure as they are following exposure to genuine electromagnetic fields, suggesting the cause to be the nocebo effect.

Signs and symptoms

A 2001 survey found that people related their symptoms most frequently to mobile phone base stations (74%), followed by mobile phones (36%), cordless phones (29%), and power lines (27%). The survey was not designed to find any causal connection between electromagnetic field exposure and ill health.[8]

A report from the UK Health Protection Agency said that self-described "electrical sensitivity" sufferers have symptoms that can be grouped into two broad categories: facial skin symptoms and more general, non-specific symptoms across a range of body systems. The facial skin symptoms and their attribution to visual display units was mostly a Nordic phenomenon. The report pointed out that it did not "imply the acceptance of a causal relationship between symptoms and attributed exposure".[9]

Recently a smaller group of people in Europe and in the USA have reported general and severe symptoms such as headache, fatigue, tinnitus, dizziness, memory deficits, irregular heart beat, and whole-body skin symptoms.[10] A 2005 Health Protection Agency report noted an overlap in many peoples symptoms with other syndromes known as symptom-based conditions, functional somatic syndromes, and IEI (idiopathic environmental intolerance).[9] Levitt proposed ties between electromagnetic fields and some of these 20th-century conditions, including chronic fatigue syndrome, Gulf War syndrome, and autism.[11]
Those reporting electromagnetic hypersensitivity will usually describe different levels of susceptibility to electric fields,magnetic fields, and various frequencies of electromagnetic waves (including fluorescent and low-energy lights, andmicrowaves from mobile, cordless/portable phones), and WiFi with no consistency in the severity of symptoms between sufferers.[12] Other surveys of electromagnetic hypersensitivity sufferers have not been able to find any consistent pattern to these symptoms.[8][13] Instead, symptoms reflecting almost every part of the body have been attributed to electromagnetic field exposure.
A minority of people who report electromagnetic hypersensitivity claim to be severely affected by it. For instance, one survey has estimated that approximately 10% of electromagnetic hypersensitivity sufferers in Sweden were on sick leave or have taken early retirement or a disability pension, compared to 5% of the general population,[13] while a second survey has reported that of 3046 people who experienced 'annoyance' from electrical equipment, 340 (11%) reported 'much' annoyance.[14] For those who report being severely affected, their symptoms can have a significant impact on their quality of life; with sufferers reporting physical, mental and social impairment and psychological distress.[8]


World Health Organization[edit]

Following a study conducted in 2005, the World Health Organization (WHO) concluded that:
EHS is characterized by a variety of non-specific symptoms that differ from individual to individual. The symptoms are certainly real and can vary widely in their severity. Whatever its cause, EHS can be a disabling problem for the affected individual. EHS has no clear diagnostic criteria and there is no scientific basis to link EHS symptoms to EMF exposure. Further, EHS is not a medical diagnosis, nor is it clear that it represents a single medical problem.[1]


Most blinded conscious provocation studies have failed to show a correlation between exposure and symptoms, leading to the suggestion that psychological mechanisms may play a role in causing or exacerbating EHS symptoms. In 2010 Rubin et al. published a follow-up to their 2005 review, bringing the totals to 46 double-blind experiments and 1175 individuals with self-diagnosed hypersensitivity.[3][15] Both reviews claimed that "no robust evidence could be found" to support the hypothesis that electromagnetic exposure causes EHS, as have other studies.[5][6] They also concluded that the studies supported the role of the nocebo effect in triggering acute symptoms in those with EHS, although it has been argued that this deduction cannot be made from observational studies,[4] and reports of children exhibiting the symptoms suggest that the nocebo effect may be unlikely in these cases.[16] The Essex provocation study of 2007 received some criticism for its methodology and analysis. In their response the authors noted that their study says nothing about long-term effects, but that those affected often claim to respond to the fields within a few minutes.[17]

Some psychologists have suggested that severely affected EHS people who claim that they are unable to live in a wireless society are, like hermits of ancient times, escaping from the pressures of modern life.[18] In addition, scare stories in the media seem capable of increasing the likelihood of the symptoms ascribed to electromagnetic exposure,[19]although another study questioned the validity of this argument on the grounds that ants' locomotion also shows adverse effects under electromagnetic exposure.[20]

On the other hand, a few provocation studies have claimed some correlation between exposure and symptoms, where subjects with self-diagnosed EHS have been screened for the frequency and type of exposure to which they are most sensitive.[21][22][23] It has been argued that these positive studies suggest that frequency or non-linear effects, proposed in 1979, rather than intensity, are relevant, although this has been disputed.[24][25][26] Provocation tests in 1981 suggested a link between use of video terminals and skin rash in sensitive individuals.[27] Some studies have suggested neurophysiological differences between sensitive individuals and controls. This may reflect either a psychophysiological stress response to participating in the study or a more general imbalance in autonomic nervous system regulation.[7][28][29][30][31] Although effects have been shown in some tests of effects on sleep, there are problems of intra-individual reproducibility.[32] Remediation studies suggest that removal of an electromagnetic environment may remove symptoms for computer workers and phantom limb pain.[33][34]

Some other types of studies suggest evidence for symptoms at non-thermal levels of electromagnetic exposure. A review in 2010 of ten studies on neurobehavioral and cancer outcomes near cell phone base stations found eight with increased prevalence, including sleep disturbance and headaches.[35] Since 1962 the microwave auditory effect or tinnitus has been shown from radio frequency exposure at levels below significant heating.[36][37] Studies during the 1960s, among workers in the USSR and Poland with occupational electromagnetic exposure, claimed to show a set of symptoms called the 'microwave syndrome'.[38][39][40][41] Since 2006 the World Health Organization has reported transient symptoms, such as vertigo, nausea, metallic taste and phosphenes, among workers moving through strong magnetic fields near MRI scanners at non-thermal levels.[42] This has been recognised in the ICNIRP Guidelines of 2010 and 2014,[43][44] and by the European Directive of 2013 under direct biophysical non-thermal undesired or unexpected health effects, such as stimulation of nerves or sensory organs creating temporary annoyance or affecting cognition or other brain functions.[45]There are some indications of a small subgroup of hyper-sensitive individuals.[46] Other areas under study include sensitivity shown through subliminal or autonomic effects as well as conscious effects. These include increased rates of stroke during geomagnetic events,[47][48] aurora sensitivity.[49] These effects do not necessarily relate to conscious sensitivity.

Other studies on sensitivity have looked at therapeutic procedures using non-thermal electromagnetic exposure,[50]genetic factors,[51] an alteration in mast cells, oxidative stress, protein expression and voltage-gated calcium channels.[52][53][54][55] Mercury release from dental amalgam and heavy metal toxicity have also been implicated in exposure effects and symptoms.[56] Another line of study has been the nature of hyper-sensitivity or intolerance and the range of environmental exposures which may be related to it. Some 80% of people with self-diagnosed electromagnetic intolerance also claim intolerance to low levels of chemical exposure.[57][58]
In 2002, some controversy over the causal relationship was demonstrated by the Freiburger Appeal, a petition originated by the German environmental medical lobby group IGUMED, which stated that "we can see a clear temporal and spatial correlation between the appearance of [certain] disease and exposure to pulsed high-frequency microwave radiation", and demanding radical restrictions on mobile phone use.[59] To address some of these concerns, and others, Hocking advised in a 2006 WHO proceedings that the test type and duration should be tailored to the individual, and that washout times are needed to prevent a carry-over effect of previous exposure.[60] However, in 2005 the World Health Organizationconcluded that there is no known scientific basis for the belief that electromagnetic hypersensitivity is caused by exposure to an electromagnetic field.[1]


Electromagnetic hypersensitivity is not an accepted diagnosis. There are no accepted research criteria other than 'self-reported symptoms', and for clinicians there is no case definition or clinical practice guideline. There is no specific test that can identify sufferers, as symptoms other than skin disorders tend to be subjective or non-specific. It is important first to exclude all other possible causes of the symptoms. Researchers and the WHO have stressed the need for a careful investigation. For some, complaints of electromagnetic hypersensitivity may mask organic or psychiatric illness and requires both a thorough medical evaluation to identify and treat any specific conditions that may be responsible for the symptoms, and a psychological evaluation to identify alternative psychiatric/psychological conditions that may be responsible or contribute to the symptoms.[1][61]

A WHO factsheet also recommends an assessment of the workplace and home for factors that might contribute to the presented symptoms. These could include indoor air pollution, excessive noise, poor lighting (flickering light) or ergonomic factors. They also point out that "[some] studies suggest that certain physiological responses of [electromagnetic hypersensitivity] individuals tend to be outside the normal range. In particular, hyper reactivity in the central nervous system and imbalance in the autonomic nervous system need to be followed up in clinical investigations and the results for the individuals taken as input for possible treatment."[1]

For individuals reporting electromagnetic hypersensitivity with long lasting symptoms and severe handicaps, treatment therapy should be directed principally at reducing symptoms and functional handicaps. This should be done in close co-operation with a qualified medical specialist to address the symptoms and a hygienist (to identify and, if necessary, control factors in the environment that have adverse health effects of relevance to the patient).[1]

Those who feel they are sensitive to electromagnetic fields generally try to reduce their exposure to electromagnetic sources as much as is practical. Complete avoidance of electromagnetic fields presents major practical difficulties in modern society. Methods often employed by sufferers include: avoiding sources of exposure; disconnecting or removing electrical devices; shielding or screening of self or residence; medication; and complementary and alternative therapy.[8]

The UK Health Protection Agency reviewed treatments for electromagnetic hypersensitivity, and success was reported with "neutralizing chemical dilution, antioxidant treatment, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acupuncture and Shiatsu".[9] It was noted that:

The studies reviewed suffer from a combination of the small numbers of subjects included and the potential variation both within and between study populations. Little information is given as to the attributed exposures of the subjects. These factors limit their general applicability outside the immediate study group. For those studies where detail was available, only two were placebo controlled [Acupunture and nutrition intervention].
It was also noted in the review that success may have more to do with offering a caring environment as opposed to a specific treatment.

A 2006 systematic review identified nine clinical trials testing different treatments for ES:[62] four studies tested cognitive behavioural therapy, two tested visual display unit filters, one tested a device emitting 'shielding' electromagnetic fields, one tested acupuncture, and one tested daily intake of tablets containing vitamin C, vitamin E, and selenium. The authors of the review concluded that:

The evidence base concerning treatment options for electromagnetic hypersensitivity is limited and more research is needed before any definitive clinical recommendations can be made. However, the best evidence currently available suggests that cognitive behavioural therapy is effective for patients who report being hypersensitive to weak electromagnetic fields.

Some Americans with the condition have moved to the United States National Radio Quiet Zone where wireless is restricted.[63][64][65]

Others have sought refuge by living off the grid.[66]

The prevalence of claimed electromagnetic hypersensitivity has been estimated as being between a few cases per million to 5% of the population depending on the location and definition of the condition.
In 2002, a questionnaire survey of 2,072 people in California found that the prevalence of self-reported electromagnetic hypersensitivity within the sample group was 3% (95% CI 2.8–3.68%), with electromagnetic hypersensitivity being defined as "being allergic or very sensitive to getting near electrical appliances, computers, or power lines" (response rate 58.3%).[67]

A similar questionnaire survey from the same year in Stockholm County (Sweden), found a 1.5% prevalence of self-reported electromagnetic hypersensitivity within the sample group, with electromagnetic hypersensitivity being defined as "hypersensitivity or allergy to electric or magnetic fields" (response rate 73%).[13]

A 2004 survey in Switzerland found a 5% prevalence of claimed electromagnetic hypersensitivity in the sample group of 2,048.[68]

In 2007, a UK survey aimed at a randomly selected group of 20,000 people found a prevalence of 4% for symptoms self-attributed to electromagnetic exposure.[69]

A group of scientists also attempted to estimate the number of people reporting "subjective symptoms" from electromagnetic fields for the European Commission.[70] In the words of a HPA review, they concluded that "the differences in prevalence were at least partly due to the differences in available information and media attention around electromagnetic hypersensitivity that exist in different countries. Similar views have been expressed by other commentators."[9]

In 2004, the World Health Organization (WHO) conducted a workshop on electromagnetic hypersensitivity.[71] The aim of the conference was to review the current state of knowledge and opinions of the conference participants and propose ways forward on this issue. The meeting was conducted by the WHO International EMF Project as part of the scientific review process to determine biological and health effects from exposure to EMF. The purpose of these workshops is to bring together expert scientists so that established health effects and gaps in knowledge requiring further research can be identified. EHS has been a particularly contentious issue for a number of years.

Popular culture[edit]
In Better Call Saul, Jimmy McGill's brother Chuck has become semi-reclusive and believes he suffers from electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Later in the series, Chuck's disease is shown to be psychosomatic.[72][73]
See also[edit]
• Arthur Firstenberg
• Electromagnetic radiation and health
• List of questionable diseases
• Mobile phone radiation and health
• Multiple chemical sensitivity
• TCO Certification for CRT monitor emission
• Wireless electronic devices and health
• Wi-Fi Safety

1,000,000,000 dead people

Protect the sheeple - move them into big cities, steel towers.
Keep animals segregated in the rural areas.
Close airports, airplanes, highways, ports.
Ban travel.

epidemiologists are bracing themselves for what has been called the next "Big One" — a disease that could kill tens of millions of people in the coming years.

Citing a 2006 survey, Shah says, "the majority of ... pandemic experts of all kinds, felt that a pandemic that would sicken a billion people, kill 165 million people and cost the global economy about $3 trillion would occur sometime in the next two generations."

new book, Pandemic: Tracking Contagions from Cholera to Ebola and Beyond, Shah discusses the history and science of contagious diseases.

humans put themselves at risk by encroaching on wildlife habitats. "About 60 percent of our new pathogens come from the bodies of animals," she says.

Shah adds that international travel is also a factor in the spread of disease. "Air travel shapes our epidemics in such a powerful way that scientists can actually predict where and when an epidemic will strike next just by measuring the number of direct flights between infected and uninfected cities,"

Monday, February 22, 2016

Two Springfield nonprofits battle over $500,000 deposit

Check out this article from Springfield News-Leader:

Two Springfield nonprofits battle over $500,000 deposit

Guns, ammo, uniforms stolen from Sparta PD, sheriff says

Give cops billy clubs so crooks cannot steal their guns.

Nice rural suburb but lots of cop scandals.

Check out this article from Springfield News-Leader:

Guns, ammo, uniforms stolen from Sparta PD, sheriff says

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Landflucht Kansas dust bowl flight from rural areas into the cities

I am fundamentally contrarian.
In finance, contrarian is one of the few investment strategies that work in the long run.
Vote with your feet.
Vote against the herd.
Seek deflation instead of inflation.
Buy low, sell high.
Sell expensive houses and buy cheap houses in rural areas with acres.
Unless you are too old then buy a cheap condo in Ferguson Missouri or other inner city near a great medical school.

Rural flight has been occurring to some degree in Germany since the 11th century. A corresponding principle of German law is Stadtluft macht frei ("city air makes you free"), in longer form Stadtluft macht frei nach Jahr und Tag ("city air makes you free after a year and a day"): by custom and, from 1231/32, by statute, a serf who had spent a year and a day in a city was free, and could not be reclaimed by their former master.

Landflucht ("flight from the land") refers to the mass migration of peasants into the cities that occurred in Germany (and throughout most of Europe) in the late 19th century.
In 1870 the rural population of Germany constituted 64% of the population; by 1907 it had shrunk to 33%.

Rural flight and out-migration in Sweden can be traced in two distinct waves. The first, beginning in the 1850s when 82% of the Swedish population lived in rural areas, and continuing till the late 1880s, was mostly due to push factors in the countryside related to poverty, unemployment, low agricultural wages, debt peonage, semi-feudalism, and religious oppression by the State church. Most of the migration was ad-hoc and directed towards emigration to the three big cities of Sweden, America, Denmark, or Germany. Many of these first emigrants were unskilled, barely literate laborers who sought farm work or daily wage labour in the cities.

Serfdom is the status of many peasants under feudalism, specifically relating to manorialism. It was a condition of bondage, which developed primarily during the High Middle Ages in Europe and lasted in some countries until the mid-19th century. Serfs who occupied a plot of land were required to work for the Lord of the Manor who owned that land, and in return were entitled to protection, justice and the right to exploit certain fields within the manor to maintain their own subsistence. Serfs were often required not only to work on the lord's fields, but also his mines, forests and roads. The manor formed the basic unit of feudal society, and the Lord of the manor and his serfs were bound legally, economically, and socially. Serfs formed the lowest social class of feudal society.

Rural flight (or rural exodus) is the migratory pattern of peoples from rural areas into urban areas. It is urbanization seen from the rural perspective.

In modern times, it often occurs in a region following the industrialization of agriculture—when fewer people are needed to bring the same amount of agricultural output to market—and related agricultural services and industries are consolidated. Rural flight is exacerbated when the population decline leads to the loss of rural services (such as business enterprises and schools), which leads to greater loss of population as people leave to seek those features.

This phenomenon was first articulated through Ernst Georg Ravenstein's Laws of migration in the 1880s, upon which modern theories are based.

Prior to the Industrial Revolution, rural flight occurred in mostly localized regions. Pre-industrial societies did not experience large rural-urban migration flows primarily due to the inability of cities to support large populations. Lack of large employment industries, high urban mortality, and low food supplies all served as checks keeping pre-industrial cities much smaller than their modern counterparts. Ancient Athensand Rome, scholars estimate, had peak populations of 80,000 and 500,000 paling in comparison with their current populations.

The onset of the Industrial Revolution in Europe in the late 19th century removed many of the checks that had previously constrained urban populations. As food supplies increased and stabilized and industrialized centers moved into place, cities began to support larger populations, sparking the beginning of rural flight on a massive scale. The United Kingdom went from having 20% of the population living in urban areas in 1800 to more than 70% by 1925.[3] While the late 19th century and early 20th century saw much of rural flight focused in Western Europe and the United States, asindustrialization spread throughout the world during the 20th century, rural flight and urbanization followed quickly behind. Today, rural flight is an especially distinctive phenomenon in some of the newer urbanized areas including China and more recently sub-Saharan Africa.

Dust bowl

The shift from mixed subsistence farming to commodity crops and livestock began in the late 19th century. New capital market systems and the railroad network began the trend towards larger farms that employed fewer people per acre. These larger farms used more efficient technologies such as steel plows, mechanical reapers, and higher-yield seed stock, which reduced human input per unit of production.[5] The other issue on the Great Plains was that people were using inappropriate farming techniques for the soil and weather conditions. Most homesteaders had family farms generally considered too small to survive (under 320 acres), and European-American subsistence farming could not continue as it was then practiced.

During the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression of the 1930s, large numbers of people fled rural areas of the Great Plains and the Midwest due to depressed commodity prices and high debt loads exacerbated by several years of drought and large dust storms. Rural flight from the Great Plains has been depicted in literature, such as John Steinbeck's novel The Grapes of Wrath (1939), in which a family from the Great Plains migrates to California during the Dust Bowl period of the 1930s.

Modern rural flight

Post-World War II rural flight has been caused primarily by the spread of industrialized agriculture. Small, labor-intensive family farms have grown into, or have been replaced by, heavily mechanized and specialized industrial farms. While a small family farm typically produced a wide range of crop, garden, and animal products—all requiring substantial labor—large industrial farms typically specialize in just a few crop or livestock varieties, using large machinery and high-density livestock containment systems that require a fraction of the labor per unit produced. For example, Iowa State University reports the number of hog farmers in Iowa dropped from 65,000 in 1980 to 10,000 in 2002, while the number of hogs per farm increased from 200 to 1,400

The consolidation of the feed, seed, processed grain, and livestock industries has meant that there are fewer small businesses in rural areas. This decrease in turn exacerbated the decreased demand for labor. Rural areas that used to be able to provide employment for all young adults willing to work in challenging conditions, increasingly provide fewer opportunities for young adults. The situation is made worse by the decrease in services such as schools, business, and cultural opportunities that accompany the decline in population, and the increasing age of the remaining population further stresses the social service system of rural areas.

Abandonment of small towns

The rise of corporate agricultural structures directly affects small rural communities, resulting in decreased populations, decreased incomes for some segments, increased income inequality, decreased community participation, fewer retail outlets and less retail trade, and increased environmental pollution.

Determinants of rural flight

There are several determinants, push and pull, that contribute to rural flight: lower levels of (perceived) economic opportunity in rural communities versus urban ones, lower levels of government investment in rural communities, greater education opportunities in cities, marriages, increased social acceptance in urban areas, and higher levels of rural fertility.

Economic determinants

Some migrants choose to leave rural communities out of the desire to pursue greater economic opportunity in urban areas. Greater economic opportunities can be real or perceived. According to the Harris-Todaro Model, migration to urban areas will continue as long as "expected urban real income at the margin exceeds real agricultural product" However, sociologist Josef Gugler points out that while individual benefits of increased wages may outweigh the costs of migration, if enough individuals follow this rationale, it can produce harmful effects such as overcrowding and unemployment on a national level. This phenomenon, when the rate of urbanization outpaces the rate of economic growth, is known as overurbanization. Since the industrialization of agriculture, mechanization has reduced the number of jobs present in rural communities. Some scholars have also attributed rural flight to the effects of globalization as the demand for increased economic competitiveness leads people to choose capital over labor. At the same time, rural fertility rates have historically been higher than urban fertility rates.The combination of declining rural jobs and a persistently high rural fertility rate has led to rural-urban migration streams. Rural flight also contains a positive feedback loop where previous migrants from rural communities assist new migrants in adjusting to city life. Also known as chain migration, migrant networks lower barriers to rural flight. For example, an overwhelming majority of rural migrants in China located jobs in urban areas through migrant networks.

Some families choose to send their children to cities as a form of investment for the future. A study conducted by Bates and Bennett (1974) concluded that rural communities in Zambia that had other viable investment opportunities, like livestock for instance, had lower rates of rural-urban migration as compared to regions without viable investment opportunities. Sending their children into cities can serve as long-term investments with the hope that their children will be able to send remittances back home after getting a job in the city.

Social determinants

In other instances, rural flight may occur in response to social determinants. A study conducted in 2012 indicated that a significant proportion of rural flight in India occurred due to social factors such as migration with household, marriage, and education. Migration with households and marriage affect women in particular as most often they are the ones required to move with households and move for marriage, especially in developing regions.

Rural youth may choose to leave their rural communities as a method of transitioning into adulthood, seeking avenues to greater prosperity. With the stagnation of the rural economy and encouragement from their parents, rural youth may choose to migrate to cities out of social norms – demonstrating leadership and self-respect. With this societal encouragement combined with depressed rural economies, rural youth form a large proportion of the migrants moving to urban areas. In Sub-Saharan Africa, a study conducted by Touray in 2006 indicated that about 15% (26 million) of urban migrants were youth.

Lastly, natural disasters can often be single-point events that lead to temporarily massive rural-urban migration flows. The 1930s Dust Bowl in the United States for example led to the flight of 2.5 million people from the Plains by 1940, many to the new cities in the West. It is estimated that as many as 1 out of every 4 residents in the Plains States left during the 1930s. More recently, drought in Syria from 2006-2011 has prompted a rural exodus to major urban centers. Massive influxes in urban areas, combined with difficult living conditions, have prompted some scholars to link the drought to the arrival of the Arab Spring in Syria.
In the United States and Canada

The terms are used in the United States and Canada to describe the flight of people from rural areas in the Great Plains and Midwest regions, and to a lesser extent rural areas of the northeast and southeast. It is also particularly noticeable in parts of Atlantic Canada (especially Newfoundland), since the collapse of Atlantic cod fishing fields in 1992.

Re: ISIS currency - back to its Western roots

80 degrees here today before a big black cloud blew in at 4PM.

Currency will remain popular in the USA.
Currency is used in all kinds of crime and corruption by the rich 1% and their poor supporters both in the USA and overseas.

I think all bill serial numbers should be scanned and recorded at every use along with the ID of the person who gives / gets those bills.
That would stop some criminals and deflate the rich 1%, maybe bankrupting many of them.

> On Feb 19, 2016, at 10:13 PM, Bob wrote:
> Good point! How else would CIA topple governments and pay for drugs coming to the USA?
> BB
> One reason the $100. bill will continue to be printed. Most $100 bills are held outside the US.
> Ron
> On Friday, February 19, 2016 7:37 PM, Bob wrote:
> Another fake "Islamic" scam bites the dust – using graven images of the Great Satan instead of Sharia-mandated gold and silver. C- 5 loads of air pallets of shrink-wrapped Benjamins flooded Iraq after GW2.
> The Official Currency of ISIS's Caliphate: the U.S. Dollar
> By Joshua Keating

> ISIS may threaten violence against the United States and aim to rid the Islamic world of U.S. influence and U.S.-backed regimes, but if you want to do business in the group's ersatz caliphate, you'd better have money backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government:
> The AP reports :
> Within the last two weeks, the extremist group started accepting only dollars for "tax" payments, water and electric bills, according to the Raqqa activist, who asked to be identified by his nom de guerre Abu Ahmad for his safety. "Everything is paid in dollars," he said.
> Plenty of countries around the world use the dollar either exclusively or accept it in addition to a local currency. Given the other fruits of Western capitalism, from Toyota trucks to Twitter, that ISIS has put to its own uses, perhaps it shouldn't be so surprising that the group relies on the greenback.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Fwd: C2C Tonite

Subject: Re: C2C Tonite

IMPO Perkins was totally embarrassed by the caller and did not want to engage, [did not want to go there] because he KNEW that the "Rulers" would "not be kind to him"  in publishing his book $$$$ [if he agreed with the caller and this popular, politically incorrect, belief].
apropos...C2C availability later...most likely, the censor will take out any embarrassing moments, so people don't fall into thinking. 

Peace, Lothar

On Feb 19, 2016, at 12:03, Ron wrote:

    All of the C2C Shows are available on You Tube a couple of days after they run. They are uploaded by "After Dark Radio." I am currently listening to the broadcast from 02/16/16 (Catherine Austin Fitts). 

"Political Process 101"

    Historically the real power IS in the hands of the people. The politicians are placed in power to represent the people. Regardless of the type of government (except direct democracy) the politicians become corrupted because they handle the peoples' money. The banksters sell the debt of the politicians when the peoples' money is not enough. (Now the banksters are also buying the debt.) The banksters are therefore useful and are not prosecuted. The politicians are only allowed to run the government until the majority of the people have had enough and then they are removed from power peacefully or violently and the process begins anew. (usually when food costs reach about 40% of the majority's income.)
        The US is not a democracy. In ancient Greece 2000 persons voted on Socrates being given the death sentence. The US is a representative Republic. Persons are voted into office to represent geographic sectors of the population. Elected representatives allocate the use of taxpayer funds. Currently the majority of politicians (both parties) have been corrupted and bought by moneyed interests now acting through their captive political puppets. Can you guess what stage of the historical cycle we are at now in the Western world?


On Friday, February 19, 2016 11:09 AM, Lothar  wrote:

Last nights show got interesting with a caller who laid out the PNAC Neocon/Bankster conspiracy. 
Wow, both George Noory and John Perkins "frozen/shocked", let him talk without censoring, stayed quiet. One could hear a needle fall. How refreshing ! Perkins excused himself after that, saying he had accidentally pushed the 'Mute Button'.
A disappointing anti-climax statement came from Perkins, after that [reality-shock], by saying that, yes, Presidents are all puppets [CORRECT] and the real power is with the People. (INCORRECT)
He should have said....that the REAL POWER is in the hands of the [1%] 'MONEY-PEOPLE', the Bankster/Mafia !

Peace, Lothar

On Feb 18, 2016, at 17:57, Ron wrote:

First Half is "Economic Hit Man" John Perkins.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hi 70s.

I looked at 3 houses today.  Really nice weather around here and I enjoy the people and math classes.  But not good enough in computers, accounting, and banking.  Probably have to move at some point.

My new computer system is safer than Apple from hackers but also allows police FBI etc. to access everything you do under appropriate legal authority.   Easy as childs-play.  

Hi 70 degrees.  Spring fever?  Keep a hammock in your backpack.  Get sunshine vitamin D between classes.  

Fwd: sold condo?

 He was probably Choctaw so never immigrated but was here for 20,000 years.  Native Americans take on English names and assimilate with the rest of the population.

I agree on avoiding pills - they all have dangerous side effects.  Infections can be fought off by the microbiota.
Breathing fresh outdoor air may bring in good microbes into lungs.  I keep fans going all summer at night to bring in fresh air.  I feel much better after learning that trick.  I am thinking about living in the Lake state park RV area so I get even fresher air from that forest and less electronic pollution wifi, refrigerators, etc.   

Also home made fermented vegetables, kefir, and yogurt can help.  After I move I will do that more.  

Your own cow and hens might help too.  Lots of sunshine for sulfated Vitamin D, nitric oxide, etc.  

Walking barefoot outdoors and in lakes is a great source of electrons needed for bodily chemical reactions.  

That's a boatload of info on Oregon for me! I am half hour to Corvalis and less than sn hour to Eugene.  Ocean is close which I love. Weather is nice in Oregon  if you get outside when the sun is out! This year has been mild.  Had sixties again yesterday but rain today I think.  Showers and sun often.

Saw a naturopathic doctor yesterday to try to find a better way to treat my mycobacteria lung disease reoccurance. I had 3 huge reactions to my Rifampin pills...98 to 103 tempurature with violent shaking and vomiting 3 hours after taking. doctor removed me for now and said maybe I have a bigger infection elsewhere.  I REALLY don't want to try them again thinking they are the culprit. They keep saying it's not the pills.  I had to have IVS twice because I couldn't stay hydrated.  Fever leaves 10 hours later.  I only took them Mondays Wednesdays and fridays.
even the naturopath tried to tell me it can be something else fighting the drop in some bacteria after taking them with another germ count rising up.  I guess I am illiterate because I don't comprehend it that way.  They say I took them 18 months before and didn't have it 2 years ago so most likely isn't rifampin.  Personally I am scared of them now!! Been almost 2 weeks since last pill and just now getting strength back somewhat.

hope you have a good day.


I never heard anything about Iowa in relation to Grandpa K but he and 2 brothers did go to Wisconsin every summer for a fishing trip I heard.

Johnson Family reunion was at Akron Iowa in Sioux Land along the Sioux River but I never attended.

Springfield Missouri is a nice city and I have a very good health plan there (Cox essence) that is based in Saint Louis which has a top 4 USA medical college and 2 other very good medical colleges.  Missouri is the best state to be sick in, along with Minnesota and Massachusetts. 

Oregon is almost the highest income tax in the USA.  But I could become a resident of South Dakota and live anywhere.  Oregon has zero sales tax and reasonably low property taxes.  I would prefer Eugene or Corvallis where the 2 largest universities are.  But Oregon is mostly potheads, rebellious hillbillies, rain, fog, depressed coffee drinkers.  

Found this online at
Oregon Least Tax-Friendly.   One of Kiplinger's top ten least tax-friendly states for retirees, the Beaver State's top rate of 9.9% is applied to taxable income over $125,000. Although Oregon does not tax Social Security benefits, most other retirement income is taxed at your top income tax rate.

State Sales Tax  None
Income Tax Range
Low: 5% (on up to $3,300 of taxable income for single filers
High: 9.9% (on taxable income over $125,000 for single filers
And, an additional 2 percent could be added for local city or county income taxes.
Social Security Benefits are not taxed.
Exemptions for Other Retirement Income.
Most new residents will find that their pension income, along with most other income, is taxed by Oregon.
And depending on your age and income, you may be entitled to a retirement-income credit on your Oregon return. The credit is the lesser of your tax liability or 9% of taxable pension income.
Oregon also allows a credit for the elderly or disabled if you qualify for the federal elderly-or-disabled credit; however, you cannot claim this credit if you are claiming the retirement-income credit. The Oregon elderly-or-disabled credit is 40% of the federal credit.
Oregon allows residents to subtract their current year's federal income tax liability, after credits, up to $6,250, based on income and filing status.
IRAs Qualifies for retirement-income credit.
401(k)s and Other Defined-Contribution Employer Retirement Plans Qualifies for retirement-income credit.
Private Pensions Qualifies for retirement-income credit.
Public Pensions    Qualifies for retirement-income credit. Also, some or all of federal pension income may be subtracted from Oregon taxable income.
Property Taxes   Property is assessed at 100% of market value. Counties assess properties and set tax rates. The maximum assessed value cannot increase by more than 3% each year on properties that have not undergone major improvement projects, such as an addition or subdivision.
Median property tax on the state's median home value of $257,400 is $2,241, <1%
Tax breaks for seniors: Homeowners 62 and older may delay paying property taxes based on certain income criteria. With the Property Tax Deferral for Disabled and Senior Citizens program, the state pays the taxes to the county, maintains the account and charges 6% interest, which is also deferred. Taxes are owed when the taxpayer receiving the deferral dies, sells the property, no longer lives permanently on the property, or the property changes ownership. To qualify, the taxpayer must live on the property and have a total household income of less than $43,000 in 2015.
Inheritance and  Estate Taxes  There is no inheritance tax.  

On Tue, Fe
I hope you find a great new place.  Would love to have you in Salem, Oregon and Ruthe
 I am sure would love you in Vegas.

Did grandpa K have brothers or relatives born in Iowa?

I supposedly will sign a contract Monday, then inspections, appraisals, etc.
If this is not a sale then it will probably sell soon anyway.
Taking backup offers.

Probably will just move to Springfield.
Rental Apartment is better than owning anything - easier to move.
But I am looking at acreage + house.
Lots of good places, cheap, in Missouri and Arkansas.  
Clean air and water.
Grow my own food.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

U.S. Marshals Service Sending SWAT Teams Out to Arrest People for Unpaid Student Loans | The Free Thought Project

Re: driverless technology autos

I heard some of this 20 years ago in seminars in Berkeley Engineering. I thought It was far-fetched. But the past week I realize it is probably going to happen, and maybe much sooner than 2050. Already many people, especially younger, don't even get cars or even drivers licenses! They get a fancy cell phone are in contact with more people than they can handle already without getting out of bed.

Car economics is ridiculous as I learned in my first upper division college class in San Diego. The professor and his wife both Harvard Phds had separate cars even though they taught at the same college in the same department. I figured out the cost of insurance, repairs, lube, oil, gas, washing, etc. and realized cars were not worth it even back then. Even in high school I often hopped on the bus instead of driving, parking, and messing with the car. Economics has only gotten worse since then.

Cars are parked most of the time and parking lots occupy huge amount of space. Already uber etc. get people around without having the cars parked so much. Cheaply.

People should move closer to where they want to be, densely packed cities, and just hop in a bus, train, or self driving car to get to places outside of walking distance. Now with self-driving cars it will be even cheaper and more convenient to not having to deal with your own car.

Convert parking lots into apartments so people can live near their jobs instead of driving in. If they have to go somewhere take public transportation bus, train, self-driving car,… Much cheaper, no wrecks, no grand theft auto, no bank robbers escape by car,...

> On Feb 16, 2016, at 11:57 PM, Bob > wrote:
> Human drivers will be obsolete by 2050 as driverless technology takes over
> 14 February 2016 12:44pm
> by Lynsey Barber
> Cars will become a leisure activity with new technology (Source: Getty)
> Cars driven by humans will become obsolete with the rise of driverless car technology, leading researchers have predicted, and it could happen as soon as 2050.
> "You cannot ride a horse in downtown Houston anymore. If you like horse riding, you have to go to horse ranches. The same is likely to happen with cars," said Moshe Vardi, director of Rice University's Ken Kennedy Institute for Information Technology.
> "I expect human driving to become illegal in the next 25-35 years in developed countries. Deployment in developing countries will be slower. It is a matter of cost arbitrage," he said in a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) session with fellow researchers.
> "It's quite likely that human-drivers will be banned from general roads at some point in the future. This will make those roads safer for everyone," said professor of computer science at Cornell University Bart Selman.

Russians kill 9000 Germans and others in snowstorm

More Died On This WWII Ship Than On The Titanic And Lusitania Combined

new book, Salt to the Sea, also draws on a family history from that era.

It's about the doomed German ship Wilhelm Gustloff, which was sunk by three Russian torpedoes in January 1945.

The ship carried soldiers and thousands of civilians, many of them children from Poland, Latvia and Lithuania.

They were all fleeing the advancing Soviet Army.

how she heard about the Wilhelm Gustloff and why the story isn't more well-known outside Germany.

The Gustloff held about 1,400 people, but in order to make room for more passengers, the Germans took all furniture off the ship and drained the swimming pools.

when people boarded, there were maybe 12 to 15 people packed into each cabin; they were lined on mats in the dining room, in the music hall.

waiting in the depths of the Baltic Sea was a Soviet submarine and three torpedoes;

60 minutes to sink in a snowstorm.

It's estimated that over 9,000 people perished when the Gustloff sank,

... dwarfs both the Titanic and the Lusitania combined.

Raymond Cormier, Tina Fontaine, - Google Search,+Tina+Fontaine,&client=safari&hl=en-gb&gbv=1&prmd=ivns&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiF8N_3_f7KAhUJWSYKHZmuAd4Q_AUIBigB

Questions over number of missing indigenous women in Canada - BBC News

they believe the number of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls is higher than 1,200

Canadian authorities charged a man in the death of one indigenous girl whose murder caused a national outcry.

BBC investigation in April revealed that dozens of aboriginal women disappear each year, with many later found dead in the river.

Mr Trudeau has promised an inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women in an appeal to First Nations chiefs.

Tragedy of missing, murdered indigenous women bigger than numbers, Carolyn Bennett says | Toronto Star

One of the deaths that would not be included in the tally is that of Rena Fox, who was 38 when her body was discovered along a gravel and dirt road in Kakabeka Falls, Ontario

Her daughter, Bryanne Machimity, 27, said she was told her mother died of natural causes, but she remembers seeing bruises on her face, covered with makeup, at her funeral.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Kodak To Revive Storied Super 8 Camera : NPR

Kodak is reviving its storied Super 8 camera as a digital-analog hybrid. NPR talks about what made the 8 mm film format such an appealing one, what its return might mean, and whether this relaunch can be successful for Kodak.

Mind Control by Cell Phone. Scientific American

Avoid modern electronics.
Worse than TV, radio in making robotic idiot ditto-heads?
Cancer causing disinformation devices.
Brains fried by cordless phones, cell phones.
Genitals fried by laptops.
Bleating like sheeple.

Mind Control by Cell Phone
Electromagnetic signals from cell phones can change your brainwaves and behavior.

Hospitals and airplanes ban the use of cell phones, because their electromagnetic transmissions can interfere with sensitive electrical devices. Could the brain also fall into that category?

Of course, all our thoughts, sensations and actions arise from bioelectricity generated by neurons and transmitted through complex neural circuits inside our skull.

Electrical signals between neurons generate electric fields that radiate out of brain tissue as electrical waves that can be picked up by electrodes touching a person's scalp.

Measurements of such brainwaves in EEGs provide powerful insight into brain function and a valuable diagnostic tool for doctors.

Indeed, so fundamental are brainwaves to the internal workings of the mind, they have become the ultimate, legal definition drawing the line between life and death.

Fwd: The Neocon Plot - LewRockwell

The Neoconservatives Are Brewing A Wider War In Syria

While you are enjoying your Sunday, the insane neoconservatives who control Western foreign policy and their Turkish and Saudi Arabian vassals might be preparing the end of the world.

Any person who relies on Western media has no accurate idea of what is happening in Syria.I will provide a brief summary and then send you to two detailed accounts.

The neoconservative Obama regime set-up the Syrian government headed by Assad for overthrow. A long propaganda campaign conducted in Washington's behalf by the Western media portrayed the democratically-elected Assad as a "brutal dictator who uses chemical weapons against his own people." Washington organized and supported a front group posing as democrats and involved them in conflict with the Syrian military.

With conflict underway, Washington began predicting that